CLINTON BREAKS LOGAN ACT WITH CHINESE AMBASSADOR IN WIKILEAKS PODESTA: Clinton Off Record Meeting #corruption #theresistance #russiagate

Yes, Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid U.S. Russian Uranium Deal

Want to Beat Trump? An Interview with Candidate for DNC Chair Samuel Ronan

General Michael Flynn Was Right to Discuss Obama’s Sanctions with Russian Ambassador

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Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal

Hillary Clinton Is Blaming Russia for WikiLeaks To Conceal John Podesta’s Russian Lobbying Ties

FBI reviewed Flynn’s calls with Russian ambassador but found nothing illicit

Hillary Clinton 2020 Is a Reality. Get Ready for Eight Years of Trump

Hillary Clinton 2020 Is a Reality. Get Ready for Eight Years of Trump

Hillary Clinton 2020 Is a Reality. Get Ready for Eight Years of Trump

Hillary Clinton Is Blaming Russia for WikiLeaks To Conceal John Podesta’s Russian Lobbying Ties

Only Bernie Sanders, Nina Turner, and Tulsi Gabbard Defeat Trump in 2020

Enjoying President Trump? Then Blame Democrats for Cheating Bernie Sanders
Enjoying President Trump? Then Blame Democrats for Cheating Bern
Joe Montana Is the Greatest of All Time. Even If Brady Wins Five Super Bowls.
Obama Bombed the Muslim Nations on Trump’s Travel Ban Without Protests

25 Reasons Democrats Blame Russia for Clinton’s Loss to Trump

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New Clinton Email scandal:
The Washington Post is in a $600m bed with the CIA. Over twice the value of the post itself ($250m)


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32 thoughts on “CLINTON BREAKS LOGAN ACT WITH CHINESE AMBASSADOR IN WIKILEAKS PODESTA: Clinton Off Record Meeting #corruption #theresistance #russiagate

  1. Clinton sold US technology to Russia and laundered the money via the Russian bank to the Clinton Foundation. Four pages of proof from Wikileaks showing the links! Also proof that John McCain asked the Russian government for money and their response that they do NOT give money to foreign political campaigns. So the FBI refuses to say publicly that President Trump is not involved with Russia but for those who want to DESTROY and SELL OFF our nation TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER, they look the other way! Hilary Clinton also threatened Putin and Russia and so has McCain. The people with the most to lose over Russian ties seem now to be the new McCarthyites. One has to wonder why , with the advent of such alarming and conclusive proof of treason and espionage as well as other crimes, does the FBI fail to act.

  2. FOOD CLINTONS = PIZZA GATE… Damn HA your a Crypto motherfucker!

  3. H.A. It totally breaks the Logan act, along with much more. Flynn should ask for his post back. Double standard.Great job H.A.!

  4. I'd say that definitely violates the Logan Act.

  5. "not even gonna go in that direction"…. please report on pizza. You don't have to accuse everyone of being Satanist pedophiles or something. It is possible to report on this stuff without doing that.

  6. It most certainly does. I also find it amusing that Pelosi and Waters from California are screaming the loudest about Trump and "Russian ties" is the only state to have a embassy in Russia.

  7. Grandma Hillary will never be charged, she has a +1000% Teflon cloak combined with a wobble drop to duck charges. Deadliest of creatures.

  8. Hillary Clinton obviously believes she is untouchable. She seems to answer to no one.

  9. H.A….. The Clintons and China have a long standing "relationship". Bill Clinton ILLEGALLY gave China confidential US missile info. Hillary knew it they all lied about it its a fact. The Clintons are as dirty as it gets

  10. Hillary – a bag of shit wrapped in a pantsuit.

  11. HA. You need to explain yourself on this Mike Flynn thing. He's a bloodthirsty, Muslim-hating war hawk. And according to you he's "a good guy." I thought you were a progressive. You need to explain yourself on that one. Or is it that anyone who wants to jail Hillary a "good guy" in your book? Any response, HA?

  12. 5:15 food, or maybe…it's a code!?
    dun dun dun.

    Kidding on the square…or am I?

  13. You realize of coarse that Democrats know they're hypocritical, they know the abuse they dole out isn't deserved… they don't CARE.

  14. If you forget the past, the same mistakes will be repeated. Ignoring corruption and pushing for war with Russia (Clinton campaign started this) is insane. H. A. needs thanks for reminding people to keep their eye on money and politicians, do not forget the past , NATO is still pushing for war with Russia, according to Dennis Kucinich videos, for the profit that will be made from a new Cold War by a small number of these political elites.

  15. Did anyone notice that everything Hillary accuses Trump of is what she is doing. From talking with Russians to coca inexpensive use to abusing women.


  17. Bernie let her off the hook, you have to acknowledge the truth Bernie fans.

  18. OMG she should be rotting in jail!!!

  19. Of course she violated the Logan act. But her last name is clinton. She gets away with rigging the primaries, Gavin a private email server, destroying state records. Why should this b any diff?

  20. No pizza and hotdogs by the fire? Just asking

  21. If the law applied equally to Hillary, she'd be in prison for a long time. She's a documented pathological liar and CNN never talks about that but calls Trump a liar? Insane.

  22. Clearly in violation! The logan law was created after the Constitution!

    The logan act was written to prevent a private cItizen from negotiating anything in the name of the US Government!

    Gen. Flynn an appointee, he was allow to speak on matter because, he was an official in of our government, and as he long did not make deals!

    Hillary however has violated the Logan act because, she is no longer an official government representative, so she's in violation!

    Podesta Group is in violation because, they have lobbied for China!

    If as private citizens they are trying to makes deals as of late 2012, or early 2013, then Hillary was in complete violation of the Logan act!

    What we find is totally amazing,, is the Democrats can totally reverse the meaning or intent of law to fit their needs.

  23. Its hard to imagine some high level rich people would be making "chili and cornbread by the fire", and for a special get together with a chinese ambassador? Do rich and powerful chinese people sit around a fire and eat chili and cornbread? That seems odd

  24. I am glad you are reporting this. What do you think about the concept of the "Deep State" control of our country as I have heard it called recently? i.e. CIA, Pentagon, FBI, NSA, corporate influence, etc. Agencies who act with no accountability and complete secrecy to influence our politics and create unrest for pure profit and mind control?

  25. The Hillary people our so hypocritical in their analysis of other groups; one wonders if these people have not only drank the koolaide; but rather have become mindless robots.

  26. II) Mad props on the reference, though.

  27. FYI; The Logan Act (1 Stat. 613, 18 U.S.C. § 953, enacted January 30, 1799) is a United States federal law that details the fine and/or imprisonment of unauthorized citizens who negotiate with foreign governments having a dispute with the United States. It was intended to prevent the undermining of the government's position. [BTW, I HATE "HER" But, With 100% LOVE, MR. GOODMAN- 44291 does nothing to implicate HRC in INTERVENING IN A SINO v.US DISPUTE merely POLICY. XO]

  28. My thoughts are that you rock and that you should keep on digging and exposing all these elite hippo clits! P.S. H.A., you ROCK!

  29. how are these idiots still talking about trump when this tsunami of crime is guiltily by the day

  30. Such a huuuuge swamp to drain. Chili and corn bread my ass.

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