Bunker Report 11/30/16 PizzaGate is only the tip..WAKE UP ! #PizzaGate #Corruption

Do you have the Stomach to really find out how deep this go’s? Most don’t.



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13 Thoughts to “Bunker Report 11/30/16 PizzaGate is only the tip..WAKE UP ! #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. Gee, I'm so sorry I'm not as knowledgeable as you on this subject! I'm trying to find information and do some research. That's how I happened to come across your video. Unfortunately, rather than being helpful, you've decided to waste time berating newbies for not having your vast realm of experience. I normally wouldn't give people with your attitude the effort it takes to write this, but because I actually DO care about this travesty, I think you should be called out on your egotistic, condescending tirade. IF you are sincere, you're defeating your own efforts. What a disappointing waste of time it was watching this!

  2. Im with you, Ive been on this since 1989. There are these things happening all the way around us!
    Most think theyre Immune to it. They think its much to fantastical and believe its sick peoples imagination. This Is Why and How, the folks who dont want to know or hear about it will become more and more responsible for what these other sick folks are doing,
    The truth of the matter is The Perps are Not Human. There Are A great deal of Victims in this story. Not just the kidnapped, ritually abused, tortured, murdered, but Many of the people who are and have been pulled in, they are going from victim to perp, through several different series of circumstances. Personally I dont think society is or will ever be ready for what, to most, will be the biggest, most horrific living Hollywood Horror Film to ever play out in this real life entire universe. It Will Continue to stay in the back of the minds of our Stockholm Syndrome Plagued Generations!
    God Willing Something WILL Bring it to a hault!
    Thank YOU For all your research that you share.

  3. I have survived the End Times 23 times and am sill here.

  4. When we're all living it up in paradise for millions of years…these sick destroyed, pathetic, disgusting excuse for humans will be Wailing in eternal flames …being ripped to sheds continually by their fellow demons…begging for help…but will find none! and their TORMENT will go on FOREVER!!!

  5. They feed off negative energy. Have you ever seen the movie society? Its a great example of what really goes on

  6. For example, Joe Biden, good work.

  7. When I was 10 years old I was visiting my Aunt down in Miami Florida, I was biking around the block, a White van pulled beside me the side door openned and a man reached out to grab me off the bike, I barely noticed him then moved away just in time, I realised when I got older I would have never been seen again. It makes me so angry these scum do this to kids.

  8. Good stuff chief. I've been researching MPD and ritualistic abuse for years and yes people have no clue how deep and dark this shit is. Peace brother.

  9. This is the straight, tough-talk.

  10. I'm not saying this stuff doesn't happen… I'm just saying I know a liar when I see one, and Fiona's got LIAR written all over her.

  11. Thank You Bubba What you say is truth. I have been researching them for many years and never get to the end.

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