David Seaman Update: He is alive and well, will come back. #ThingsWeShouldInvestigate #PedoGate #Pizzagate

David Seaman Update: He is alive and well, will come back..


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10 Thoughts to “David Seaman Update: He is alive and well, will come back. #ThingsWeShouldInvestigate #PedoGate #Pizzagate”

  1. There has been a peaceful protest that has been organized to bring more awareness to the issue of child trafficking and the global issue of pedophilia. Please share, join and show your support. More information can be found here.

  2. There has been a peaceful protest organized for the 18, 19 of March in Washington DC. Please show your support, more info is available here..

  3. You called it, Brasileiro: David Seaman – Pizzagate Slander Response

  4. These same accusers monetize their videos. They're hypocritical.

  5. Pedophiles are the most vile people in the world.

    But anti-Semites run a close second – and their attacking Seaman proves it.

  6. 1 John 2:9 He who says he is in the light, and hates his brother, is in darkness until now.

  7. Hi guy from Brazil, this video caught my attention because i have been following David Seaman too, and was curious why he deleted everything. I don't know exactly what to think of David honestly. Your use of the parable of the tree is a good one, but i would say incomplete in his case. But i don't know much about him, or his history, so I stay cautiously optimistic he's genuine, and even if he is just hitching a ride on pizzagate to try and make a profit, that's really not that big a deal unless he totally believes it's BS, in which case it could be humiliating to his viewers.
    So, a few things caught my attention listening to you. First of all you certainly sound like a God fearing Christian, which would be in contrast to how you described this JeffC and his cronies. And I can understand your thoughts on the Jewish people. But i'm not sure how much these white occupiers of the state of Israel are connected to the actual Jews of the Old Testament.
    (Here is my take on the "Jew" as a KJV Fundamental Baptist:)
    I would personally rather avoid dealings of any kind with these people for the sole reason they reject Jesus Christ, and continue in the tradition of the "scribes and pharisees". And like you have said they are to play a role, and I think their role is of a wicked abomination from beginning to end. With that 'tree' comes the worst rotten fruit, and the Talmud is no exception. I have not read it, but i know what's in it. It's disgusting, blasphemous and horrid in every way. That 'tree' can and will not produce any good fruit. I don't believe it's our role to be enablers as Christians to them. It should be our role to help save them with the Gospel, instead of supporting their aggressive domination and provocation of that land and it's people. That land that Arabs and Jews happily shared before WW2 by the way.
    With that being said, I agree with you about these aggressive "anti-jew" people. I am aware of all the connections of this and that, and most of it is true, but packaging it with some prideful arrogant fool and tossing it out there saying "believe this, or you're a jew" is stupid, irresponsible and damaging to people who genuinely want, Christians especially, people to think twice about todays "Jews" being "God's chosen people", and blindly supporting Israel based on some idea that God commands us to.
    People should just let the New Testament explain all they need to know about the modern "Jew". Which is the only pure authority to be speaking on that (for most) sensitive matter, I think. Anyway, I hope you didn't mind my take on all that. And I like your style so i subscribed. God be with you brother.

  8. Jeff C is Canadian? Most Canadians were brainwashed into the Evolution Lie at school.
    Ontario residents even elected a Sodomite Premier to run their province. A woman too.
    Alberta is another infested/ruined province because Ontario Commies moved there.
    Alberta is ruled by a Woman Premier. "The wicked shall be ruled by women and children".

  9. ???? Hopefully he's ok!

  10. Jeff C makes some good videos. But he is also very aggressive and I am not sure that I like his personality. He is often shouting like he is crazy. What concerns David Seaman, he is maybe on the right side, yes, but I must admit that I don´t entirely trust him. He talks too much and shows too little real Evidence. There are many guys out there that expose Pizzagate better than he does, because basically he just talks, talks and talks. He is a great demagog 😉 – And it´s a bit suspicious that he deleted all his videos the same night that someone exposed him on another channel. But I will wait and see. Maybe he has a good explanation to all this.

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