Breaking Trump News: Trump created a huge meme by tweeting “covfefe”

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President Trump posted a very strange, incomplete thought on Twitter, and the whole world was confused. The tweet included the nonsensical word “covfefe” which had everyone up all night trying to figure out what it could possibly mean. He eventually deleted it, but the jokes keep pouring in.

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42 Thoughts to “Breaking Trump News: Trump created a huge meme by tweeting “covfefe””

  1. how does one say covfefe instead of coverage

  2. covfefe will never get old..

  3. Covefefe- A term to describe the feeling when everything is going wrong but you are happy. Despite my divorce and loss of family Covefefe

  4. covfefe is master of everything now backwards covfefe translate to German and search it

  5. covfefe means master of everything

  6. its a bitcoin encryption key ,for verifying his identity, sean spicer did this too, people lied and claimed he tweeted his "password" just libtard media lies

  7. I'd like to drink a cup of #covfefe please, thank you

  8. so he is unknowingly an internet genius ?

  9. We'll see who's laughing when I get elected again. Zero fux given

  10. He made a typo and won't admit it….he meant coverage and he tweets when he is dousing off and hitting sent….thats the president we have, sigh!

  11. All while CNN misspells "chief" during a news session bashing Trump for covfefe. During the middle of the day nonetheless…..and I'm sure they have spell check on that program too.
    Strange there's no meme's or Youtube video's about that ass move. The hypocrisy is HUGE.

  12. We can make a religion out of this

  13. Hillary deletes 30,000 emails and nobody bats an eye.

    Trump makes a typo on a social media platform and the whole country goes berserk.

  14. i want covfefe in my cup

  15. Despite the constant negative press factotum.

  16. am i the only one that think covfefe means 'conference'? that is the possible answer i could get

  17. F. K………in the covfefe

  18. Anyone notice he tweeted that at 12:06 in the morning

    Dude is 70 years old he needs to get some SLEEP

  19. have to be pretty dumb to think everyone actual believes their JOKES they post get real

  20. Surprised he didn't just take it in stride. Then again, he gets just as butthurt as some of the far left.

  21. First time seeing a president spending more time on his twitter account rather than on his job.

  22. im not a fan of trump by any means but what is so funny about this

  23. Liberals are pathetic babies that cant express themselves like adults but instead run for childish memes and Gifs

  24. uvuvevue covfefe owenyewugebu osas.

  25. It's not a meme if i don't know it hooman…Noob

  26. it's annoying people think covfefe means coffee, negative press coffee. it means coverage, negative press coverage.

  27. if mainstream media reports something about memes you know its dead

  28. I'm actually more curious about the unfinished sentence..

  29. It's arabic for '' I will stand up''

  30. What if it was a trigger word for something 😮

  31. covfefe plural for cofufal which you all made


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