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We bring you the most authentic perspectives and insight into the latest news and cultural trends from Asia. This time, we asked Japanese people how they feel about the rising US- North Korea tensions.

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43 Thoughts to “Breaking Trump News: What Chinese Think Of North Korea | ASIAN BOSS”

  1. This video represents the fruit of our vision. We set out to create a movement of informing the global youth, and of connecting young people’s perspectives around the world by sharing on the latest news and cultural trends from Asia. Thanks to our growing community of subscribers (Asian Bosses) that believe in this vision, we are one step closer to seeing that vision fulfilled. Our coverage for different regions in Asia is set to expand, as you can see from the content in this video. We deliberately filmed the intro and closing on a mobile phone to prove that anyone can be an Asian Boss, so if you are from other parts of Asia and think that you could do what was done for China in this video, get in touch with us at We are currently working on a new video with our volunteer reporter from India, so stay tuned. Thanks for watching, everybody! –Steve

  2. There shouldn't be any such thing as allies but rather mutual respect.

  3. 这不是我们学校吗

  4. I'm going to have to argue the mans point about the u.s. not taking on china. America is not going to fight wars like we did with bush and obombya. the leader of any country can be taken out with relative ease. and quite frankly china doesn't have anything to fight with. they have one aircraft carrier that's .25 the size of Americas carriers. I think the Koreans and others might think America is going to send troops onto the ground. no, we aren't going to do that. we are going to use missiles and it will be over with very very quickly just like the Iraq war

  5. wow Chinese citizens are far more educated and mature. I was laughing, thinking of if they asked Americans these same questions.lmao

  6. "When they are up against the world". As far as I know they are not against my country, Muslim Countries and Latin America. The only thing they are doing is to defend themselves and I don't care what 2 or 5 out of 1.5 billion say about N korea.

  7. loved our Chinese perspective so much in common

  8. I'm trying to learn Chinese. Is there anyway I'll be able to understand these people? Everything they say sounds the same O.o

    Can't wait till I become fluent in this language 😀

  9. 希望萨的问题解决得快,再成立友好的韩中关系。从韩国

  10. Did you just mispronounce Beijing?!!! You make it sound like it was a French name!!! Learn how to pronounce Beijing correctly. Bay-Jing. Bay like the Bay Area and the J is pronounced like Jack or Jingle. Bay-Jing !!!

  11. I've always believed the Chinese were smart, I was right.

  12. And this is the intellect of China?? The best of the best?? 😐 The old man was the best, the wisest, those little kids should learn from him..

  13. The guy in white with yellow bag is cute…

  14. The US tried to stay out of everything before. That lead to WWII. If we had shown that we weren't going to stand for Japan and Germany's aggression they may not have felt that they could do what they wanted. The world needs a powerful country that will intervene before things escalate to war. Then everyone starts choosing up sides and the whole world is at war. China can stay neutral that's why they've been irrelevant for hundreds of yrs. But without nukes China would be rolled over just like Iraq. There is no comparison in the hardware. They have little compared to the US and population and numbers of troops means very little today. One B52 can take out whole armies, so their one advantage is irrelevant.

  15. i really like this! perhaps you should consider protonmail, though, for the protection of your sources.

  16. I agree with the older man..since I am. Lol he said they are talking tough..North Koreas are starving and want aid not arms.

  17. Had to laugh at the girl's comments at 6:00. China was always peaceful? That's totally false. Inner Mongolia, Tibet, Xinjiang, Vietnam, and Taiwan all could argue otherwise. Nonetheless, she's entitled to believe that. Doesn't make it true.

  18. The invader! Will go great distance to intimidate and invade! While idiots will believe the invade cares about them!

  19. Bloodletting

    Senator Harry Truman's statement in 1941 regarding the German invasion of Russia.

    "if we see that Germany is winning we ought to support Russia, and if we see that Russia is winning we ought to support Germany, and that way let them kill as many as possible.

  20. excellent , other channels should go by your example.

  21. " not even usa will mess with china" you have lost your f**** mind boy

  22. good lord they have such flat bland faces

  23. this channel needs more Chinese content

  24. The relationship between China and DPRK has been going downhill since Kim Jong Un.
    Myself is not against the government or the regime of NK, but I highly doubt if they are able to use their nukes carefully.
    Hope one day I could also meet some reporters on the street and share my opinions with the world.

  25. Watching this and remembering that the other day they carried out a nuclear test …

  26. I was really impressed by their insight on the matter. Definitely learned more in the video than I have ever done watching western news.

  27. 한글 자막 좀 추가해주세요오ㅠㅠ

  28. i'm in Europe ! can i be the reporter? haha i speak Korean and English and have Czech/ German/ Japanese/ Chinese/ Taiwanese/ French/ Italian etc friends here !

  29. I'm a Chinese.Since when I began to suscribe this channel, I've waiting for Chinese voice. Thanks Asianboss and the volunteer Jamie. Actually a lot of chinese young people (boys and girls) really likes to talk about politics and other news. I remember me and my college roomates once laid on our beds and talk about news until midnight.

  30. S.

    It upsets me to see comments from Chinese, Korean and Japanese hating on each other because I know in America, Asian Americans (not just east Asian), are like family so it's possible to live with cultural differences. Sadly nonexistent otherwise when you have a mix of politics, nationalism and patriotism.

  31. a a


  32. North Korea may not be able to attack US but they could easily attack China, even NK being smaller they could do huge damage with nuclear weapons. And i don't think kim jong un really has allies or friends, he could attack anyone including he creators…

  33. I don't think china should help north korea since they are "Korean" not 汉四郡。

  34. Holy shit! Just listen to these bastards, they act like it was not China which all this time supported and maintained NK regimes with their sick military plans and terror over their own citizens. And now, it turned to be US's blame that NK threatens the world with nuclear missiles and China should stay away, be neutral and act like all this shit is happening somewhere on another planet.
    I wonder if all Chinese people think like that or just these spoiled brats from Beijing?

  35. great job, I am happy that you interview Chinese

  36. 5:13就爱看我大北京的老大爷侃侃而谈的样子哈哈哈哈

  37. China is North Korea's biggest enabler. Also Chinese people hunt and report North Korean defectors making them live in hiding 100% of the time.

  38. I think that it says A LOT that even most citizens of China know that Donald Trump spends most of his time TALKING OUT OF HIS ASS!!!!!

  39. I really dont care about other places, just Asia because its so hilariously bipolar.

  40. 跟毛泽东时代一样

  41. Chinese people seem very wise. I appreciate them.

  42. We need to realize that leaders don't always act logically. We see this all throughout history: Hitler, Napoleon, FDR, Henry V, Nero or Caligula, etc. Trying to attach logic to events caused or indulged by current world leaders might not be too far off, either.

  43. The old guy with the Glasses seems to have a Fair Outlook , And the young lady seemed quite educated on the situation the two young lads don't have a clue , They just chatting the same uneducated shit everyone else does .

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