Breaking Trump News: Trumps pulls US out of Paris climate deal – BBC News

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President Donald Trump has announced that the US is withdrawing from the 2015 Paris climate agreement. He said moves to negotiate a new deal that would not disadvantage the US would begin. Mr Trump said during last year’s presidential election campaign that he would take the step to help his country’s oil and coal industries. Opponents say withdrawing from the accord is an abdication of US leadership on a key global challenge.

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40 Thoughts to “Breaking Trump News: Trumps pulls US out of Paris climate deal – BBC News”

  1. Lice buisness man!Not the World president!

  2. trump must have mastered the pullout game

  3. Trump got Antonio Tajani, the E.U. president rattled who started
    ranting how he doesn't need Uncle Sam Anymore. Tajani works as a team
    with Merkel and it's mostly her who puts words into Tajani's mouth. The
    Germans don't have that much credibility left on the issue since their
    automakers constantly falsify emissions data, so they have to use an
    Italian. China, India, Brazil, Africa – all of them are loathing the
    mighty Eurocrats. Even Japan refused to sign the Kyoto. And this E.U.
    chief will proudly carry the eco banner expecting the whole world to
    flock to it, or else!
    Europe will remain the continent of the unemployed since all industry will bolt unable to meet the carbon emissions requirements. The U.S. position on this issue is pragmatic and cuts itself off from this madness.
    Moreover, the media have been warning in the recent days that
    Ethiopia is sending out warning that 7.8 million of its people are
    starving, meaning it will attack the West with its refugees. If they try to
    cross into Europe they should be sent back the same day, and if they
    persist and cross into Europe, army should take over and they should
    use bullets, since another nation said it will stage an invasion.
    Let the "climatic refugees" go to China or India
    or any country in Africa, all of which have very weak or non-existent
    emissions laws. Why don't the Africans learn to stop breeding? This has
    far greater reprecussions on starvation than the lack of Chinese or
    Indian pollution laws. If refugees try to cross into Europe, they should
    be sterilized the same day in good faith and then sent back.

  4. Who are Trump's advisers? They should be hanged.

  5. Thank you Mr. President for giving mother earth and our future generation a murderous deadly gift! Any sane person would understand that this a terrible idea.

  6. 0046720170406 ni vill komma nice ok Trump ok 100 family 15 8 ok

  7. Stop all bombing and nuclear weapons testing. ..would do much more for the planet. How about funding alternative energy cars? A great plan, and start at home!

  8. I don't think people realize that this was costing America billions upon billions a year and did little to nothing

  9. This could have all been avoided if Trump's father had done what Trump did with the Paris climate agreement. Pull out.

  10. Not a day goes by I don't wish this man was never born.

  11. "The worlds leader on environmental protection" WOW how insulting to Japan lol

  12. And They said kim jong un was crazy who wants to save the Planet .
    Trump is the new crazy

  13. Can some one just nuke us already….ffs

  14. Oh my god, that tiny applause made me laugh.

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  16. Good to see America leave the agreement, hopefully other countries will follow suit. Like The Donald said, THEY CAN STILL BE WORLD LEADERS IN FIGHTING CLIMATE CHANGE BUT WITHOUT BEING FINANCIALLY FUCKED FOR IT……… seems like a smart move to me if your trying to get your country back on its feet???!

  17. At the end of it, YOU (Trump's America) might have Pittsburgh Accord – We all need the climate to be cared – Not the name and money you spend on it – Talking about 3 trillion is a non sense if we will not have a lively planet earth for the future.

  18. He will be impeached. His days in office are numbered.

  19. I love watching trump destroy liberals with the truth.


  21. Sea Levels on the Rise,, because the Liberal Tear Tsunami after Hillary's Epic LOSS goes unabated

    Someone call the Whaaambulance

  22. I hope this means an end to Chemtrailing.

  23. "punishes the United States"
    " signs a 110 billion dollar armsdeal with Saudi Arabia"
    ladies and gentlemen the hypocrisy of the "mighty" US president

  24. people clapping are brain dead

  25. Wait a sec yall are commenting without even finishing the video, trump said hes out of the deal because its an unfair deal to america, didnt yall see the example of china he gave? Bunch of idiots

  26. this guy represents about 10℅ of America. amazing I can say this but he is actually dumber than George Bush. Trump will now take the title of America's worst president ever.

  27. Donald Trump is so far behind the times he doesn't realise there is a massive new economy emerging for clean energy and sustainable technology that the US could potentially become a world leader in if it wanted to. But no, he'd rather stay stuck in his 1930s mindset and act like the US is being victimised and robbed of opportunities because it is being held to the same environmental standards of virtually every other developed country in the world. What an outdated and regressive mindset he has!

  28. trump grabs women by the pussy

  29. American ozone for American PEOPLE !!!….It`ll be great, it`ll be good. It`ll be the best goddamn ozone in the WORLD….

  30. if you live in the US i suggest you leave your country before its too late

  31. this decision is the biggest terrorist attack on all humans . millions die every year due to polloution

  32. Trump pulling out to make sure that our country gets a FAIR agreement must mean he hates America and the world. Yup President Trump sounds like an idiot (sarcastic).

  33. At this point I just feel sorry for the US, clearly half of their entire population was not educated enough about global warming and the impacts it will have. As the most influential country, it was extremely important that the US signed the agreement. In 2050 when thousands of people are drowning due to the rising sea levels brought about climate change, just remember it was this man that caused it all.

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