Did Breitbart Know About Pizzagate? It Keeps Getting Darker, More Discoveries Unravel The Scandal #PizzaGate #Corruption

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23 thoughts on “Did Breitbart Know About Pizzagate? It Keeps Getting Darker, More Discoveries Unravel The Scandal #PizzaGate #Corruption

  1. 3:14 … near bottom left is toddler bottoms that take careful eyes to notice. Also, where is the candle is in place to be the guy's penis and has rings at the base. Totally totally sick shit …. Justice come swift, please Jesus

  2. Thanks for the video brother

  3. When Cheese means little girl and pasta means little boy and Dominoes means BDSM/ Bondage, When you couple that with the Torture Chamber email it sends shivers down your spine.

  4. Andrew Breitbart posted on Twitter that they might kill him through a car crash or heart attack. The very next day he died of a heart attack. And his coroner yeah he was mysteriously poisoned weeks later. But that's just a coincidence, nothing to see here move along. The wrong question is how can these people get to such high positions of power if they're Pedophile cannibals? When you begin to understand it's the other way around, they only got this position of power BECAUSE they were into cannibalism and Pedophilia. Andrew Breitbart was onto them and was killed because he got too close to the truth.

  5. I think Born Again Christians and Orthodox Jews should only buy and dine at this Pizza Ping Pong maybe it might take the excitement out this sick playground for child lovers and eaters. I'm sure it will ruin the mood especially at night when they pull out the pedaphile drag queen show. No offense to the non pedaphile drag queens.

  6. They run child services…

  7. Google has totally cleansed their search algos of the article you are reading, in the future PLEASE provide a link to the source. I can't find the article (didn't see the title in your vid)

  8. everything around Pizzagate stink, sick and satanic, well I can see someone practice Talmud very "intensively". scratch that "literally"

  9. It IS a conspiracy. You must mean its not a theory.

  10. Pure evil. Peace, love and God bless the tellers of truth!

  11. They can get away with anything. cause they have friends in wicked high places.

  12. Andrew Brietbart WAS killed. I will always always believe that.

  13. I have believed for a long time this was the info andrew was going to release.

  14. Cant trust the government. You should do a vid on self driveing cars. Government is the biggest buyer to these population control rides

  15. they eat the children after raping them… hell on earth

  16. It's very hard to believe that mankind could be so low 😭I think we should pray for those people ..I don't know what for but I think we should..

  17. Thank you for this vid! Good info on Podesta from 2011

  18. i did a vid on the interpitation of the logo you'll find interesting

  19. If anyone thinks the Franklin Case ever stopped. They're very mistaken. Our CIA run United States Government and the Military who murders for them is the most evil government on this planet. Of course, Obama's a lying, deceiving genocidal maniac with no regard for the American citizens safety who elected this Traitor into power, or for the world. He's illegally pushing through a no-fly zone in Syria while the brainwashed American's sleep. This will be deadly. Obama's the most dangerous man on this earth right now. Washington DC Pizzagate must be exposed for the entire world to see. and thank you to every one doing just that.

  20. if you go to dc.gov now to research corporations, the building is down until Dec 5 due to "construction" following week.. not determined.. can't look up anything either.

  21. What a SICK BUNCH….I hope this comes into FULL EXPOSURE of these evil people!

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