David Seaman a Shill for Gold Money? My Perspective. Write Pedogate on your money. Kanye?!? #Pedogate

My thoughts on David Seaman being a shill.

and It Is Time To Take Action!! #pizzagate

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video about David Seaman being a shill for Gold Money (be your own judge):



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34 thoughts on “David Seaman a Shill for Gold Money? My Perspective. Write Pedogate on your money. Kanye?!? #Pedogate

  1. To attack back, all the banks has to do is refuse acceptance "pedogate" written on notes. Then it has no value with.

  2. i give you the government funded organized gangstalking program now expose it. youtube search the term targeted individuals

  3. I think Trump is doing a great job with his policies but I am so frustrated about this pedophilia subject. I would rather spend every ounce of our recourses arresting high ranking politicians and officials before anything else. I too started watching David Seaman to learn more about this subject. He seemed sincere at first but I noticed something. He never really provided much other information than the emails we could all see. The red flags started flying when he would go from pedophilia to advertising for the gold and bitcoin companies. I truly believe after investigating Mr. Seaman that he was using pizzagate to bring in traffic to his channel for his gain. I unsubscribed from his channel a couple weeks ago. NOW, that does not mean pedophilia rings in our government and Hollywood don't exist. We need to keep the pressure on this administration and put David Seaman behind us. You do a great job! God Bless!

  4. W B

    This guy knows david is not a shill, he just wants views and subs. For that he will notget mine.

  5. How do I contact you? I want to help get the word out there!

  6. So let me attempt a little education for those of you who believe this nonsense. Have you noticed any prices going up around you? That's called inflation. I live on a fixed income and every week my fixed income buys me less food, heat and clothing. Gas goes up and down. With inflation, your fiat money loses its value.

    When you invest in something like gold, you are "hedging" your bets that gold will more likely increase in value than decrease in value. It always does, over time. After all, it is a real asset that you can hold in your hand. And inflation always, always, always takes value away from fiat money.

    So if you take some of your money and put it into gold, it will very likely be worth more next month than less, while your cash will very likely be worth less. So what is the better investment? Your bank account? Or some gold?

    So say thank you to David instead of listening to and feeding the trolls.

  7. One other thing before I go. It's the paid internet trolls who are deliberately seeking to smear David, who is basically the only mainstream journalist covering pedogate, so that people will stop watching and believing him. And you are so compliant! You just jump right on that bandwagon without really checking anything out. Boo. You are helping the bad guys. Pleased with yourself?

  8. Are you interested in some facts? David Seaman wrote a book about internet marketing while he was in college. Raising a buzz is something public relations people spend a lot of time trying to do. So do media outreach people. You reach out to media and try to get them interested in the subject or the meeting or whatever you are covering. There's nothing inherently wrong about creating a buzz, or telling people how to do that in a BOOK about how to market your product on line, and how to CREATE interest and awareness so people can CHOOSE whether or not they want to buy your product. It is business. Nobody can buy something they never heard of. Are you against all online businesses? Are they all evil and lacking in integrity? I am so disappointed in you. I think you have demonstrated a real lack of ability in the critical thinking department. Bye now.

  9. I think David is brave and its sad he felt he needed to delete the vids he worked so hard on. I only watch you and him. You are also brave as well as sincere. I don't know you or David personally of course but I have watched enough videos and read enough articles to know who has done their homework and is working and researching this from the heart. BTW, love that you are doing comedy! Where can I see it? Hope your day is going well so far. Peace.

  10. Hey guys …. ANYONE WANT TO BRAINSTORM A PLAN OF ACTION WITH ME? I want to put together a list of the most important people/agencies to write/contact (in order), and a timeline, so that we can all inundate the same agencies/people at the same time for maximum benefit. My problem is that I don't know the details of who is best contacted and in what order (???) WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE ANYONE WHO DOES KNOW, TO POST A PRELIMINARY LIST THAT OTHERS COULD ADD TO….once I have that info, I will put together an easily distributable info sheet, and start passing it around, so that we can actually be DOING SOMETHING ELSE METHODICAL & PROACTIVE, (AND TO ALSO HELP PROMOTE THE MARCH 18-19 COMET MARCH AS WELL). Reminds me….anyone know who is heading that up??? I would like to get more details and touch base there as well.

    THANKS, GUYS! We gotta keep our focus on these kids, and what can make the biggest impact for them, the quickest. I know you are all here because you have giant hearts and working brains – LET'S PUT THEM BOTH TO WORK, RIGHT NOW! WHAT DO YOU KNOW THAT COULD HELP? ~♡~

  11. Good idea with the money thing, doing that now lol

  12. They're trying to ruin David Seaman. Don't listen to that and just continue investigating pizzagate. They want us to stop talking about it so don't let them distract.

  13. They're trying to ruin David Seaman. Don't listen to that and just continue investigating pizzagate. They want us to stop talking about it so don't let them distract.

  14. Dude NO!

    David has supported Bitcoin and Gold for long before he started covering Pizzagate. He is the number one investigator in the vial very real conspiracy. Its a very dangerous subject and takes a special kind of passion and soul to take this case on. David is that man and the world needs more support for people like him . . . Not character assassins

    You should spend a few hours watching his early videos and do a video expressing your support for David and show them Podesta cocksucking scumbags that their plan has backfired big-time and announce a collaboration of something. (in the words of Shia Labeouf) They will not divide us

  15. Seaman speaks from the heart. He likes bitcoin, he likes gold money, and he likes to expose pedophiles. Don't backstab the people fighting for the same things you are.

  16. I knew David is a shill, he got to many subscribers too quick. He use to write for Huffington post….

  17. For all the haters,, David overall seems like an honest person. But don't forget a mans gotta eat and provide for himself….

  18. David Seaman is not a shill for gold or bitcoin. He does try to help us get out from the US dollar due to the symbols and wording on our printed money. David Brock from Media Matters is trying to discredit and smear David Seaman's name. Watch David Seaman video on Brock tax evasion.

    Seaman stands by his statements and discoveries on pizzagate/pedogate. He wants and believes he will see these people, like Podesta, arrested.

  19. Don't let them "divide and conquer' your good investigative efforts into PEDOGATE – which is very real & extremely dangerous. D Seaman must market something to cover $costs and secondly he did put "PIZZAGATE" in front of us and now we all know what the global pedophile terrorists are all about and how they operate.. … Thanks David.

  20. It would be just as easy for them to say well J Noir only got involved in pizzagate to promote his comedy. Which is of course obsurd but its an example.

  21. David Seaman is great reporter!
    please! Dont touch his charactor…

  22. J ! You came outa your cave! Nice move. So Goldmoney is an interesting concept, based loosely on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It had a kinda rough start, but the Soros boys saw the potential and bought it up for Bitgold. It's an easy way to get some gold in your portfolio. You can start small. It has it's own governing board. So if you don't mind having your gold investment backed by the Soros bros, go for it. David Seaman gets the credit for breaking the Pizza-gate story and doing the initial research. So he's no Cobb County Republican, but what the hell? Thanks for the news on demonstrations.

  23. Bitcoin and gold are not what made me interested in David Seaman. I saw the issue between him and HuffPo and then he spoke so pationately about the children. That's good enough for me.

  24. LETS ALL KEEP IN MIND ONE HUGE THING- The governments best weapon is to DIVIDE AND CONQUER!! Therefore….They are turning us against eachother!!! of course they will make us turn on eachother and lose sight of whats important. Dont feed into the bullshit. If you havent noticed, in the last 20 years we have been divided by so many things and fueled to hate others who dont agree 100 % with eachother. Example- this election. ive literally got friends on facebook who are like fuck u if u support trump. well ok, im not that petty and im not gonna let that determine who my friends are. OBVIOUSLY we have been divided and conquered….if your straight u should hate gays, if u supported hillary u should hate trump people, if ur black u should hate white people. and so on and so on. its to divide and conquer us….OPEN YOUR EYEZ!!!! the david seaman thing is strictly to make us hate him. Shit J Noir u may be next theyre just trying to turn us against eachother. DONT LET IT HAPPEN!!!

  25. This negative talk around David is feeding into the destruction of the movement, no one person is more important than another, this is about saving children and punishing the guilty, but when we switch from collaboration to backbiting we are ARE DOING THE WILL OF THE PODESTAS. David Seaman was a real reporter, who had real skills and used them correctly to draw attention to what he and many of us were saying. He just used his skills to do it better than most of us. He has paid a real price for that recognition and attention. The guy's friend was murdered, I can't believe anyone is coming down on him for being affected by that or the constant trolls, I defy any of us to go through that and not come out broken. Idk if anyone here has encountered a troll army, or even just getting blown up on your phone with notifications. I freak out when my I get a lot of texts from clients, I hate Facebook and don't even have notifications turned on for any SM app because in my opinion the constant stimulation fries your brain. Someone like David, who is probably getting hundreds if not thousands of positive notifications per day, mixed in with hundreds if not thousands of Troll comments per day, can really take a toll. And then you have people in the research community either feeding into this hate, (or jealousy perhaps in some cases), and getting angry that he is attempting to survive in his chosen field. Does anyone here work for free? I meet a lot of people who want shit for free, content included, but who's going to make that content for free? If David was unable to make money in his chosen field, he would necessarily need to choose another. It's not shilling, it's unfortunately the way the world works. Does everyone know he also lost his job as a columnist for reporting truthfully about HRC and her health during the campaign? Has anyone else followed his career before he was character assassinated? The things he talks about now, outside of Pizzagate, are the subjects he has always talked about. David Seaman is good person. That's how I feel.

  26. David Seaman stuck his neck out to bring out the worst of the worst, he brings out the gold thing as an alternative way to screw the system, gold is just another way for the powers that be to slander!

  27. Lets support the real facts and the truth,  we all know David is exposing corruption, crimes and Pizzagate that should be good enough for all of us who wants to speak out the truth. Lets unite for the positives and what is REAL FACTS. Lets stop focusing on possibly lies and gossip JUST FOLLOW THE TRUTH.  At the end of the day we do not know anybody's business, though I watch your channel I DO NOT KNOW YOU. Lets not fall into nasty GOSSIP and concentrate for what is real with the FACTS. David is bringing awareness and that is a good thing, support for the same cause is all we should do.

  28. I like the idea of printing some business cards with links and info making folks aware of what's happening. Then leave them everywhere you go. Or just print up something yourself but the important thing is to distribute it thru your community.

  29. J noir…you should read the info on this site regularly.Thats were the info on david seaman comes from.They Uncover a lot of stuf.THX!


  30. J Noir, Yes – you are not caught in the infighting. David is Good as gold – even 6000 years old…

    Get a panel together: SuzyQ, Honey Bee, David Seaman, LTV, Random Rants of Ryan, . Circle the Wagons

  31. Has anyone read his book? 🤔

  32. I think David and all of us gathered around pizzagate… all have important common ground. We want the truth and we want to bring it to light. Expose this for what it really is and bring awareness to the sleeping. We need a revolution for the children. We need to get the message out there and be proactive about it. People need to know it's real and it's definitely happening, not just in DC, but everywhere. The world is infested with pedophiles and is a problem that's out of control. The lack of empathy for humanity doesn't help either…

    I'm your neighbor (FL) and there are similar cases in my local area of elites in charge who prey on children and get away with it everytime. It's sickening. I believe action needs to be taken but it's really disheartening knowing most organizations who are suppose to be saving and protecting these children and victims are grossly corrupt with the lowlifes in charge of these child trafficking rings, covering up each others tracks and scratching one another's backs… but enough is enough.

    We need to set aside our differences (and agendas) and fight together for the kids. No need to tear each other down, that is just a distraction from the bigger picture. Teamwork makes the dream work and I think that peaceful protests and marches are a powerful way to gain attention and get a message across. I am so grateful for all the whistle blowers and truth tellers (David Seamen alike) for spreading the word and getting this REAL NEWS out there. I especially thank you, J Noir, for your respectful reporting and humble approach to it all. It's a fresh take and I thank you for that. Peace and love brother.

  33. Seaman was targeted to discredit. They are dividing and conquering. I'm sorry but the whole point isn't Seaman being a shill. I'm gonna have to look past that. People have been throwing around the word shill like the left has been throwing around the word fascism or nazi. Take things with a grain of salt and go on. This is just like people campaigning against fake news… people have a right to say what they want and are entitled to make money for whatever cause they feel needed if you don't like their cause don't support it an move on. Attacking people on the ground trying to help isn't helping any of the situation we are in. This seems like a campaign to shit in alternative medias cheerios.

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