Donald Trump, DC Police and FBI Don’t Care About Pizza Gate Reddit Bans Pizza Gate Discussion #PizzaGate #Corruption



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16 Thoughts to “Donald Trump, DC Police and FBI Don’t Care About Pizza Gate Reddit Bans Pizza Gate Discussion #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. I think that Trump may be playing it cool until he can take office, because if he makes too much noise about it right now, he will only give them time to clean up their mess, and Obama will know to start writing pardons. I think Obama is going to issue quite a few pardons nonetheless, but if he gives specific pardons for specific crimes with which nobody was charged, that will only prove his complicity. Not to worry though, I believe that we're going to have a bloody civil war/revolution no matter what; this is just providing pretext.

  2. Ok, I'll try to put some perspective on this:

    #1) Pizzagate: FARRRRR TOOOO big for Trump to handle. In fact, he shouldn't even begin to try to focus on this. We the citizens WORLDWIDE need to analyze, investigate & prosecute this matter. Trump needs to focus on both policy and economic matters FIRST, and righting our ship economically, as the U.S. has an impending crash to deal with.

    #2) On Prosecuting Clinton: Reports have emerged SINCE this "I'm not looking to hurt them" comment (that he allegedly made, not sure I'd trust a Clinton P.R. machine, the NY Times, to report accurately, esp after Trump rightly blasted the MSM!) that he never made that comment, and that it's not "off the table" that he'd prosecute the Clintons.

    Given this, STILL his primary focus within his first 100 days ought to be jobs & navigating the country in such a manner as to soften our landing for the so-called impending economic collapse.

    #3) STOP TRUSTING MSM sources!!!! Print or Broadcast.

    Look to OTHER sources in an effort to triangulate the truth.

    #4) Listen, Trump is OVERWHELMED at the moment as he's having to interview for and fill some 3,000+ positions!


    He's not president yet, and he still has to be CERTIFIED on 19 December, which with this recount going on & with Electors being threatened to vote Clinton, is yet ANOTHER BATTLE Trump has to deal with.

    So between the presidential Certification process; between getting Apple/Carrier/Ford to keep parts of their operations here; between filling 3000+ cabinet posts; between brokering deals ALREADY with international leaders to modify trade agreements & strategically position the U.S. economically; between REVERSING what are Obama's series of UNCONSTITUTIONAL Executive Orders; between negotiating ALREADY the construction of a wall at the U.S.-Mexico border (which I personally don't support, really), Trump has A LOT to deal with.

    Again, give him time.

  3. theres proof of the emails about pizzagate. are you drunk?? ahhhhh youre in it with them! why taking up for them..wiw if anyone researches they know its true. i cant stand your voice or face anyway.

  4. You sir do not know what is going on at all.

  5. i think ur jumping the gun assuming you think you know what Trump may think about the pizzagate issue. if you would have listened when Trump was campaigning, you would have heard him say several times that it's very stupid to give up the game plan or let the cat out of the bag on his intent to attack – only stupid people tell their secrets before they're in power and able to attack. you've just convinced me you're far too stupid to waste my time listening to your stupid shit. i believe you'd like to let hellary off the hook like the FBI director who was perhaps blackmailed or maybe is a child molester in the ring with all the other child molesters in the pizzagate pedophile party where obama is obviously guilty of the same evil disgusting activities. maybe somebody should look into your motive for launching such an ignorant attack on Trump before he has the power to do anything. maybe you're being paid or have something you wish for obama to hide or pardon before Trump takes office – whatever is your motive, i won't listen to you anymore because it's VERY CLEAR that you work for CNN where only actors are employed, and no journalists exist. you look guilty son, you can't be trusted, and i have no further interest in anything you may try to spin so i'm gone, unsubscribed. you're too stupid to talk to me, and i believe Trump is smarter than you and me – without a doubt, nobody at CNN is even qualified to play in the same arena with Trump, they can't even sell me any of their lies and all of you will go down with the ship, it will be a glorious monumental day big enough to celebrate like the 4th of July. you aren't smart enough to bait Trump into giving up his game plan. BYE NOW

  6. Watch this clip H.A. Goodman


  7. The Elites are above the Law, and can and will get away with anything!!

  8. Hes not in office yet. relax people. Not his job to prosecute, charge , arrest. The justice dept will. There is so much more

  9. Can't you think ahead… Anything could happen to him now if he tries to do something. Wait until he gets in control.

  10. Pizzagate is real. Andrew Breitbart before he died (read suicided) tweeted that John Podesta ran a sex slave ring. The Clinton's are also linked to a known child trafficker Laura Silsby. I'm not accusing anyone but there is plenty to be investigated.

  11. I think that we are finding out that Donald Trump is one of the elite and the americans who voted for him were duped. No one is mentioning pizzagate online (except for the general public) anymore. I think it is even possible that Donald Trump is being blackmailed for his involvement in the Lolita Express because his name was in Epstein's black book as well as Bill and Hillary Clinton's.

  12. Hindsight is better than foresight.

  13. Should we not want to look at the real issue? The issue is child trafficking.Our children are being abused across the world. Let us start here at home in the U.S. then investigate the situation worldwide. Our children are the future. Let's just look at the big picture; stop this crime against our children, and prosecute whoever is guilty. Anything wrong with this view?

  14. Donald Trump is an elite, that is your answer

  15. The people in power don't give a shit about children being used. If there is one small thing that points to children being abused, then there should be an investigation. There is 1000's of disturbing connections and nobody cares. It is interesting to see how many people in this world don't care. What you are saying is down playing the abuse against children. I am not happy with your video.

  16. You just can't say the emails were legitimate sources for (at least) helping prosecution against Clinton's multiple and criminal misconducts and, on the other hand, deny the fact that Pizzagate would have had no evidence without precisely and repeatedly encoded Podesta's emails. CIA and FBI will investigate, just as they are doing with Wiener's stuff.

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