Breaking Trump News: Trump’s Post-Comey Approval Ratings Unchanged, But Fallout Continues

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President Donald Trump’s approval numbers, after firing FBI Director James Comey last week, remain nearly unchanged — according to a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News survey. But the White House’s evolving explanations for the firing are creating new political perils. WSJ’s Jason Bellini reports. Photo: Getty

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6 Thoughts to “Breaking Trump News: Trump’s Post-Comey Approval Ratings Unchanged, But Fallout Continues”

  1. Comey was just a 6 foot 8 inch putz.

  2. Wasn't Donald supposed to have a special prosecutor to look into Hillary's situation? Maybe he's busy cashing that huge check from Mexico. Or perhaps he's filling our generals in on his secret plan to defeat ISIS. Wait. What was everyone chanting at his rallies last year? Hire the rich! Play some golf! Watch more cable!

  3. Trump could rape a young boy live on TV and 20% of the US electorate would still think he was doing a fine job.

  4. The real poll is American public is ignorant and stupid.


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