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21 thoughts on “DAPL Corruption Exposed | Standing Rock | Knights-bridge Risk Management

  1. How much longer can you continue not to turn this into a full out war? If you can hold ground until the spring you could call back in all the Warriors who came this past summer long. I respect you so very much for standing up to them with your prayers and songs, but I don't think it will stop this pipeline from going in. Then what? The entire world has seen how the camp and Sioux, Lakota Dakota have been trampled and beaten up tear gassed concussions grenades, rubber bullets etc done to you, so I don't think anyone on this continent would blame you if you took the white man government to an all out War! Major news stations all lie, I can't watch them anymore. The only news I can watch is Democracy Now but even that one isn't as good now that Amy Goodman is 'away on assignment ' now, it would not surprise me if they have sent her to other side of the world and when she does finally come back, it wouldn't surprise me if they ban her from covering Standing Rock.
    Thank You
    Am frustrated, sorry for my rant
    I am praying for you all that no more harm, hurt, or anything else happens because this hurts my heart
    Am sending you all much love ❤️


  3. WHO IS that bearded guy?? the one in the front line of mercenaries? We keep seeing him in video footage. WHO is he? WHERE is he from??? Minnesota???? What is he up to today and is he still working in law enforcement? If so, then may God help the people of Minnesota

  4. Corporation faggots with masks hurting innocent women and destroying sacred land, the world needs to descend upon standing rock for all of humanity, I pray for you all there, stay strong and safe.

  5. Just another day
    in police state US of A

  6. Dapl are a disgusting bunch of land theives

  7. From what i learned from only ex union oil worker. Whistle blower they dont follow the rules of law. They dont even have the right paper work to do doing any thing . That there doing..the permits have been done acher by acher. The laws says they have to have the whole job on the permits. On one of the sites i was watching. So its so damnded corrupte thats i am saying the words and furious fustration at them. Only one problem thier like wild animals . They just sit and stare and continue on.

  8. My husband is right we'll have our day of pay back. And at that time no mercy giving treat them as GOD AND JESSUS AND AS MOTHER EARTH WILL DO. EYE FOR AN EYE TOOTH FOR A TOOTH. ITS A FACT OF LIFE. AND IN HISTORY THE ONE WHO THROWS FIRST PUNCH. WILL LOSE IN THE END.

  9. And corporate media has their head up their ass. still refuses to give any air time.

  10. 3:26 right is illegal under international Law Medics are protected from arrest doing their jobs same as if it was the police injured they would be ticked off if someone came along and started beating an EMT on as they're trying to treat a police officer they kill that person right there and then under United Nations law and law in the U.S. they be in the right so where is the accountability this is clear evidence they committed war crimes there is no gray area if I took this video and to the court of law all those officers would be facing criminal charges they be Court of international law you could send out an Interpol warrant for all those cops death warrants.

  11. This film was done very well!!

  12. No police man would pull someone out of a moving vehicle like that!!!! The ones with patches covered dont seem like cops. Their Uniforms are all too tight also!! Seems illegal to cover their arms like that. SOMEONE SHOULD RIP ONE OFF!!!

  13. In the beginning, The mercenary has the girl by the hand and the other mercernary is belting the other guy on the head n then.. BELTS THE GIRLS HAND RIGHT OUT OF THE OTHER FAT THUG LOOKING FUCKS HANDS!! ooops.

  14. Where is our President Obama?

  15. the natives are sayin. get the fuck out of here

  16. Globalists have already turned the US into a Wild West. American Democracy is a myth now. Don't be misled. Tomorrow they will come to your house.

  17. This is what the world has to see! Unbelievable. And it is happening in communities all over the country…Violation after violation…What happened to the hearts of those who commit these atrocities? How can they sleep with themselves at night, with their wives, partners and children? How can they face each day knowing that this is their livelihood?
    They are not in integrity with what it means to be a human being to be part of the human race. OMG – May the Creator bring light to their men, May the Creator help them to see the light. May the Creator bring peace to their hearts so that they can wake up. A ho!

  18. Ashoge colapi
    thank you friends Keep on telling the world what's happening.
    #NoDAPL Water protectors ,
    pila mita
    wakan tanan kici un

  19. People ban together and call the USA Government and flood the lines go to North Dakota, send money, and where the hello is Hollywood stars? Where are all there money to support the people who made them what they are? Where are you, if you just put 20% of your combined wealth we could pay a dream team of lawyers lobbyist, judges, the same thing the corrupt system does, isnt that democracy now, green who ever has more?

  20. *******************ITS BLACKWATER – YOURE DEALING WITH BLACKWATER**************************
    ***************************THE SHADOW MILITARY-THE SHADOW ARMY****************************************
    – WARN THESE PEOPLE NOW!!!!!!!!! –
    ********************THE RISE OF THE WORLDS MOST POWERFUL MERCENARY ARMY*****************************
    To understand who they are and WHY They are extremely Dangerous go to these links:
    *AMY GOODMAN on Blackwaters Murders:

    *BLACKWATER IN HURRICANE KATRINA: (Skip intro and go to 2:50)

    *Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army is a book written by independent journalist Jeremy Scahill, published by Nation Books in 2007, as a history and analysis of Blackwater USA, now called Academi.
    *CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE: http://www.nbcnews.com/id/22425001/vp/32291727#32291727
    *IN UKRAINE TRAINED THEM TO MASSACRE: https://www.rt.com/news/158212-academi-blackwater-ukraine-military/

    *CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY: https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=blackwater%20crimes%20against%20humanity
    *BLACKWATER MASACRES: https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=blackwater+massacre


  21. So in other words war has been declared on the natives of Standing Rock?

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