Droppen Ze Dead

A look into the non-binary gender debate



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43 Thoughts to “Droppen Ze Dead”

  1. Ziggy mutha fuckin Stardust. Great choice. And, as always, great video. This channel deserves far more subs.

  2. Good points, Glad I subscribe to people I dont usually agree with on a lot of things, always get an new point that is enlightening, I recommend everyone follow people that can use logic and you don't agree with.

  3. 6:35 I swear people who think that people can use words all willy-nilly with personal definitions etc must share an immense number of personality traits. I've talk to many people with that opinion about various topics but they all seem to meld into a single entity. It's spooky how similar they are to each other.

  4. Excellent video! I've never been happy with the word 'straight' which we formerly used to describe conformist people. Hetero is OK but I've been looking for a better word; snappier, happier and perhaps more non conformist sounding… I haven't found it though I think 'open minded' might be a good one… Any ideas?

  5. Dear Ashley,
    Labels are precisely as useful as they are ubiquitous.

  6. I agree when the majority of people have no issue with those who have their own sexual identity. It is, after all, a very personal thing. However, like many, I take exception to the number of younger impetuous among us who seem to think that everyone else should know all about their own personal identity, and if we choose not to be interested/concerned, it somehow makes us bad people in the form of a, 'phobia.' As this is a personal issue, then it's really up to the individual. No-one else, outside of their group of acquaintances/family/friends needs know. The best way to alienate people is to tell them they're wrong or ignorant about something when that something isn't actually something they need to know about.

    The problem with the younger generation is the constant need for attention. And those who have decided that they want to be, (insert sexual identity of choice), feel the need to impress this onto everyone. The problem is, not everyone is interested or even vaguely concerned about something which doesn't affect them in any way. They don't need to know, and yet, there are those who crave attention and the need to be, 'special', who cannot help themselves by pushing their narrative of people who don't take an interest as being against them. That these people need to be, 'educated', and if they show any lack of interest or refuse to accept, (because, in the grand scheme of things it really shouldn't matter to anyone other than the person themselves), then they're immediately labelled as being some form of bigot. When, in reality, it's purely down to an absolute lack of interest/concern on their part. People don't need to know what you identify as, and the majority don't care.

    The fact that most people aren't interested does, of course, play into the victim narrative that so many follow in order to garner attention/sympathy. Particularly with the older generation, this ploy fails to work as it's exceedingly transparent. People don't need to care about such things. I suppose younger people tend to think that people should care, when in reality it simply isn't the case. Sure, their family will support them, but outside of that, these personal issues aren't relevant to the majority as they have other things which are based squarely within the real world that they need to think about.

  7. @9:21 "Biological sex is actually a social construct" is actually an incredibly stupid statement.

  8. What is with this desire to control language that's creeping around on the left (e.g. defining melanin deficiency as "racism")? Ultimately, I fully expect people will just declare it a separate language (probably called "Libtard"), and move on.

  9. If these so called non binary gender labels are numbering in the double digits, they have become utterly useless and impractical. If you have to ask which of the numerous new genders a person is, what is the purpose of gender? It's far easier to just use the person's name.

  10. Well played, and my respect for having the patience to actually hear these people out

  11. I absolutely love your video's.
    Your snake animation makes me want to kill myself.

    Its so distracting, i cant concentrate on your voice or watch it as a video, you provide no visual stimulation during your video's apart from the repeating snake, and every now and then you put something up that i need to look at.

    Decide if you're doing podcasts, or video's.
    If you're doing video's, you need more stuff to look at other than that fucking snake.

  12. you deserve so many more subs then you have…

    Most of these people are so entitled and selfish they can't even see the problems what they want entails.

  13. Great video. It's nice to see a rebuttal that doesn't have insults and profanity in it. (It's useful sometimes but I think it can take away from the point of the video.)
    The idea that I would have to learn all these different pronouns or be accused of hate speech is nuts. If your name is Bob and I keep calling you Dave is that hate perch? You can not answer if you want, that's your choice. Or people could just say "hey you with the blue hair and red shirt." Why is this so important to the entitled (seems that way to me) brats?
    There are a lot of people in the USA that are facing internment camps because of religion. We have a lot more important problems in the world.
    When these "special snowflakes" get out into the real world and have to get a job to pay their rent and bills they will learn that the world doesn't coddle. You answer to either male or female pronouns or there are plenty of others that aren't as much trouble waiting for your job.

  14. I have a problem with the very notion of gender, which looks like pure intellectualism for me. Is there anything physically proving the existence of gender? It looks like it's something as shady as the "soul" for the religious people. People assign an intellectual concept to something we yet have to prove it exists physically in our body.
    For what I understand, their idea is that the brain is sexualised, so there would be 2 identities possibly conflicting into oneself. THe biological sex and the brain sex. But neurosciences, up to today, have not drawn a clear conclusion on the existence of a "brain sex". I've read as many studies proving or disproving the point. Now, do you have better data or more conclusive studies on this field? I can't speak about the reality of gender if, at the very least, we demonstrate it does exist physically…

    Then, I do agree with you with the rest. I see these people as children blocked at the omnipotence phase of their psychological development. They try to use magical thinking to create a relativist version of the universe where they don't have to abide by reality's principle…

  15. Well done, sir. Or is it Zzhszir? Oh, right… 'My Master'… nevermind… ;)

  16. "Biological sex is non factual" Well I guess biology is bullshit, choke on that Richard Dawkins.

  17. Highly enjoyable and informative video, Serp! Keep it up.

    This and your video on Nationalism are essential veiwing for EVERYONE!

  18. Another scary thing about this, is simply that they are trying to take a trend and make it law. I'm sure there are a LOT of people, be they from older generations, other parts of the world, or just not very present on social media, who would have absolutely no clue what Ze/Zir/and Zyr are…or whatever other variations there are….and now they could be prosecuted for it??!! Basically, it's the state saying, 'it's ok to just make something up and we will defend you against anyone who isn't up to speed'. Smh. What's next? Are veterinarians going to have to accept otherkins as patients??

  19. Quality work. Thank you very much.

  20. By using the phrase "assigned gender" you are falling into their propaganda. The objective with using that phrase is it implies that its just some arbitrary thing that may not correspond with reality. Your body functions in one of the two ways and it is simply identified at birth. It isn't "assigned" arbitrarily.

  21. You need more subs man! You one of my favorite Youtubers!

  22. This was a great take on these issues ZS, and perhaps the best video I have seen on the subject. Well done – thanks for this!

  23. Truly Fabulous! You have exposed the problem in the most delightful way :)

  24. Something I realized about the pronoun debate, is that you cannot call someone by a pronoun. You speak TO someone in the first or second person (i.e their name or you), but you use pronouns when REFERRING TO someone, i.e they might not even be around to hear you refer to them. So for someone to demand that you mention them in a certain way is very authoritarian in my eyes, and speaks to the mind set of people who demand the use of these pronouns.

  25. And this is what happens when you eliminate bullying. =)

  26. fuck you made me opportuny-gender

  27. So if society at large begins using opportunigender on job and university applications and such, would it not diminish the value of actually identifying your gender on the application? If anyone can be anything, employers won't even bother looking at gender anymore, on paper at least. Seems to me that this would forward a more egalitarian view and I'm all for it.

    Loved the video as usual, keep up the good work.

  28. Great job again, Mr serpent. I'm curious about your statement of attraction not being related to genitalia. No matter how feminine a biological man looks, I'd be disgusted by having sex with someone with a penis. Could you expand on that or maybe point me to some literature on the topic?

  29. 6:55 Isn't this something of a Catch 22? How can someone "present" a word for use in conversation without using it in conversation?

  30. I just want to thank you for this wonderful video my master.

  31. Best response I have seen to this topic yet.

  32. Love your videos. Always very well thought out and well presented. You have a style of video that is least likely to be immediately dismissed by the subject party due to excessive insults. It is this style of video that will appeal to those whom already agree with you and more importantly, to those that do not.

  33. The snake pole was extra playful in this one, I sense your irritation there, Zarath.

  34. It's always the nasally, shrill, balding motherfuckers with bad eyes that are the source of these sorts of problems

  35. Nice GentleWhispering shoutout.

  36. A comment for self-identified non-binaries:
    You are setting yourselves up as not belonging to either male or female. As "them". Study history and see what happens to people who are "them", not "us".
    On top of everything you are destroying the words "bigot, transphobic and homophobic". When these words lose their meaning, as it is soon going to happen, there will be no social stigma for being an actual homophobe.
    When hating on a group is not stigmatized and they are widely identified as "others" they tend to end up in Dachau or similar places.

  37. So glad Sargon pointed me to your channel.

  38. Top tier channel. I appreciate you and your videos

  39. Break the system, like it!

  40. I love your videos. Thank you.

  41. If we have a pie, it has two states; sliced and unsliced.
    The claim seems to want to continually add smaller and smaller slices of that pie while claiming these constitute a state different from a sliced, or unsliced pie.

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