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Trump needs a Twitter babysitter. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“LEAVE IT TO Donald Trump to keep Twitter guessing. Just after midnight Eastern this morning, the president did what the president often does at odd hours: He sent out a tweet. But this one, rather than attacking a political opponent or offering up a 140-character policy position, just plain made no sense: “Despite the constant negative press covfefe.” Wait, “covfefe”? No one knew what it meant. Surely it was a mistake that the president would soon delete. But after five minutes, he didn’t. Then a few more passed. Before long, social media was in a mad dash to try to define Trump’s typo. News reports followed, and soon a five-alarm internet fire was burning.

When Trump was elected last fall, the not-so-funny joke on 4chan was that the United States had “elected a meme as president.” This has never felt more true than in the past couple weeks, as images of Trump touching a glowing orb and standing with an unthrilled Pope Francis have become widely Photoshopped and turned into the stuff of LOLs. Unwittingly or not, the president is always good for providing an opportunity for slightly Dadaist humor—tweeting “covfefe” in the middle of the night is just the latest example of that.”*

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33 Thoughts to “Breaking Trump News: Trump’s Covfefe Tweet Explained”

  1. stupid liberal motherfuckers. Go to Arabia Cenk and get executed by Sharia.

  2. wonderful word "covfefe" it can mean: a) coverage – (sort of); b) klutz.
    EXAMPLE : "the covfefe of the Covfefe-in- Chief is way too much".

  3. The irony is that most of the people who are making fun of our President for spelling "Covfefe" cannot even spell themselves!


  4. It's means in the end we win.

  5. I figured it out,Trump wanted a cup of coffee but he was drunk typing so he said he wanted covfefe by mistake.

  6. omg this poor host is gonna get ceaseless serious migraines, please trump is not worth it …I'm concerned . …but thank you really are speaking the truth 💡

  7. He was trying to spell "coverage" but he's an idiot and spelled it "covfefe". Case solved.


  9. Okay let me read you your Corfefe rights !

  10. Cold Press: Juice
    French Press: Coffee
    Negative Press: Covfefe

  11. Lol everyone going crazy over it xD

  12. seviliyorsun cenk kaptan. aynen devam.

  13. Haha… It does have a secret meaning you libtard… You just embarrassed yourself by ignorantly attacking Trump…

  14. Straight outta IDF psyops division, trolling and spamming hard for their useful idiotic goyim.

  15. COVFEFE.
    COVerup of a FEderal FElony.

  16. It's code stupid so he could prove he knew in advance what Comey was going to say.
    C OMEY
    F BI

    Had you guys been real reporters, this was easy.

  17. Could he just be trolling? Throw out some gibberish and watch all the covfefe eat it up. Covfefe, every fuckin idiot on this comment section now covfefe. Covfefe me toast. What if the tweet was yfbc67uin? Would that be on fuckin Stephan Colbert.

  18. covfefe se ignifica conejillo de indias osea que trump solo es un experimento del govierno profundo para ver como reccciona el mundo
    en su forma inpredecible de actuar mas los que no lo entiende se burlan

  19. Well, actually if you spell the word backwards, translate it in Spanish, it translates to a hard working individual. Or Trump could have just made a spelling mistake or he could be trying to make a Meme idk lol


    Pee Wee Herman

  22. Praise Kek and a prayer goes out to all the oppressed Kekistani people and keki refugees. We will not be silenced by the neo Marxist, fascist thugs that roam the streets looking for flags (American ) to burn. No longer will we put up with neo fascists that are called "antifa"

  23. Covefefe actually means: "IN THE END WE WIN.". It's an antiquated term. But then again.. You wouldn't know that.

  24. Cov= confirmation of victory
    Fefe= a cartoon scorpion associated w shit posting
    He's trolling. It appears he is shooting at ur feet and laughing while u dance. Or he just misspelled coverage and u ppl think it's news worthy. Keep dancing everyone is laughing at u.

  25. how do people still watch this?

  26. How Donald Trump pronounce Conference, after a successful blowjob?


  27. Oh, bullshit. Your Fuhrer lost, now get over it.

  28. I think he tried to spell "kerfuffle" which would make perfect sense in the context (and with his accent)

  29. covfefe is an arabic translation to "i will stand up" but is typed "cov fe'fe"

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