Cruel Cop’s Rodeo Corruption Exposed

Malheur County Sheriff’s Deputy Bob Wroten likes playing cowboy so much he is on the board of the Jordan Valley Big Loop Rodeo, and he gets to shock animals with thousands of volts of electricity.

As this video shows, Deputy Wroten is also willing to violate the rights of citizens whose only “offense” is to video document the abuse of Wroten and his fellow phony cowboys.



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47 Thoughts to “Cruel Cop’s Rodeo Corruption Exposed”

  1. some serious haters are following you. This year we are trying our hardest to get Wolfe out of here! So we can get rid of the corruption out and make our county amazing again!

  2. Thank you Steve for fighting for the animals.  Cruel people like these cops and those of the rodeo will get judged by God!

  3. i think they have the wrong spelling, It's MANURE. >.<

  4. Manure Oregon. A place that I will avoid like the plague it is.

  5. He must own or be on the take.
    I was attacked by the Maplewood police and the K9 unit for drunk driving. I hadn't had a drink. It turns out the bar we were at was owned by a Maplewood cop.

  6. Oh my God, my heart broke when l seen the animals with broken legs. l am so glad we dont have that $hit in the UK. THANKS FOR EXPOSING THIS STEVE.

  7. Wow, I didn't know white men with bald heads and/or receding hairlines treated each other like that.

  8. SHOCK THOSE COPS! (MANURE) OREGON Sheriffs office!

  9. Great job exposing these gang members Steve. Keep up your hood work. There is a special place in heaven for people like you who aren't afraid to stand up to these criminal cops. Good for you buddy keep exposing these "bubbas" for what they are….. Nothing more than insecure scared little boys in mens bodies. May they all rot in hell for what they do to law abiding citizens and helpless animals. It sickens me to know what they do. Keep fighting the good fight brother.

  10. good job shark keep giveing them hell

  11. oh i would love to stick that electric shock up to their A!!!! S!!!! S !!!!! i ride horses since i was 3y old kid, and never used even a stick or anything, there must be a way how to put and end to it!!!!!

  12. Mah- Lur? NO. Mal- Hur.

    Its proper to pronounce names as the locals do. Ore- Gone? NO. Ore-Gun. Yes.

     It makes you look like an elitist snob to not do so and does not help your cause whatsoever. Deal with it.

  13. Disgusting inbreeders.

  14. Would love to see an update about this. That part of Oregon is corrupt in so many ways.

  15. Bob Wroten can get 10,000 bolts stuck up his ass till he starts shitting out his mouth.

  16. "who are ya and what are ya doing?" Man should of hit that punk up side the head with that camera.

  17. these are criminals with badges, how in the world are they getting away with this? people in this town need to stand up to these thugs and that's exactly what they are

  18. Steve you are a savior and guardian to innocent animals . love what you do.

  19. I'm a student. I have every right to shoot this legally.

  20. I'm making a documentary on humanity for animals. I am almost done. I didn't know this rodeo existed. I'll come and shoot it if you'd like me too. This is disgusting.

  21. Thanks for this follow up video, I'm thankful you've exposed just a handful whom clearly advocate such abuse. I pray it all comes back around.

  22. It's about time people start speaking out against assholes like these

  23. looks loke your doing your homework. ..i like that..great videos btw

  24. bust those cops asses. do something about it.

  25. It looks like the entire US police force is bent useless corrupt or at best lazy,,,,,,Have the FBI been got at yet ?, it bothers me as UK cops are going the same way,,

  26. Small, inadequate, angry cowards seem to feel the need to torment and kill animals. Great work naming and shaming them (and their corrupt lackeys).

  27. looks like you have a cult on your hands. time you arm yourselves and take out that disgusting cult and dept. once and for all.

  28. What the hell kind of rodeo is that? I mean seriously, I have never seen roping horses like that. Ive seen them do that with sheep, baby cattle, the shorter legged animals, which still is not right at all. But a freaking horse? Thats a guaranteed broken leg in the making. Is that what the people in the stands went to see? 

  29. wroten you fkng ashol , sue the fk out him !!

  30. Wow cops really are corrupt. Amazing how sheriffs deputy Wroten looks like the cop from Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

  31. Please put these comments on all your social networking media and encourage everyone you know to do the same.  Write to your congressman/woman to abolish the IRS and not renew the charter of the Federal Reserve Board.    
                    Once people are educated they learn that the system should never prevail over a Man.  No government or corporation must ever win over a Man because the government and the corporations create the controversies to keep us enslaved.  Those that think it is fine for a jury to convict a Man , have no love for liberty and deserve what they get, but it must be that all man should be free whether they desire it or not so those who love freedom can have it more abundantly and enjoy it to the fullest.
                    If you ever have the opportunity to be a juror, you should endeavor to be one by stating that you will listen to all the evidence and only consider the findings after thoroughly reviewing the evidence.  But if you are to adjudicate a case between a Man and any government or any corporation, ensure that you always vote in Man’s favor no matter what the evidence the government brings.  Only in this fashion can we take the courts and the government de jure, the rightful government of the United States with all our constitutional rights intact, back for our own benefit.

  32. conspiracy at its best, usa usa

  33. are there any updates on the FBI investigation?? this is sick!

  34. Bob Wroten is a disgrace to the human race.

  35. My God corrupt cops every which way,what is wrong with you people,get out there in numbers,dont let these dangerous moronic rednecks rule yur county,film them sue their asses then sue the county for employing them,fast not later,get every lawyer not currently working on these cases,if they dont want to,sue them for dereliction of duty,and sue the county for same.Get real guys they wont stop until you stop them,then sue the county again for employing corrupt officials,Money is the only thing they respond to,so Sue the asses off these lowlife corrupt inhumane animals,treat them like they treat the animals! its the only language the understand

  36. Bob " the psychopath", this a certain ring to it.

  37. Well I love to watch a good rodeo but the ones I've been to don't hurt the animals but what I just watched and ik there was tap cut cus of time and reading some of the comments made by ppl and shark there are some of thos shit rodeos where they do but for me what shark is trying to do and shut down these kind of rodeos is a good thing I grew up on a ranch and for me I don't like it when a Animal is hurt/suffering it's not right I've bread bucking bulls and there not the ones being harmed but like I said shark is doing a good thing to shut down the bad inhumane rodeos 

  38. Cops are proving that authority makes them the dumbest idiots on the planet. What a bunch of rednecked dingleberries. Its obvious they've watched too many episodes of the Andy Griffith show.

  39. Malheur is the French word for misfortune.  It applies here when referring to the torture these animals go through.

  40. There is an event in Mexico where they engage in what is termed "horse tripping". I hope you guys expose those. There is no reason to do creuel things like that to horse even if they are going to be sent to the slaughter house. We do not do that to death row inmates right?

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