Breaking Trump News: President Donald Trump Withdraw From Paris Accord Agreement Press Conference Climate Change Decision

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President Donald Trump Withdraw From Paris Accord Agreement Press Conference Climate Change Decision, WATCH FULL.

TRUMP CLIMATE CHANGE ACCORD PARIS, Makes Decision On Paris Climate Agreement, Paris Accord Withdraw, US out of climate deal, President Donald Trump is set to announce his decision to withdraw the US from the Paris climate accord Thursday, a major step

Trump expected to withdraw Paris climate agreement

President Donald Trump will make a statement regarding the Paris Accord in White House on June 1, 2017. President Trump hasn’t made a final decision on whether the U.S. will quit the Paris Accord on climate change, but White House officials indicated Wednesday that he was headed in that direction, setting off a worldwide reaction.

President Donald J Trump Paris Climate Accord Announcement on Thursday at the White House 6/1/17.
Trump to announce decision on global climate deal on Thursday (6-1-17) 1st June, 2017.
President Donald Trump says he will announce his decision on whether to pull the United States out of the Paris climate accord during a Rose Garden event Thursday

WATCH LIVE: President Trump Makes Paris Accord Announcement 6-1-17

President Trump will announce he will withdraw the US from the Paris climate accord
News that Trump would leave the agreement immediately drew condemnation from Democratic lawmakers and prominent business leaders like Elon Musk.

Building suspense about America’s role in the world, President Trump planned to announce Thursday whether the U.S. would remain a signator to the Paris climate agreement. The White House signaled a withdrawal was likely, but Mr. Trump has been known to change his mind at the last minute on such major decisions.

President Donald Trump’s schedule is sparse for tomorrow with just an intelligence briefing, a meeting with his National Security Advisor and a statement on the Paris Climate Accord in the Rose Garden.
President Trump’s schedule for Thursday – 6/1/17
10:30 AM Receive daily intelligence briefing – Oval Office
11:00 AM Meet with National Security Advisor H. R. McMaster – Oval Office
3:00 PM Make a statement regarding the Paris Accord – Rose Garden [Live Stream]



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45 Thoughts to “Breaking Trump News: President Donald Trump Withdraw From Paris Accord Agreement Press Conference Climate Change Decision”

  1. this is the one screw up he has made so far… and it is a giant one

  2. Trump needs to be impeaches, and soon!!!!!!

  3. Good as Indian fools are busy saving cows and killing humans. India is going into dark

  4. Globalist elites want to deindustrialize us and thereby demilitarize us. ITs basically the same censorship and gentrification that causes the politically correct ethnomasochistic tendencies that force third world illiterates with violent tendencies to be inserted subversively into our communities.

  5. I'm all for keeping our jobs in America I'm cool wth that and making us the big boy in the block economically. I AM NOT for us backing out of an accord that 95% of the world agrees needs to happen and scientifically is sound. That saves our planet

  6. never fear this guy he is weak.

  7. The FAKE-ASS "president" who continues to SHIT on the Roses, in The Rose Garden.

    He's just as backwards as his Hillbilly-Cult Followers, who are responsible for electing America's travesty & downfall @home & around the GLOBE.

    Minions AROUND him are PURELY hypocritically UNPATRIOTIC IDIOTS, accepting & promoting his LIES. They are AFRAID to FACT-Check​ him in private, so he won't look like an ASS in public.

    This FARCE has brought IRREPARABLE SHAME, SCANDAL, IGNORANCE & DENIGRATION of our hard-fought-for Democracy to a poor & LOSING standing in the World.

    55% of America are NOT PROUD that Drumpf's IGNORANCE represents America. He only appeals to his IGNORANT BASE.

    The innept, ILL, Amateur-In-Chief & his amateur, innept administration know nothing about being president or running the government effectively. He's a perfect PUTIN PUPPET, who will NEVER defend America against his murderous thug boyfriend, Putin.

    America is NOT his Company to be badly run or to bankrupt morally or financially.

    You don't get to change our American values, NOR do you get to induct another corrupt president (PUTIN) by proxy, into our Democracy.

    As a U.S. Air Force Veteran, I find this TREACHEROUS &

    WAKE the fuck up, Congress.


  9. Sorry I like to say I'm proud of u dumb assess for letting a person like trump come in here because world war3is coming and all your faults some states will throw there nuclear stuff at us

  10. What the hell were you thinking America?

  11. Concrete proof that Trump's a whacko…. Clinically crazy POTUS… Fascinating

  12. Thank you President Trump

  13. Luckily the climate contract says that a country has to follow it for at least three years. Furthermore the withdrawing process has to take one year. The US still has to follow this contract until 2020. Election year!

  14. Donald Trump is the biggest idiot of the world!

  15. Obviously he's right. Let's not keep climate change from destroying human life on earth because it would be bad for business….

  16. Business man President, No Vision, Pathetic Selfish NATIONAL INTERESTS.
    —–Let's Make The World Great Again——
    Boycott 'American Products' & 'put Economic Sanctions on USA'—I bet they will beg to agree on Paris Climate Change Agreement.


  18. he doesn't give a fuck if global warming is real or not, it wont matter to him at his age. he'll be lucky to live to the next election.

  19. Billions and Billions of aid to India. Seriously. America owes world bank trillions of dollers.

  20. China America are major pollutors.America will get affected by it idiot Americans. Your Trump cannot fix it or change it.

  21. Enjoy drugs unlimited sex and racist violence you dirty Americans.

  22. America is on decline.Isolated by the world. You are no longer world power.

  23. Bane is giving back to the people American nazi thugs.

  24. "Laughing" what the world has been doing since Electoral College fluke landed fool in the White House. Basing an energy policy on coal is to be what is worst in mad Trumpworld–LOSER. Coal is dying not from some "war" but from natural gas, solar energy, renewable sources, the 21st century vs. c. 1950. "The fruits of our labors" to be throwing 20,000,000 off health coverage $3 TRILLION tax break for the 1%, create a 1/4th of 1%. "Pitsburg/Paris," CLINTON CARRIED PITTSBURGH BY 80%.

  25. Good on you Donald Trump. This planet can look after itself. The earth and nature has always prospered and provided for this planet in it's natural resources for millions of years and will continue to do so. No man or scientist can beat that. God rules so don't need bullshit scientist scams to managed and deceive the political naive and uneducated leaders of this world. As Donald might say, it's all bullshit, but it's true. I ain't paying my tax to benefit science hoax and scams. My tax money is better off going to help the people in need. From Australia.

  26. God Bless You President Trump!



  29. Even China is still keeping his promise, only backwards America is now the laughing stock of the entire world (again).

  30. Clean coal does not exist.

  31. Obama set up thousands to get robbed I never volunteered my tax money to go to India! That agreement was complete bullshit. I support Trump all the way!

  32. Such a fucking joke…smfh

  33. nobody outside of the states wants americans around anyways so GO ,LEAVE ,STAND ALONE .when he is finished in 4 years you will have no country anywhere willing to work with you by the time he is finished. he did say he would build a wall and he is ha ha.

  34. All I can say is Go Trump. Its America first. Trump has a responsibility to protect and do whats best for his people. Hes the President of the United States. Not President of Paris. He definitely will go down as the first President to deliver on his promises.

  35. Mr. President, Thank you for your courage and pulling out of the Paris Accords.  You are the most courageous President to sit in the Oval Office since President Lincoln. Stay strong!

  36. Trump is right, as he usually is ! For those who think this was a mistake …here is some food for thought
    The same people who are pushing this carbon tax are the ones who put industrial fluoride in you're drinking water..GMO's in you're food supply . Poison in you're vaccines GET IT! Those who push the carbon issue are GUILTY of killing both the planet and it's population. If you are stupid enough to fall for this crap ,then you simply refuse to research the truth for yourself. They are teaching you what to think ..NOT HOW TO THINK!
    Show less

  37. Get rid of Monsanto too! NO GMO!

  38. I'm convinced that Trump does not "believe" global warming cus he's the main cause… just think of all the oxygen that is turned to co2 when he's speaks giberish. it's a lot. infact it's enough to thicken the atmosphere. 👌

  39. Great 👍🏻 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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