DEC 10:- WikiLeaks Julian Assange IT IS TIME to SHOW something to the WORLD!! #PizzaGate #pizzagate2 #Corruption #Wikileaks ( NOT #FakeNews)

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Could a major SHOCK WAVE of ENERGY be heading right for PLANET EARTH? Inside Military sources say “NASA is watching the sky for this Global event to reveal itself in October of 2016 with as they call it “The Second Wave”, and then again in December of 2016 with the power punch of energy we as humans have never seen before.” Which they believe could effect up to 1/3 of humanity.

In 2004 NASA recorded the biggest Pulsar wave to come in contact with our atmosphere in human recorded history. Scientists detected a flash of light from across the Galaxy so powerful that it bounced off the Moon and lit up the Earth’s upper atmosphere. The flash was brighter than anything ever detected from beyond our Solar System and lasted over a tenth of a second. NASA and European satellites and many radio telescopes detected the flash and its aftermath on December 27, 2004. The scientists said the light came from a “giant flare” on the surface of an exotic neutron star, called a magnetar. The apparent magnitude was brighter than a full moon and all historical star explosions. The light was brightest in the gamma-ray energy range, far more energetic than visible light or X-rays and invisible to our eyes.

Such a close and powerful eruption raises the question of whether an even larger influx of gamma rays, disturbing the atmosphere, was responsible for one of the mass extinctions known to have occurred on Earth hundreds of millions of years ago. Also, if giant flares can be this powerful, then some gamma-ray bursts (thought to be very distant black-hole-forming star explosions) could actually be from neutron star eruptions in nearby galaxies.

Could NASA be expecting a “SECOND WAVE” to hit earth as soon as this October 2016? And if so what do they think December is gonna do to us? If you notice the report given by NASA on their page about the event, it was after it had already happened, NOT before. With that said, would they tell us this time if they believe it could be worse? With so much speculation to the End Times and what we should expect to see in the coming days of the End Times, its rather hard to believe anything anyone says anymore. Mike from around the World makes some very good points of reference to our recent concerns of Climate Change and what the real reason for Climate Chaos really may be.

Please take a moment to listen to this presentation, and decide for yourself what you believe. If what Mike is saying in this presentation is true, then we are all in for a real awakening very very soon.

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30 Thoughts to “DEC 10:- WikiLeaks Julian Assange IT IS TIME to SHOW something to the WORLD!! #PizzaGate #pizzagate2 #Corruption #Wikileaks ( NOT #FakeNews)”

  1. I heard that Julian has gone missing, is this true?

  2. "it's nearly three years old" !!!

  3. <3 OMG!!!! This is from 2012!!!! Where is he NOW????

  4. People act like this president is the first and only president that has withheld classified information. Russia did help Trump win this election and the proof is in who Trump elected as his secretary of state…the owner of EXXON. Soon as Trump is in office he will lift the sanctions that was placed on Russia which is collaborating with China to take us down. Lies has been told and promoted far before Obama so to act like he's the anti Christ is baffling. The president is a pawn for the government to have blame placed on one person. This dude said for political gain…all the lies Trump told was for political gain. Yall must have not watched his so called victory lap to the key states which the real truth came directly out of his mouth.

  5. his face looks superimposed. Technology is amazing.

  6. Reported – misleading title, intended to mislead people into viewing it. It implies that this is new on 10 December 2016 when in fact it is approximately 3 years old.

  7. thankyou for this reporting……its good to reboot this information

  8. WTH is this????this is not a normal video, its completely constructed..where is Julian Assange now???this is a holographic projection and the head doesnt seem to be part of the body……this is worrying and we should not accept this.Ridiculous!lets hope hes safe

  9. This is an old video considering he said 659 days he's been there, that doesn't add up as he's been there over 4 years, almost 5 I believe???

  10. Obummer has the same spirit that Hitler had …spirit of the anti Christ. Obummer has fake birth certificate….he should be held in TREASON of this country. Then holding one of military soldier…needs to be released…hold accountable to the American people and the UN…

  11. Assange and WikiLeaks are HEROES in the process of EXPOSING LIES and I for one massively APPLAUD THEM HUGELY~!

  12. U S told U N to remove their military from american soil or they will drop atomic bomb on them
    dont know how true that is…i have nt seen anything on here…heard that while i was havin breakfast this morning?

  13. The way to confuse is not use UN-A-LEIN-ABLE is the description and pronunciation brought (meaning understanding)
    to the deception by SATANIC FORCES opened myself to seeing truth of Creation obviously over a big bang.
    Looking at scripture this Satanist deception is warned about.
    Even the elect will be foolish and follow the decievers tricks and lies.

  14. Haven't believed ANYTHING from CIA-NASA for 3 decades…not gonna change now. Hes NOT comfortable here, believe he's under duress. WHERE is he?

  15. Jullian Assange spoke with Hannity from FOX News last night on Hannity's raido show LIVE and broadcast it on FOX News last night Dec.15th,2016. Mr. Assange is alive. And I pray he continues to be!!!

  16. This i not current! It's misleading, due to the fact ASSANGE is MISSING, most likely dead! If you post old news, the dates should be posted

  17. one flew over Cocos nest jack Nicholson

  18. why do you keep doing the mason sign on your arm..I Know Why..Coz your just Another Shill..Can't Wait Till the One and Only True God Takes You All Down

  19. It is a very sad day that our country does not honor virtue. But, even more sadly it is a day like so many others in history. It is extremely frustrating. Mankind can be so evil. I thank Wikileaks for honoring truth, for doing right.


  21. WTF..did I just watch??? An actor, on a green screen reading a script..??? This isn't even him!


  23. Pffft…WHAT PRESIDENT? This one is a shill for satan himself. He's a fake as a human being. He and his minions have stolen our government. Soon he will be in chains.

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