CDC, VACCINES and AUTISM: Massive Corruption Exposed

Writer and reporter, Joshua Cook, details the findings explored in the latest mini-documentary from Truth In Media; CDC, VACCINES and AUTISM. This report details a documented case of massive corruption within the CDC and an attempt to change research, protocols and ultimately hide their own findings.

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26 thoughts on “CDC, VACCINES and AUTISM: Massive Corruption Exposed

  1. Evidence of corruption from the CDC and people still insist people who question the safety of vaccines are conspiracy theorists. And to those who still insist vaccines are the miracles that saved us from disease, WRONG!! The incidence of contagious disease started to dramatically fall with the introduction of sanitation, refrigeration and nutrition. And to all those who rubbish those facts, do a little research OUTSIDE of the main stream, because mainstream will not have this info, as mainstream is sponsored, heavily, by the pharmaceutical industry. And that's another question to answer, "Why?"

  2. Please sign the petition to make the CDC perform a study on the autism rate between the vaccinated children and the un-vaccinated children:

  3. I hope everyone who watches this piece of shit channel gets the illness they refuse to vaccine against.

  4. My daughter received vaccines at 18 months of age.
    Immediately after receipt of the vaccines, my daughter developed strange flu like symptoms. During the few days following the shot, she regressed. She stopped talking, walking. She became introverted, easily agitated by any sounds, light or movement.
    The doctors ordered brain scans and eventually told us she would need behavior treatment for autism.
    My wife and I refused to accept that. We nurtured our daughter and at some point a fog seemed to lift from our daughter.
    Now, our daughter is 100% normal. Had we listened to the doctors, they would've had our daughter medicated and in treatment, needlessly.

  5. Control the disease and you control the world , think about it.

  6. CDC,,, Think about it ,, What does the last C stand for ?  "CONTROL"

  7. i have not taken any kind of meds no doc appointemts in 3 years no flu vaccines no over the counter drugs and guess what i havent been sick in 5 years?! hmmm open ur eyes ur ignorant fools… they are killing us for fun… its a depopulation…

  8. My son is vaccine injured. My family n his dad's family never had autism history at all. I took care of myself during pregnancy, did everything natural, delivered him OK. My son's 18 month shots is what gave my poor little baby moderate to severe autism. I was a 1st time parent n me n the father thought we was doing the right thing as parents. We were wrong. My son got so sick he ended up in the hospital with fever 103 degrees. He stood in the hospital for 2weeks, n never been the same. He use to talk n make gd eye contact , met all his milestones til this happened. He went completely backwards on me. No eye contact, no speech, no hand coordination, poor motor skills, none responsive to his name. It was scary. He was attempting to potty train back then, my son is now five n still wears a diaper. It was a long journey for me n his dad. He was first diagnosed with odd them autism. I starting doing a ton of research cause I notice back then there was a lot of commercials about autism, n then I noticed autism was on the rise on a fast rate. I did a whole family tree background check, then I started doing scientific research. It turns out my sons immune n nervous system didn't take the MMR vaccine n varicella vaccine (chicken pox) too well. Then I went straight to my son's doctor with the information that I had. She didn't know what to say but that she was doing her job n called security on me lol. Instead of answering my questions. So from that point I made a promise to my son n myself, I wasn't gonna let no needle inject anything into my son anymore n that I was gonna do my best to either reverse the autism ( some cases u can) or try to do lots if aba n alternative natural medicine choices for him. He was diagnosed at 2 n since his 18 months shots he never had vaccines done on him again. He's 5 n still recovering from what those monsters had done to him. But he's making major progress. He answers to his name, he can count to 30, he knows all his ABC's, he knows all his colors, he can read n spell some 3 letter words, he loves singing n dancing. Yeah he still does pee n a pull up n yeah he hand flaps a lot n yes sometimes he'll talk in words then go right back into baby talk but I see major improvements since he hasn't been vaccinated. N he does go to a all autistic school in NYC (that's where we live) n they have helped with his progress so much. For any parents out there that have babies, don't please, don't vaccinated your child. He or she might never b the same way again.

  9. They are being badly harmed by these vaccines and they are interfering with the destiny of humanity.

  10. I know someone who will soon turn 47 years old and he finally got his diagnosis for autism last month. Maybe he will finally get some help which he has needed since he was a child. He is still unable to be independent. He still can't work to support himself. He still lives at home and depends on his mom and if she passes away too soon he will be homeless. He is too sweet and vulnerable to survive the streets. He has been abused a lot during his life. He is the type who will always need some looking after, so some independence and dependence. He has a second cousin about his age with autism who is a more aggressive type and non verbal and a first cousin once removed who is about 23 and non verbal but nice and talented. My friend is intelligent but bad with relationships and that is why he has been abused so much. It's sad. Also I've seen so many autistic children in public schools.

  11. I'd like to get hold of a butt load of the CDC's poison and stick it in their fucking kids' eye's." Line up all you rotten little shits and take the medicine the CDC said was good for you". ( AHHHH NOOO MOMMY NOOO!!! DON"T LET THE BAD CITIZEN DO IT TO ME — HEeeLP) "DIE KID JUST DIE"

  12. All for money and profit. Hey Hillary did Chelsea get your baby all those healthy shots? And did she get her flu shot while being pregnant? And not a placebo.

  13. Who the hell gives a baby up to the age of three or five 36-42? shots? Other country don't give as many.

  14. Vaccines cause broneis. Good to know.

  15. Just one story. I think 9 doctors in total have been "found dead" (suicide). I'll see if I can find that story of all 9 mysterious deaths thought to be suicide….

  16. Links are NOT in the description 9:11

  17. My bf Alistair has Autism and he is fine , he is just different but me still love him the same :)

  18. Plain and simple, Their god is money,riches and power. In this way they can have their own way and to hell with the American people.
    Think about that and wake up!

  19. Would you rather have a child with Down's Syndrome or Autism. I'm talking full blown major severe Autism.

  20. The Government must be replaced top down. We could fill the FEMA camps with those who are responsible and corrupt. Cross examination using a water board.

  21. Wowsers… Big Pharma is out of control.. Falsifying reports and Corrupted Scientific data…

    But the Truth shall come Forth..

  22. Or how about the vaccines cause a "Autism like" disorder but it's so much like the normal autism that we can't tell, and the "fake autism" is curable. Some of the people who blame their kids autism on vaccines say that they cured their kids autism even tho it's a non curable disorder so the only reasonable explication is that the "Fake autism" Can be somewhat cured.

  23. I do believe that vaccines do cause autism and I also do believe that it is being done on purpose. I work at a long-term residential treatment facility for kids with autism and other behavior and emotional problems.

  24. The timing / voice on the video is off on my phone. Then it restarted but LeeAnne kept talking. Definitely keep on reporting! Thank you.

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