Bunker Report 11/30/16 PizzaGate/ Fiona Barnett Story (Unedited) #PizzaGate #Corruption

Here is the Unedited version of Fiona’s Child Satanic Ritual Abuse experience when she was younger wile in Bathurst New South Wales Australia.
I’m uploading this because #1: It ties into the current PizzaGate revelations many are uncovering about Child sex trafficking, Satanic Ritual Abuse and how far this actually go’s.
#2: Many of The current versions of Fiona’s account about this particular incident on line today have been edited in some way.



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8 Thoughts to “Bunker Report 11/30/16 PizzaGate/ Fiona Barnett Story (Unedited) #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. Why did they let her live? I wonder.
     I don't think she's lying; especially since what she's describing has historical precedence. But it begs the question, how did she escape this evil cult? Was she saved come investigation? You'd think they'd kill all witnesses. This story gave me a tight feeling in my chest from how disturbing it is, that anyone could be capable of such senseless atrocities.

     Like how does a person one day wake up and decide to ritually rape, torture, murder, and cannibalize children? Is it from an innate impulse or learned perversion? Just the idea of it puts a crack in my mind and makes my heart skip a beat. Like this goes beyond just run-of-the-mill pedophilia as you can't even justify this as 'child love' as some of these broken people do; and if disturbing had a scale of 1 to 10, this would be 100 and in the realm of Daisy's Destruction.

    Like, why couldn't they just victimlessly do drugs, instead of drinking the adrenaline rich blood of the the ritually murdered if the point is to get aroused from the blood? Like Viagra or methamphetamine? Like if they'd drink this blood for its arousal properties, why is it even necessary to kill someone? Couldn't they just scare the crap outa someone then siphon their blood instead? Was an such mercy ever shown, was the point to always kill? I just don't want to believe people could be so evil. It's like a gang of psychopaths got together and formed a sick club.

    These sickos actions are so extreme, and show such disregard for life; no mercy and just selfish debauchery. Some people really are psychopaths with no conscience. At least now I'll know to look out for people displaying clues of being satanic lest I, or my future kids, fall under their wing. Truly mind-breaking story this was.

  2. Trump needs to start a secret hit list… start SCHWACK'N these sub-human Thugs!

  3. How absolutely horrific and tragic! This is undoubtedly the most disgusting description I've ever heard, in hearing details of Satanic ritual sacrifice. God help these victims of their sick and twisted depravity. May God have his vengeance upon them in their judgement. I would not want to be them, when the Lord judges their actions. 🕇🕇🕇

  4. this is the real WORld.not Christmas and fables

  5. I do not know what she said is true I would like more proof. I remind people of the Salem witch trials

  6. She isn't lying at all. Her facial appearance and the signs of innocence are present around the corners of her mouth and her physical communication ability. If she were lying you would see physical evidence of her lies in her body characteristics. I know for a fact that a good samurai sword will cut off a head, ever hear of the Japanese Imperial Army? There is video of them cutting off our troops heads with samurai swords.

  7. She's lying, no doubt about it.

  8. I've encountered many liars in my life… This woman is a LIAR in my opinion.

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