David Seaman Duping Delight #DavidSeaman #PedoGate #Pizzagate


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23 thoughts on “David Seaman Duping Delight #DavidSeaman #PedoGate #Pizzagate

  1. It's so funny how David Seaman complains about his videos getting flagged, then he sends his trolls out to flag his critics videos. What a hypocrite.

  2. Victim of Paypal…victim of anti Semites…etc etc

  3. As soon as he got 100+ subs he started peddling his wares goldmoney & bitcoins

  4. You have 574 views. Wow, not hardly the following Seaman has. Why would making money on youtube be ridiculous? Seriously? I wonder what Pewdiepie would say, how about Bratayley? You won't even post your face dude.

    Seaman laughs there because the entire leftist, elitist and globalist plan has been exposed and now people who speak out about anything that implicates them is being censored. If gold doesn't sell or pay- why do I constantly see MOM and POP store that BUY gold? You don't see shops offering to buy your dollar bills right? Sure, they will take them but to actually BUY them??

    I'm not saying that gold is the future, but collapsing the American economy is the number one goal of George Soros- that is fact and by his own admission. The man BRAGS about his power to sway national leaders and their politics and BRAGS about his ability to crash economies. But you probably think Soros loves you- heck…..you might be right.

  5. I am so sick of this little shit. Duping delight–you got it exactly correct. He is so easy to see through, every single fraud move he makes is so transparently obvious, yet the duped are experiencing so much cognitive dissonance they are having a hard time accepting that have been fooled, at a level that is unthinkable–using the sexual abuse and trafficking of human beings to exploit others for their his greed. The paypal scheme was so transparently fake, to get people to donate using Goldmoney. He must be laughing his ass off at how stupid his followers are, and how easy it is to con them. Keep it up, stay on him for doing this to people, to satisfy his greed and desire to manipulate and abuse people.

  6. What's so funny about this..is how it's like 90% for Dave…when everything the exposers are saying is true.

  7. New contest…THE DAVID SEAMAN DEEP UP IN YOU VIDEO CONTEST.   You are 100 correct…Narcisist..

  8. Hahaha what a joke video

  9. It seems you are hell bent on a smear campaign against David Seaman. You have made some highly defamatory and perhaps libelous statements throughout your video. Since you said you did not go to high school, I assume you are not a psychiatrist nor a psychologist. Therefore, you are unqualified to diagnose Mr. Seaman as a "psychopath" or as a "pedophile".
    I understand the rights of Freedom of Speech; however, it seems you are attempting to harm Mr. Seaman's character and livelihood in many of your videos.
    Do you have some type of fixation on David Seaman for any reason? In that, I mean have you had any dealings personally with him as valid proof that he is actually what you are saying he is? If so, it would benefit you and your viewers if you could show that. Otherwise, I believe David Seaman to be very credible. He has done excellent research and continues to do so. I have never even seen him promote gold or Bitcoin until people such as yourself have started online attacks against him.
    Oh, I did view a video he put out yesterday. He advised he was dropping all affiliate relations. I guess that attack gets thrown out.

  10. shame you don't think david is a good man doing a good job, PIZZAGATE, Hello!!!!!!!! While your trying to rip shreds off him. What are YOU doing about PIZZAGATE ?????? EXACTLY

  11. WHY have you turned your thumbs OFF??????

  12. Oh semen drinkers….. ha ha ha, all Demonrats men are semen drinkers. You are a fraud. Pizzagater aren't you? Scared to death you are about to be caught. You are shady! The liar here is you!

  13. well he just severed ties with Bitcoin so you don't have that leg to stand on. At least he has the balls to put his face on video so an idiot like you can freeze frame him in an attempt to make him look bad

  14. YOU support pedofiles pal

  15. Johnny Super Tramp , you presented nothing to back your claim, I guess they didn't teach you how to present an argument at the school of Hard Knocks. Try again. Next time state your claim and back it up with your evidence if you have any.

  16. Thanks for the video! I just made a donation to David Seaman!

  17. Show your face COWARD. You're a TROLL

  18. You are the duper.  The delight you take in trying to defame someone else is sickening.

  19. People who volunteer to give money don't expect it back.!

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