Don’t Move The Embassy Mr Trump! #PizzaGate #Twittergate

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30 thoughts on “Don’t Move The Embassy Mr Trump! #PizzaGate #Twittergate

  1. My opinion of Trump at first was guarded optimism but when I realized he was pro jewish I realized we had been fooled again!!! No doubt america will never know peace and prosperity again as long as she unconditionally supports Israeli aggression!!!!!

  2. brother nathanael, what do you know about ,,IJAN,,?ARE THEY LEGIT???any info you may have,or links bla bla,thanks:-) happy new year—–

  3. Really?  Brother Nathanael, I have been watching and agreeing with you on many points, but palistine is not a nation but a tribe of nomads.  Go back and look at how Palistine has dumped on the entire region and Isreal , as fortold in the Bible will return and will be a state, though they are guilty of many things, being stupid is not one. You, as a JEw, must be having a hard time with this hypocrocy.

  4. Essentially, the world is one giant fucking garbage dump.

  5. I am a Supremist. I am of Viking stock. BUT you Brother Nathaniel need to learn history. There was and has NEVER been a Palestinian state, same could be said for the jews. When Isreal was created, it was created in a place NO ONE wanted to live anyway, so it was a case of here you go live here. If it was important to Christians at the time do you think we would have let the jews have it? Media hype has built Jerusalem up over the last 60 years, everyone wanting sympathy. Fuck 'em all, let 'em fight it out, winner takes all. I don't give 2 shits about the place.

  6. Well your talking about timeline, hope you know that current year is 2217 not 2017. They shifted time when Bible was written by 100 years and later on by Jesuits to hide something important. You can find proof for this in Coral Castles doorway, where it's written current year when he finished with the monolith.

  7. Disassociate yourselves from Israel Trump, stop supporting these warmongering, evil zionists. You have all the money you'll ever need…do not become malleable and supplicant to the money whores of the world!

  8. " P lease do not monetize my work, nor misrepresent its content." That right there says a lot. Bless you Brother, For money is the root of all evil. ..

  9. Was that satire? seriously I don't get that whole Israel Palestine debacle.

  10. Happy new year brother.

  11. God will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel, not palestine. Trump will support Israel and God will continue to support the USA. ITS THAT SIMPLE.

  12. Get the embassy out of Sodome and Ghomorre Tel Aviv fagget capital of the world

  13. I am very wary of Jared Kusher, Trump's Jewish son in law being his chief adviser. As Bro Nate says, 'What is good for the jews is not good for America.'

  14. oh how I loved Trump, he is the sounding of the "Trump" but the time is here for the anti Christ, the nations have gathered from the four directions, look up DAPL protest, every tongue was there, in person or in support, every tribe from every corner of the earth was there, and yes, they all held the prayer stick to the four directions, ouch! love him, but his but a part of prophecy

  15. Dear Brother Nathanael You were pro Trump in a some of your old videos and now it seems that you have changed your opinion. What happened?

  16. Trump needs to wake up about the true faces of the Jews/Israel. Who created NWO? The Jews. Who created Israel? The Jews. Who created ISIS? The Jews…

  17. The so-called Jews are going to blow that Embassy and whie Americans to pieces and blame Palestinians.


  18. I am sure that many presidents of the USA had a mandate to move the embassy ,Trump is the only one with the balls to do it. We are to love the fact Israel is a nation because it is a time marker in last days prophecy. So recognizing its eternal capitals is logical.

  19. america earned enmity of the mid east majority – muslims, by blind loyalty to one who spat in their face.

  20. sad to realize "the new boss is just like the old boss" . i agree with all your comments Brother Nathanael!

  21. I've read that you're some kind of distraction, looking at your funky costume, I don't doubt it.



    Here are two well known "legal geniuses" that had long but secret
    careers in the service of sinister land stealing & murdering Zionism
    – Louis Brandeis & Felix Frankfurter.

    Scintillating researcher & writer, Alison Weir, will blow your mind
    with her powerful expose of the sinister secret Zionist legal cabal –

  23. this video was the first and last I will ever watch. May the God of Israel have mercy on your pathetic soul

  24. check this  out:

    Haredi Rabbi says Muslim invasion of Europe is 'excellent news' because "Edom" (Christianity) must be destroyed before "Messiah" can "return"

  25. Praise him Praise Him Jesus our Blessed Redeemer

  26. AIPAC Den of poison demons…. the Synagogue of Satan needs ending.
    Rev 2:9 & 3:9

  27. What religion is your garb? Russian Orthodox?

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