California #Pizzagate 474 Arrests Made As Global Pedo Rings Are Exposed #Pedogate


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19 Thoughts to “California #Pizzagate 474 Arrests Made As Global Pedo Rings Are Exposed #Pedogate”

  1. That's fantastic but what about the arrests on the elites?

  2. So glad to know there are so many people, departments, ect. on this matter. Not hearing about any investigations or arrests I was thinking this whole matter was either being swept under the rug or some sort of fake news distraction.

  3. where was Aston Ketcher in all this. He seems to be taking credit for what the government and police can't do. Yeah to all you guys there who got this dont

  4. Yahoo I haven't felt so good for twenty years ! Suck it all you Clinton lovers ,Bill Clinton told everything on Hillery and Obama didn't give her the golden get out of jail pass ! Al what's fake news now all you abcd news out lets ! Eat it

  5. Why hasn't this been in the media?

  6. I know how to end it, once convicted announce there crime publicly and drop them into a tree shredder for all to witness, no way in hell crimes like that would continue

  7. we need a law that requires to castration for the animals.

  8. Praise God as it has begun. The filthy and disgusting swamp is being drained. Who thinks this would have begun to happen if the Hildabeast became president?

  9. This story is two weeks old and no news coverage.Fake News!

  10. I do not recognize any of these people.

  11. Among all the other things pointed out, I saw in another video where the star shaped badge also has the man/boy pedophile symbol in the points.  If you look at the opening picture of the badge and make the video big, you can see them in there (a triangle that spirals in…same on that was on Besta Pizza before they changed it).  It's just creepy!  All the systems of this world need to go down!!!

  12. This is definitely heinous…but after listening to this entire report I did NOT ONCE hear them mention the word #PIZZAGATE!

  13. All are heros,awesome!!!!!!

  14. Hard to believe… Your a little late to the dance California Asswipes!  Unfuck'nreal… Should been on the ball since the 60's!   Dipshits!!!  The whole World needs to be pounding the pavement for these Fuckers!

  15. God bless these people for the wonderful team work. That's what it takes to beat this evil.

  16. no no there is another level to this. a more sinister gross level involving babies and sacrifice. do not be deceived, the ones that are reporting this are the ones involved as well but they are covering their butts. BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO DO SOMETHING. WE KNOW THIS IS GOING ON!! WHAT ABOUT PODESTA, THE CLINTONS, OBAMAS, ALL OF DC??

  17. how is this related to the pizza gate hoax?
    good grief y'all are really hard up for views and subscribers.
    yes it's about a sick problem…but the title man …. what's wrong with you? this has nothing to do with the hoax comet pizza and ping-pong cafe.
    you people are twisted man serriously

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