Breaking Trump News: Trump Has Twitter Meltdown, But Offline Sources Say He’s Emotionally Withdrawing And Gaining Weight

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Donald Trump invented a new word in an unhinged tweet Tuesday evening – Covfefe. The tweet itself is concerning, but what’s even more concerning is the fact that insiders say the President is growing depressed, emotionally withdrawing from others, and gaining weight as the Russia scandal threatens to take down his presidency. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this. 
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43 Thoughts to “Breaking Trump News: Trump Has Twitter Meltdown, But Offline Sources Say He’s Emotionally Withdrawing And Gaining Weight”

  1. Despite all his rage he is still just a rat in a cage.

  2. all those late night drugs!?somebody should demand 1-a drug test, 2- a phycological evaluation,3- a physical examine all should have been done before hand! everybody knew what they were getting a for real NUT a clown for sure that thought he knew more than Obama. they wanted a circus they got a circus "Trump the great family and friends " !

  3. Is it time for Trump seppuku? Seems to meet all the symptoms

  4. Yes…we'll all go in. Russia had its FBI working in WnY before TRUMP went into Office !! They are being interrogated here by BUSH since 2001 and those are 1000s of them and due to they were on staff& working when BUSH had been attacked, then they don't say hi about it because they can detonate by Remote and so I am doing it. Many say they were RUSSIAN DOUBLE AGENTS or treason to USA as FBI AGENTS. BUFFALO NY they say now is under attack by MUSLIM MILITARY with CLINTON and EVEN CLINTON says his own life is in danger, I can say hi about it too since I have to…inquire about my own Gov Pay (from the HUD job I had there) and while I do, I write up about BUSH WAR '01 Attack and find out they have new housing byOBAMA saying they are MUSLIM & WANT TO ATTACK AMERICA !!…. AFTER HE LEFT THE WHITE HOUSE.

  5. He should go to trump university and teach himself how to read. Oh wait those schools went bankrupt.

  6. Covfefe coke and twitter don't mix well does it????

  7. I wish the media would do a before-and-after. You know: how they show a president at the beginning of his term and him at the end of his term. Every single one of them aged a lot. Being the president is a tough job!
    Then, compare a picture of Donald Trump on January 20th 2017 and compare it to a picture of Donald Trump on June 1st 2017 I'm sure he has aged drastically too. Egads – that is only 5 months!
    We will all be astonished. He needs to retire right away and spend his twilight years at Mar-A-Lago with Ivanka (gross!)


  9. Does this 'covfefe' make me look fat??

  10. No sympathy for the Donald. He said that being president is easy and that he alone can fix all this. He said going around the world is easy.. He said destroying terrorism is simple! So.. no sympathy. Poor staff though… I bet the golden rule is "If you did something good the don takes credit if you can't clean his mess out the door you go."

  11. A fifi is a condom or rubber glove put inside and wrapped around a rolled up sock.  Put some lube in it and you can use that to jerk off.  It's a pocket pussy.  That's what Trump was referring too.

  12. CJ

    Send in Melania to hold his hand. She must do it for America.

  13. Our esteemed President looks bloated, fatigued & depressed. Gee! It seems that he's even "stopped playing golf" EVERY WEEKEND at his beloved hiding-place, Mar-a-Lago! His condition MUST be quite serious!

  14. I have no sympathy for Trump's staff, except the household staff.Those staffers often work in the White House for decades. The rest are sell outs who are all too happy to prostitute themselves and the positions they now hold.

  15. Too many stress hormones (cortisol) will pack on weight, and it is difficult to take off. Staying up till all hours will cause one to gain weight, as well. Maybe he should stop being the extra special one at the dinner table who must have 2 scoops of ice cream on top of pie, while everyone else has one.

  16. Perhaps he meant to say coverage? Whatever the case, this single Tweet did not merit the hype and the relentless coverage it was given!

    Honestly people! There are other, significant things going on in the world (and I am not referring to Russiagate) that should absolutely be getting media coverage but are NOT!

  17. Trump will soon be hand COV and in prison with the name FEFE.

  18. Poor thug realizes he's not a king.

  19. If I'm going down I'm taking you with me
    -Trump, eventually

  20. What is wrong with me? I can't stand the man, and yet I feel bad when I hear he's withdrawing emotionally and gaining weight. Sometimes I think I'm too compassionate.

  21. No one who works for Trump deserves sympathy, knew what they were getting into.

  22. president jackass. USA, you are a joke

  23. While we're consumed with Trump noise, Mexico and Canada are likely negotiating MECA (Mexico Canada…excluding USA) Free Trade Agreement. Once they're ready to agree, they'll proceed to negotiate with Central America, South America, Asia and Europe. Meanwhile, Trump will be dumbfounded when he realizes he lost all bargaining power. Everything he does, seems to be a blunder. For the rest of us; don't think for a moment the world revolves around the United States. If you do, you're in for a rude awakening. Expect more from ALL of our elected officials. Expect more from yourself as a voter. And before you're quick to blame Trump, blame yourself for not holding him accountable for adequately addressing political concerns during the election. The same is true for about Clinton and her constituents. Blame starts with irrational voters, even if it ends with Trump.

  24. Covfefe in Swalhili means "I'm an orange cock faced loser asshole traitor nihilistic bigot mysoginist shitbag fat fuck world destroying ball sack " .. Look it up ..

  25. Remember the Covfefe massacre victims.

  26. How sad for Donny boy smh what a pussy

  27. I finally found out what confefe means. For years scientists have been trying to cure confefe.  It affects the brain and obviously Trump has contracted this horrible condition From what I've learned the only cure for confefe is to resign your job, get thrown out of your job, or have a 2nd amendment person take the steps to bring him down.

  28. Maybe suicide ? Shall we pray ?

  29. Good. I hope he's miserable every night he goes to bed and every morning he wakes up.

    I hope he recognizes that he'll be remembered as the worst president in modern times. If not the most mocked, derided, and hated president of all time.

  30. Crazy people have meltdowns.

  31. Covfefe is a Russian word, it means "Nutjob"

  32. He's depressed because he knows it's just a matter of time before Trump will be forced to resign!

  33. Please can't someone close to him just slip some cyanid in his KFC and tacos?

  34. The Universal Laws (part-185)

  35. How can one butcher the simple word Coverage so badly I mean he's the president ffs you would think there's a supervisor watching him incase
    he does anything naughty or dumb to correct it before the whole world sees it.

  36. "EVERYBODY" was up in arms? give me a break. a lot of people want to make a big deal about nothing. this guy is a spastic a-hole.

  37. I have no sympathy for people like Spicer and Conway who chose to stick with this sad clown-in-chief. It looks to me as if his behaviour has become so erratic, he 's losing control quickly and he seems not aware of it.

  38. It's fake blond hair is showing stress, it's looking EXTREMELY gray lately. 45 will go down in history as the most corrupt administration in America's history.

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