CNN: Alex Jones Leader of The KKK #PizzaGate #Corruption

CNN airs fake news hit piece on Alex Jones and Donald Trump and implies the president elect is getting intelligent reports from Infowars.

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20 Thoughts to “CNN: Alex Jones Leader of The KKK #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. What else is new. Everyone is picking on Alex and Don

  2. SWEET! Free publicity for Infowars.

  3. cnn still butt hurt….

  4. 0:39 "A Place where Trump gets a lot of his information" CNN then backs up this claim by inserting a cut shot of their OWN NETWORK asking a stupid question. What a joke!

  5. 911 government made sponsored by sandy hook hoax :)

  6. CNN – CorruptNewsNetwork

  7. Alex, we can all tell you spliced in that part that seemed to claim you were leader of the KKK. We also know that the headline was about the actual former leader of the KKK, not you, and that you were merely mentioned in that story. You whine so much about biased news, but you just edited a report to make it seem like a smear campaign targeting you. The media doesn't care enough about you to run a smear campaign. You're on the fringes, no one is worried about you.

  8. defamation of character? KURCHIIIING!!! $$$

  9. coming from CNN lol, I'm not surprised

  10. What a joke stop whining CNN (Clinton News Network)

  11. Not gonna lie, the only thing I tend to like from Info Wars is Paul Joseph Watson. The rest is pretty much close to pure garbage

  12. I hope you understand Alex that now you are a major threat to these media corporations. They will do anything to discredit you. Long live the truth and long live Infowars.

  13. are people supposed to get it from you the Clinton news network

  14. Conspiracy Theories ≠ Truth/Lies

    Get it right, CNN.


  16. cnn, butt hurt due to infowars being correct on so much & stating how bullshit cnn is & thier bias vs trump & what's right in America. Inciting race wars, lying about actual news happening to make certain people look innocent, it's horrible but that's cnn for ya!

  17. I can see a good man when I see one. Alex is one of them. CNN is getting desperate.

  18. What's the difference between Big Foot and the KKK? Big Foot's been spotted.

  19. CNN is garbage. Do we info wars fans follow info wars like zombies? No way! Info wars is more or less telling us don't believe everything you see. Some of the things we see are not what they seem. Asking questions is not crime, not following along with the media is not a crime either

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