Cruciax – FE Alex Jones Exposed (Shill Gate Keeper Zionist). #PizzaGate #Corruption

A compilation for truthers stuck in the controlled opposition. There’s much more evidence out there if you are willing to search. Sources below:
1. Time Warner:

2. Shill in Protest:

3. Fear Porn:

4. Bill Cooper:

5. Alex Exposed:

Alex Jones crazy rant compilation:

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3 Thoughts to “Cruciax – FE Alex Jones Exposed (Shill Gate Keeper Zionist). #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. EXCELLENT work—it's about time someone did a GOOD expose on Jones—well done!! After seeing that Y2K deal I was confounded when friends of mine excused Jones saying "well he tells SOME truth"…like really? I never watched his channel again and refuse to listen to anyone associated with him/infowars. Alex Jones is my BS barometer.

  2. alex has that fake "gruff" sounding voice, she has to cover up the fact that she is a dyke and NOT a man.

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