Chris Cuomo GRILLS Kellyanne Conway on Trump’s James Comey Firing #LatestNews

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FULL INTERVIEW: Chris Cuomo grills Kellyanne Conway on Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey.

In the midst of an FBI investigation into potential collusion between the Trump & his associates and Russia, Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey. The following day, famed Trump mouthpiece Kellyanne Conway attempts to defend this firing in a heated interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo on “New Day” on May 10, 2017.



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44 Thoughts to “Chris Cuomo GRILLS Kellyanne Conway on Trump’s James Comey Firing #LatestNews”

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  2. THE NARRATIVE was very naive and deceptive as stated. The first two press releases are always lies out of KELLY and the press secretary. ONCE again total BS from the white house. LIAR IN CHIEF and the first cunt in charge lying him out of lies burring them both.

  3. TRUMP just said RUSSIA was on his mind when he fired COMEY. EVERY thing she said on the interview was wrong and a lie. KELLY said nothing right!!! IT was all lies once again. She is such a LIAR and time and time again very deceptively wrong defending TRUMP lies. She misrepresents the truth and is wrong most the time. deplorable

  4. Want work,go investigate the Clinton foundation!

  5. Cuomo another PAID REPORTER!Fake News!

  6. Kellyanne should have her own NEWS NETWORK!Im getting news from her not CNN!!!!

  7. she can't really believe that we are so stupid as to believe a word coming out of her mouth.

  8. Kelly Anne needs to dump trump and run..she is lieing on behalf of a lunatic and has slipped into criminality.

  9. Cuomo runs circles around her.

  10. She doesn't hold her own. Her appearances makes Trump look like he's hiding something. She jabs at media and doesn't answer questions.

  11. How many videos can you find of this puppet "Maddem" on youtube trashing Trump, you know the GAME SHOW HOST who is now our President? This woman is a complete TWAT BURGER…. passive aggressive bullshit answers. TO BOOT the President openly admitted that he asked Comey if he was under investigation….LMFAO…. OH THIS COUNTRY IS SOOO FUCKED

  12. conway has a severe case of 'duping delight' where she can't help but smile and giggle and actually WINK unconsciously, when she's talking out of her ass. she is the susan smith of politics.

  13. The mainstream media IS…. PRAVDA for the DNC!

  14. FCC should ban this women on TV as she is 100% on crack-cocaine + plus she scares my kid!

  15. lol she missed the memo where trump told Lester holt he asked Comey if he is under investigation

  16. Kellyanne Conway has Balls, that's for sure.. But she is severely Lacking in the Brains Department..! She is severely Licking Trump's Boots..!

  17. @17:17 "I don't care what his wife does, you know that…!?!??!"
    HAHAHAHAHAHA he killed Kellyanne!

  18. why talk to somebody like her at all? just don´t! don´t talk to her, don´t take her and her lot as guests! just don´t! for example, you wouldn´t talk to a toddler about (e.g.) architecture either.

  19. This lady is full of shit and how stupid does she look now.dumbass

  20. So it took trump 6 months to make up his mind he wanted to fire comey LMAO!
    Just impeach the orange shit!!

  21. lol, Chris just got his ass beat by Kellyanne 😂

  22. snowflakes build snow balls and avalanches. rise up snowflakes!

  23. what an idiot to try and put words in peoples mouths.

  24. Let me clue you in Chris, the reason he was fired so quickly is so that he wouldn't have time to flush the evidence he's concealing.

  25. this woman is an absolute cunt. How can anyone stand in front of the country and just lie and make up shit as though it doesn't matter.

  26. Kim

    Fckn teenagers.#MakeAmericaGrowTheF*ckUP!

  27. Chris Cuomo you seem to be the only reporter that has the balls to actually go after the White House full on……well done!!!!!

  28. Meanwhile, the news ticker at the beginning of the video is announcing that USA might send as much as 5,000 troops to fight the Talibans in Afghanistan.

    Would that Comey scandal, as authoritarian as it looks like, be another smoke screen ?


  30. Hopefully trump and his daughter like living beside snowmen

  31. Donald Trump is the president and founder of the swamp.


    WHY IS HE HIDING THEM????????????????????????

  33. Does this women NOT UNDERSTAND that she is making herself into a Parana. Her legacy will be: THAT LYING BITCH!!!!!

  34. thought trump gonne lock crooked hillary up… lock her up ??? no?? nobody anymore???

  35. Good lord. Don't think I've ever seen such a thoroughly OBNOXIOUS, BULLYING and SELF-IMPORTANT interviewer. He's wildly and very overtly impartial. CNN are repellent. The guy told an outright lie – that the letter said Trump had asked Comey if he was under investigation. It said nothing of the sort. Comey DESERVED to get fired. Now – move on!

  36. Looks like this troll had some work done on her grill. She talks about a distraction when Chump does everything in his power to distract from his BS.

  37. I gotta give it to that woman, she is a pro a bullshitting!

  38. The left wanted him fire for not being open about investigating Trump during the election.  I find it very strange that he fires a guy and bring a Russia Spy into the White House. The same Russian Spy Sessions had no contact with. This is a form of Treason.

  39. Man he put her in her place lol cause she's saying he's not stating facts but she was hiding some also these people that works for trump are delusional

  40. 😀 Chris Cuomo grills dicks, nothing else ! 😀

  41. haha. CNN says we don't know who is under investigation but infer coverup because we don't know. This makes no sense.

  42. Trump POV- he received a recommendation that the FBI director is unfit to lead. He took action. This all spin by CNN.

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