Breaking Trump News: WATCH: President Trump Makes Decision On Paris Climate Agreement

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WATCH LIVE: President Trump Makes Decision On Paris Climate Agreement 6/1/2017
LIVESTREAM: President Trump Makes Decision On Paris Climate Agreement 6/1/2017
LIVE STREAM: President Trump Makes Decision On Paris Climate Agreement 6/1/2017

President Trump makes a decision on paris climate agreement he makes a speech during a press conference that is live!
There Has Been A Lot of news lately on Russia Trump Investigation in this is breaking news and latest news and news today in politics news and us news and political news from u.s. this has to do with paris accord current events, president donald trump has been asked to stay in and lots want him to leave the agreement president trump , this is politics this is live trump news and donald trump live news with

this is live trump news from white house press conference room where speeches and press briefings take place this is also

this is political news and politics news in latest news in top stories and current events and world news and news today and breaking news

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President Donald Trump Withdrawals From Paris Climate Agreement


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25 Thoughts to “Breaking Trump News: WATCH: President Trump Makes Decision On Paris Climate Agreement”

  1. why did hillary clinton give urainium to russia

  2. Jesus christ the comments. Look people, just because we backed out of some bullshit contract doesn't mean we are going to ruin the environment. All it means is that we are no longer bound to make payments to corrupt overseas bureaucrats. He even has the stats that make the Paris Agreement look like the joke it is. And to all those screaming "go green" take a look at the disaster that is Germany when you force green energy. Yes, we should make the effort but until we have a reliable way to store solar/wind energy it is simply a pipe dream.

  3. Know wonder they hate him . He worries about America and not other bullshit. You go President Trump where behind you. Keep it up

  4. The US made it: elect the biggest moron ever. Now all the caricatures about the US seem true. Undereducated twats whose only concern is to sell weapeons and buy oil. Noone is gonna cry when the US got hit badly: that's all Trumpistan deserves

  5. Well Mr. Reporter wait and comment after the voter fraud investigations in the following states have come to an end: Virginia, Colorado, Maine, New Hampshire, and Nevada======35 stolen electoral votes. 306 + 35 =341. Your question is meaningless anyway, in 2020 the above states are RED, including New Mexico, New Jersey, Vermont, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. The only blue states left will be N. Korean targets: California, Oregon, Washington. How do I know this? The purging of illegal immigrants and dead people from the voting rolls in all states. Thank You POTUS Obama for giving the federal government the power to take over elections. Bye-Bye Democrats.

  6. why was Trump looking down as if he were reading something on a monitor?

  7. hi oneeye
    may I point out you are an uninformed idiot the Chinese in 2015 built 368 coal fired power stations that pump out 6.5 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. india have built 297 and planning an extra 149 .japan have gone back to coal fired due to the nuclear melt down. any agreement in paris will be mean nothing they would have increased the whole of gain from all the others countries. I think you will need to start swatting up on your knowledge. ? you sound like a liberal snowflake get real.

  8. All you people who support Trump must be as stupid and moronic as he is. Get some brain cells and do some thinking!

  9. who loves you Mr Trump…I do Joana

  10. Trump has recognized the dizziness of supposedly man-made climate change! The
    lie of "human-made climate change" has been declared a religion by the
    state leaders, and every criticism of it is combated by every means!

  11. Americans won't understand the need for clean air. But they will quickly realize what they've done when the world slaps a 40% clean air tax on all american export.

    There is no fucking way 195 countries are going to let you off the hook that easy.

  12. I may be wrong, but I tend to believe that to reduce pollution and heat, we should stop using asphalt to pave the roads and use other options instead, perhaps cement could be a good option as it is basically a stone that reflects a good portion of heat away… and it could be manufactured to reflect away a lot more of this heat… so basically the cement could be engineered to be a huge heat reflector, this option does not seem to apply to common asphalt… also let's keep in mind that asphalt has all the toxins that we complain about, and that scare us from the plastics being used… all that sludge and tar of what the asphalt is made from/with… has all the toxins that we try to run away from…. while cement and other options do not have this problems, I wonder if there would be something even better that cement, I guess that with the tech as it currently is at… it must be highly probable that there are better options… I remember that in some states they add glass to the cement making it highly durable and specifically good at reflecting heat away… because of this I tend to believe that it could be a good action if the USA and other countries implemented the use of materials that prevent heat accumulation and that reduce the load of pollutants involved to create such infrastructure…

  13. I've drawn attention by Louis Farrakhan! I had shots fired May 20 at 3am.
    I put a lot of info from, Talking Racine, and Colin Flaherty… Sam Rizo, my Ex's grandfather was the Police Union Organizer, I'm
    at Risk… The Wall was built before you were Elected. God Bless… 912 SOS.. May is over. These are Crack heads… Ex Felons. I was never… in trouble, ever. "Mary! If this can be done to you… what could they do to someone
    who…?" 53403

  14. Everytime a "reporter" says Russia we need to smack them…hard.

  15. I seriously doubt he makes any decisions

  16. Why do the lowest elements of the American press get to ask questions of the president, they are so insulting in the way they speak to the president and should be barred from the white house.

  17. Jesus Christ is the Lord of the heavens and the Earth, Son of the living God almighty. He has healed the sick, raised the dead and taught love and compassion. God sent him so he could bless the peoples of the Earth though him. Jesus died on the cross and came back from the dead so who ever believes in him may not perish but have everlasting life. We all our sinners and our in need for a savior. God loves you so much and wants to have a relationship with you:) your very special and loved in God's heart and he would never give up on you no matter what. God can help you in any areas of your life and can comfort you in times of need. I have a video called God loves all:message and if your insterstead About God I'm here if you ever have questions. God bless you and I hope you have a great and wonderful rest of your year!:)

  18. Climate change is a hoax, thank you Pres. Trump for directing us out of this financial minefield that was derived from idiot liberals.

  19. i just went threw (sp) this string of messages… and all i can say is, Covfefe!

  20. Now America Should Start of ImproveTenical schools and skill enhance Aceadamy ( UPGREDING ) to support the Fast Growing Econamy so America need not import Outsiders (Espically islamic ) who will never support or asumilate with the American Way Of Life !!! God Bless AMERICA !!!!

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