Dec 3, 2016 Hollywood has Pizzagate Right in Front of Our Faces #PizzaGate #Corruption

So, we all became aware of the sexual assault of children in the DNC through the emails Wikileaks released. And we were all shocked by the perversion of it! and the pizza underground of Comet Pizza and Besta Pizza. Now that is got exposed, it seems Hollywood has had it right in our faces for a while!



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10 Thoughts to “Dec 3, 2016 Hollywood has Pizzagate Right in Front of Our Faces #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. You are on the correct path with the connection to this evil organization.

  2. there liberal wackjobs…ignore it there mad, jealous that Hillary lost. don't cover it….they want the attention and your falling right into there trap

  3. Katy Perry @3:44 " I have pizza face." 


  4. guess what else ppl? that pervert sex ring symbol is the mma symbol y'all call me crazy if you want to. Trump called hitlery evil and she didn't deny it. Cmon? Now its in the wide open these devils are kidnapping and raping kids and killing them? what the heck is going on. Look up your redemption draws nigh.

  5. I always thought sausage party was obviously perverted and did not let my kids watch it. Even then it was plain to me

  6. FYI don't know if you are aware or if anyone else is having problems: your vid wouldn't play correctly. I heard your voice, but vid was black & white, blocks running thru it, so I couldn't actually see the vid.
    Thanx for the info.

    And yes, looks like they are mocking this. It's sad because if this particular situation is true it's a very depraved, serious subject that no one should make fun of. Whether these people are involved or not, it still happens all the time, throught the world, that children are abused, assaulted & killed. Not funny at all.
    I think people are really getting sick of these so-called "stars" putting their 2cents in anyway. Don't see any of these "stars" trying to shed light on the proven atrocities done to men, women & children. Big bust in Norway, but I guess that't not a worthly cause for them to bring attention to.

    Not enough people are getting taken down who are involved in this sick child rape/trafficking that's come out. Guess that's why they are called the "untouchables". Seems money & power allows some warped degenerates to literally do whatever they please, no matter how wrong or illegal or horrendous, without consequence. Anyone who does these things does nit have a soul.

  7. I feel that there involved in pizza gate
    that's totally wrong to abused children that way
    but you know what
    God will deal with those evil people

  8. This will keep on going on blatant right in our face evil, but their knees will bow before the Lord like everyone and will give account of their evil. I pray that many of these animals will repent of their secret satanic junk so God may keep them from Hell. But they should go to jail.


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