Breaking Trump News: Why should we fight North Korea?

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North Korea launches a new unidentified missile as tensions with US fester.


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30 Thoughts to “Breaking Trump News: Why should we fight North Korea?”

  1. its always a better world when Americans "pull out"

  2. North Korhea is a wery wery imporwand nawtion. They must be freed. Without NK china becomes essentially a landlocked nation in respect to open seas, surrounded by USA naval proxies and will be keen to see the american way of things, orw elwse..

  3. 2:10
    Because the phones are tapped.

  4. Viet Nam was never a War… It was a conflict that had absolutely nothing to do with a communist plot. More like control over the Golden Triangle.

  5. And apparently some folk want the North Korean dictator to have such bombs. Seriously?

  6. white men are fucking pussies and gay and that's why your women are making a mockery out of you cave men.

  7. Media is close to anyone's shitwhole. They always looking for overnight profit by lying and telling big stories lol.

  8. Does Vietnam have separate pageants for 'cis' women and ladyboys? I can't help wondering how many of the contestants at 1:34 have dicks.

  9. actually the south korean dont want to be unify and they really hate the north. trust me they hate north korea more than america hate the north.


  11. we did pull out in the 1950's…. it turned out bad…. let's not do it again

  12. plenty of commies in the U.S. to deal with without having to go to north korea….

  13. Sounds to me like your North Korean friend was telling you exactly how bad it is. He 'can't complain' because criticizing the country and government is punishable by death in the DPRK.

  14. Fresh point of view, thank u.

  15. I love you, Ramzpaul! My white dad enlisted to go to Vietnam. He met my mom there and was so nice to not leave her in Vietnam after knocking her up. Born in Stockton, CA!

  16. We don't need to fight them just Nuke the shit out of them and let them rought

  17. North Korea nuking russia/japan/china/america is basically suicide.

  18. They have no oil. That means we aren't interested.

  19. Theokratik Irān ænd necrocratic Noaf Korear αre reportedly dhe læst two vestiges of freedom from dhe red-šhield vǣmpire-dyna$ty's over£ordšhip.

  20. A keyword: jews. More keywords?: WallStreet, military, branch, investment, weapondry.

  21. True, North Korea will NOT attack the USA. They are only making all these threats, because it's their only last option. They know that if they strike the USA w/ nuclear, they will go extinct by the USA. Who on earth will be brave enough to attack the USA, nobody that's who. Even if China and Russia combined, they are still a little shaky about it. The USA has a secret weapon, and that's true.

  22. American Jews will do nothing to NK.

  23. (((America))) needs its boogeymen.

  24. North Korea is not Vietnam. Even then the Vietnam War was necessary to stop the spread of communism is southeast Asia.

  25. i don't like North Korea and the communist world, nor i like the muslin world and the "modern coexistent" christians trying to rule the world from inside secularism… but there is something else i dislike a lot, inflated patriotism, a is a childish sickness this man obviously suffer from​, despite being way to old for ultra-patriot​ism!

    "U.S.A" = please, don't shout that like a kid!

  26. You are right; you should show in contrast how the poor people live were the USA won the war and the USA installed dictators that killed there own people. in fact Iraq was better with Sadam and Libya much better with Gedafi most of all less people would have died….but the USA could not rob the people. the USA needs to rob smaller nations to pump up its failed economy.

  27. I've been to Vietnam. It really is a nice country. Food, people and places to see. Fighting over there was a totally waste of blood and treasure.
    Good video.

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