Broken election promises. #Australia #Corruption

Non core promises? or just lies spin or if you like bullshit.



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6 thoughts on “Broken election promises. #Australia #Corruption

  1. @kelpend555 The government has to protect the national interest against a few super wealthy oligarchs and multinational rape and pillage corporations. This isn't a backflip because countering the lies of the mining bosses is in the national interest, SlaveChoices wasn't. That was an attack on Australians, the government is now trying to protect OUR interests, but idiots like you; completely ignorant wankers, are opposing your own best interests and those of the rest of us. Lay off the crack :P

  2. Notice how quite Phoney's gone of late? The Fiberals are in hiding, their strategy to give Rudd "enough rope" and let the mining tycoons fight to bring down Rudd for now. This a dangerous tactic though, as the "miners" are tight wads and impatient. Should Rudd put off the election he'll cause the tycoons to spend more on their campaign against Labor, and wait longer for their hoped for payoff, and the Govt & union debunking campaign will have time to sink in, these tycoons might back off. 

  3. @kelpend555 The libs are showing their true side of backflipping lies spin
    back to boat people and even fraser cant take them any more.
    He said they are to far to the right and racist .
    They are losers this election and its about time you come to terms with that it dont matter what rudd does the libs are hanging themselves everyday with howard policy.

  4. @kelpend555 you are so full of shit.
    The greens wanted the ETS to go further that is why rudd would not deal with them.
    Second the Libs blocked it in the senate except for 3 of them that was not enough to pass the ETS.And remember the Libs got every change they wanted and then blocked it .So why would rudd bother to try again ? waste of time and money.

  5. @kelpend555 backflipping from the Libs and they are not even in power.
    Every promise they have made is now gone.
    So i dont think the Liberals can talk when it comes to backflipping.
    And dont forget they also backflipped on the ETS going from if elected an ETS by 2012 to calling it a great big new tax and refusing to let it pass.

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