Corrupt Cop Exposed Threatening To Plant Cocaine On A Man

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29 Thoughts to “Corrupt Cop Exposed Threatening To Plant Cocaine On A Man”

  1. police, the modern day highway robbers/killers/rapists……….scum in uniform.

  2. knowing that camera was there recording. i would have smiled in his face and took a ass woopin then sue the pig for millions and get him fired. ahh it would have been fuckn great. puss ass pigs tryn to act hard knowing damn well if he didnt have that badge he'd be layed da fuck out. shittin himself lmao

  3. Where and who the fuck is this cop

  4. nothing without the badge. that guy would fuck the cop up if he took badge off.
    hiding behind badge

  5. please tell me the cop is fired?


  7. 9/10 cops were the kids in school that were always getting pushed around, milk poured on their lunch, and shoved in lockers by all the jocks. Now they are all big and mighty with their shitty badges abusing their powers as revenge of being a loser for so long. #Facts.

  8. this is not in the USA this is in Oshawa Ontario Canada. this cop is still a cop but they took him off the road, now he searches people before they go into court. this cop is an asshole anyone who lives in Oshawa and has delt with him will let you know how fucked up he is.

  9. We are making each other our enemy with the election and all this racism bullshit when it's the fucking police we ALL need to watch out for. I know not all cops are bad, and if you are a good cop, congratulations and thank you for doing the right thing. YOU are the ones that have to suffer because of incompetent punks like this.

  10. I hope that cop gets aids and spreads it to his family

  11. It's ok he will be cleared of any wrong doing. It was just a misunderstanding and the video was wrong. What you hear and see is not true cos we all know that video can change itself it happens all the time. These guys are crackhead but that doesn't mean cops can break the law. They are no better than the crooks

  12. What does "chirp me" mean?

    Worse than gang members? They are gang members that go by the name of law enforcement.

    That cop needs to do ten years in prison for that.

    "Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely."
    Their power needs to be taken away and that is done with the cameras that you mentioned. Also, the laws that make it illegal to record police need to be struck down.

  13. He needs to be fired and sent to jail. He is the type of cop that gives all cops a bad rep.

  14. this is why cops are being shot.

  15. man I love you brother, 2159549219,I need 2 talk 2 you

  16. I don't trust cop's there bandit

  17. Where is vice for these kinds of cops?

  18. That cop should be beaten to a pulp!

  19. I think the cop really just wanted to get sucked off on duty or off duty lol what in the world

  20. Very wrong, and I share your videos with Facebook & beyond. I discuss with whomever I can, in hope to effect a change.

  21. You'd expect better from Canada. But you live close to shat you get shat on you.

  22. if that cop would treat me like that I would definitely do something to get arrested just so we can move forward on a corrupt cop case. he has the tape ….oh it's on motherfucker

  23. This shit has been going on since day one but it's only now that people have camera's it is being brought out into the light and the truth on cops are being seen by everyone now with the internet

  24. You should watch the Documentary called The Seven Five it's about dirty cops in NYC that robbed drug dealers and other shit and it's still going on today

  25. I am sickened by this pig, but his attitude reflects through the pig force, That being I am god, obey me without question and never question my authority over you. All this bullshit while the taxpayer supplies the wages.

  26. fuck you no respect little bitch

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