‘Child Protective Services’ Strike Again #PizzaGate #PizzaGate #Corruption

In an upcoming video, I will explain how this is related to #PizzaGate. For now, please share this video.



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27 Thoughts to “‘Child Protective Services’ Strike Again #PizzaGate #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. In our state the agency is called DYFS, and they have police powers.

  2. CPS misses real abuse and harrasses innocent families. Disgusting.

  3. Yall were SO focused on insignificant ass Black Lives Matter and shit like THIS was going on under your noses all along. Learn to place your attention where it truly needs to be

  4. How many federal dollars will the child bring to the dept of child protective services if they are to take custody of her.

  5. you guys need more black friend's my mom told me when i was 9 if I didn't stop acting an ass she was going to let cps take me and some old man was going to fuck me!!! changed my mind instantly!!!

  6. those horrible pedophile child abductors are in desperate need of inventory and this is no longer a secret

  7. Yeah okay, what we've seen of our government and their interaction with kids I think the child is better off with the parents. If these people want to protect kids, get to DC and save the children the perverse are hurting!

  8. meanwhile there are children in this country who end up getting killed by their parents, even after teachers, and friends make multiple reports, CPS will literally see the battered/starved/abused child, the child is CLEARLY in mortal danger, but they don't do anything about it, and then the child dies… it seems like they're hyper vigilant when they don't need to be (threatening to take children away who aren't even abused), and neglectful (letting obviously abused children stay with the abusers) when they need to be vigilant. It's crazy.

  9. Apparently in California with the forced vaccination laws, CPS can take your children if you refuse to let them be poked.

  10. CPS are fools there is NO CONSTITUTION in the USA folks wake up you have not had one since 1933

  11. Shaken baby syndrome is most often caused by encephalitis due to vaccine injury

  12. I won't share this video since I can't explain how it's connected to "Pizzagate".

  13. May I tell you all about the great work done by site in UK. UKColumn. There's a family in the UK, teachers, mom and dad. Their neighbor offered the father 25,000£ for access to their child. They reported this to the police, the police and social workers harassed THE PARENTS!!. In the end, ALL FOUR OF THEIR CHILDREN TAKEN!! AGES 13 – 4 (?) They have not seen them in 2 years!!! No word about them at all. Also Look up the Hampstead case – two children give incredibly truthful accounts of their grooming into a satanic cult operating in their very own school located in very posh area of Hampstead England. Very big ring which included administrators, doctors, nurses, parents and police, social workers too. The children were able to describe birth marks located on intimate parts of the attackers. Children drugged, sodomized, raped and forced to murder babies. Made to drink blood. This is done to make the next generation enjoy this lifestyle and perpetrate it. Hampstead is home to high govt. officials too. Scripture says we are fighting not flash and blood, but spirits of wickedness in high places. So we've got to stand together! Units in prayer and good deeds. Talk to our neighbors. Keep sane. Don't use offensive language or expletives. We're right and we walk in the light. They walk in darkness and are afraid of the TRUTH. But He will return. We've already WON.

  14. even doctors hate cps
    they are complete cunts

  15. Omg….very suspicious! Powerful people LITERALLY stalking that baby……

  16. The baby "fits" the "shopping list" for a pedo client. Look up Franklin Cover-up. Johnny Gosh – 12yr old boy from the Midwest was stolen while delivering papers. 1980s. It was revealed in this documentary that "clients" wanted him. Kidnappers take children who fit the clients description, their wants and needs and even what they should look like. Let us all pray for this family, all these children and their families. And the criminals who do such things.

  17. Stand down Dhoe. As an heir to the throne of GOD my righteous indignation trump's your disbelief. Seriously!! Also as an heir I have been given power and authority to take on the evils of this world and therefore rebuke you and your ignorance and hatred. Because it seems to be all you have going inside you in which you speak of. And I don't hate people like you…. however if you live to harm others for your own benefit then I despise that and willfully take it on fearlessly. God says to, ' Hate that which is evil and cling to that which is good' and you exist here to spew your thoughts ONLY and BECAUSE far better people than you or I have fought to defend this country and I speak to my comrades closest to me.
    The land of the free BECAUSE of the brave!!

  18. I've been unlawfully taken away by CPS before, they actually interrogated me for ten hours and coached me. They are sick and corrupt, never call them ever.

  19. Stealing kids from parents? for no reason?

  20. They want the baby for their evil purposes.

  21. So called pediatricians are on the Kidnapping team.

  22. This is like the Catholic Churche's Inquisition.

  23. The very government itself is legalized terrorism.

  24. DANGER!!!

  25. FUCK THESE COCKSUCKERS, they will ALL BURN in Hell.


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