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33 Thoughts to “Breaking Trump News: Verified Twitter Responses to Donald Trump ASMR”

  1. who are these people and why are they verified

  2. You should do an actual ASMR video.

  3. N P

    Leon dont turn into a cuck.

  4. this T r i g g e r e d me, Why did you show me this?? (jk i love your videos ❤😊)

  5. Paul Joseph Watson is the king of cancer.

  6. Can confirm: am American liberal- I fucking love ISIS!! They're AWESOME!!!

  7. good video! बीप सलाद बीप

  8. nigel has twitter?!?! why did you keep this from me!?!?!!!

  9. where are the Minecr…. u Kno what f u

  10. Your videos make my nipples hard. It's embarrassing.

  11. Mayyyyyybe a bit of a stretch…..

  12. leon you lazy cunt will you tell me the name of the song in the background already

  13. Fuck man im late again

  14. am I the only one thinking hoe does trump have a 11 year old son isn't he 60 years old

  15. when trump said "sick!" all I thought of was some gnarly skateboarder going "aaawwww doooddd that wass siiicckkkk!!"

  16. i didnt sleep… next time u gotta get closer to the mic. swallow that shit. get that mic right in there. oh and make sure your mouth is the perfect kinda dry.

  17. "why are you crying? lol"
    "i'm not crying, i'm just stating irrefutable facts"

    why does that sound so much like the arguments i had when i was 13?

  18. The best ASMR video out there. And I fucking hate asmr. But I can't deny the tingles this one gave me.

  19. leon bus best you tuber love this new series
    …this is a new series right
    the idea is too genius to just leave at a one off

  20. Call


  22. Leon you're a precious tomato babe. I wanna squish your face you sweet tomato child.

  23. In my opinion these are attention whores

  24. Nigel doesn't deserve to be verified. Fucking earn it!

  25. I wish I could be as passionate about anything as these people are about hating/loving the President

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