Breaking Trump News: Turner: North Korea missile test a direct threat to US

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Fox News contributor reacts to claims from rogue regime


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26 Thoughts to “Breaking Trump News: Turner: North Korea missile test a direct threat to US”

  1. one day power destroy world not so far

  2. Japan, bust their ASS. P E R I O D and, yeah China kick them north Koreans in the nuts. Your problem, for reals, otherwise, the whole dam worlds problem, OK?#

  3. been 9 countries that have tested nukes.  its all fake and the elite want something in north korea and we the people cant tell them no or vote on any wars they want and take overs for resources.   we the people will never get to vote for real.      U$A is not a democratic country.

  4. North Korea does absolutely nothing without China's complete approval.
    …you might say N. Korea is China's…'Little Devil' child…because that'd exactly what they are.

  5. I'd just tell him one more test and your DONE AND GOODBYE ….BOOM!

  6. Oh boy!!Where is THAAD???

  7. The guy with the blond wig didn't shave well…………………..

  8. she said kim jong ill
    gimme her job ill get the lines right lol

  9. 북한 미사일을 사고 싶습니다.미사일을 또한 우주왕복선으로 바꿔주십시오.그러면 제가 돈주고 사겠습니다.

  10. The US has 7000 nukes and in 2003 the US invaded Iraq based on lies about WMD, killing over 1 million Iraqis and leaving the country in ruins. North Korea is developing nukes so they don't end up like Saddam or Gaddafi. Their primary motivation and concern is the regimes long term survival. If they nuked the US they would be annihilated so they would obviously never do that unless it was in response to a US attack. All the war mongering by the media is all just that, fear mongering, war mongering to drum up support for another war so that the zionist banksters and the military industrial complex that they fund, can make more profits from death, destruction at the expense of American lives and American taxpayers.

  11. Idiots….America has been refusing to recognise ,and threatening nuclear strikes on North Korea since I believe 1952/3.
    Any country on earth will try to defend themselves under this intense sort of pressure.
    North Korea has no option, because America NEVER deploys nuclear weapons against people who have them.
    America is the ONLY NATION EVER to use nuclear weapons, MORE THAN ONCE, on civilian territory.
    Every country invaded , corrupted or destroyed or destabilised by America DID NOT have nuclear weopons.

  12. Wow….. she didn't do very well. Did she?

  13. Folks, is North Korea an evil nation or a harmonious society?
    Google 'Most Harmonious Nation/China Daily' for details.

  14. bitch doesn't even know his name. LMAO

  15. subscribe perezitv subscribe perezitv

  16. China and North Korea are playing double game, USA cannot attack north korea.. even nagotiation successful i.e for short period,

  17. What a world we live in. if NK makes nukes for their defence, it became threat to the whole western world. It doesn't mean I'm a fan of NK regime but I like how they are taking their stand by not being anyone's puppet.

  18. This will be a easy war!!! They stand no chance

  19. Did that fly out of Unicorn mountain?

  20. North Korea; Don't make that mistake on launching a missile to the United States, you will regret it.

  21. The US military carried out a deadly missile test may 3rd and the whole world was at peace and no cough from the media
    My question is why is NK Kim missile test now a headline of all medliars? Why!

    It's right time the US mind his own business and leave powerless nations alone because the truth is that the bloody American bombment is the highest threat to entire whole world and the only one I have ever known as the aggressor and always very aggressive in matters that got nothing to do with them

  22. No shit, Are you people stupid or what? the whole freaking world is a direct threat to the US as long as the US continues to be a direct threat to the rest of the world. North Korea would be foolish to give up anything they possess that could protect them from the US Warmongering. The news lady Has no clue who Korea feels, may she needs to go skinny dipping in Germany's public pools with a pack of refugees!

  23. 👏👏👏👏 they got one of the ground

  24. in summary us will go for peace
     well played north korea

  25. None of this is north Korea but all the chinese who have a north Korea in their hand.

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