Breaking Trump News: President Donald Trump Paris Accord Withdraw Speech, Press Conference On Climate Change Agreement

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LIVE: President Donald Trump Paris Accord Agreement Press Conference, Climate Change Decision 6/1/17 LIVE STREAM TRUMP CLIMATE CHANGE ACCORD PARIS, Makes Decision On Paris Climate Agreement, Paris Accord Withdraw, US out of climate deal, President Donald Trump is set to announce his decision to withdraw the US from the Paris climate accord Thursday, a major step

Trump expected to withdraw from Paris climate agreement

President Donald Trump will make a statement regarding the Paris Accord in White House on June 1, 2017. President Trump hasn’t made a final decision on whether the U.S. will quit the Paris Accord on climate change, but White House officials indicated Wednesday that he was headed in that direction, setting off a worldwide reaction.

President Donald J Trump Paris Climate Accord Announcement on Thursday at the White House 6/1/17.
Trump to announce decision on global climate deal on Thursday (6-1-17) 1st June, 2017.
President Donald Trump says he will announce his decision on whether to pull the United States out of the Paris climate accord during a Rose Garden event Thursday

WATCH LIVE: President Trump Makes Paris Accord Announcement 6-1-17

President Trump will announce he will withdraw the US from the Paris climate accord
News that Trump would leave the agreement immediately drew condemnation from Democratic lawmakers and prominent business leaders like Elon Musk.

Building suspense about America’s role in the world, President Trump planned to announce Thursday whether the U.S. would remain a signator to the Paris climate agreement. The White House signaled a withdrawal was likely, but Mr. Trump has been known to change his mind at the last minute on such major decisions.

President Donald Trump’s schedule is sparse for tomorrow with just an intelligence briefing, a meeting with his National Security Advisor and a statement on the Paris Climate Accord in the Rose Garden.
President Trump’s schedule for Thursday – 6/1/17
10:30 AM Receive daily intelligence briefing – Oval Office
11:00 AM Meet with National Security Advisor H. R. McMaster – Oval Office
3:00 PM Make a statement regarding the Paris Accord – Rose Garden [Live Stream]



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37 Thoughts to “Breaking Trump News: President Donald Trump Paris Accord Withdraw Speech, Press Conference On Climate Change Agreement”

  1. Jobs mean zero if they dont pay a living wage. Jobs mean nothing if they are all part time. The slaves had jobs. The promise of jobs is a con, unless they are real jobs. It is a nuance that is ignored, but you get what you vote for. You get to own it if you voted for con men

  2. Catering to peoples fear is the shortest path to profits for a tryant, it is a syrup for saps on a mountain of b.s. Regulations are nothing more than checks and ballances against power, because no man can be trusted.

  3. Yes, there us no question that regulations stifle corporate profits. The same corporations that use the hint of a promise that never happened, trickle down economics. Oh yes, it is easy to see why he cuts regulations.

  4. ALL: I love Creator God…love my family and neighbors (within our country and outside our country) as myself….love our military personnel and Vets who have served our country dutifully….and pray for all those who do not love mercy, justice, compassion, integrity and truth–even if it is in fact, the President of the USA.

  5. I took a class the other day about weather. The aptmosphere is mostly nitrogen, and in fact the temperature and hydrogen systems stem from the equator.

  6. I think that the particular mass and compound keeps the earth in its position orbit. Like a boyancey around the sun. I also think ufos are metallic scraps that sort of dip into the aptmoshphere, from a warped velocity, like pausing and shaping upon arrival..

  7. Well, see the elemental compound has an aptmosphere that is generated by life cycle activity. Transportation and human population is part of that. The earth absorbs energy from the sun. Carbon is necessary fuel for vegetation. Just because it's a monoxide, doesn't mean that it won't diffuse into a dioxide, as the carbon element is absorbed by green. So the weather hydrogen systems aren't affected by that process.

  8. Instead of thinking on your people welfare, you are just pushing for your tweets and money for your own gain.

  9. America won't change about race and that's because only a Mexican or Indian can be an American! Because their natives that's what it means it talks for it's self everyone else especially this angry little inbred Trump supporters are Just US citizens and if you don't believe me just look at your passports! That's right trump groupies never forget you're not American! 🙂

  10. People should only comment on President Trump's decision after listening to the whole conference, not the 30 second sound bites selected by mainstream media

  11. Well Trump destroys our world completely, politically, socially and regarding the environment. In 5 years the CO² concentration will be so high, that nature catastrophes will happen all over the place. Countries are hating each other. The USA is like a real time comedy show.

    Thanks Trump supporters for this horrible situation!

  12. The Earth is balanced as it revolves around the Sun. Photosynthesis.

  13. Paid Zombie Trolls, You will all be proud to tell your children how you tried to spoil the best leadership USA has seen in 40yrs, traitors to your country, traitors to the species. All they can be is , Born to Loose. Been loosing every day since they were born, Loosers

  14. Donald Trump, you are the worst president ever. YOU SUCK

  15. The economy is getting healthier with the great Mr. Trump at the helm: We added 256,000 more private sector jobs
    in May ~ fantastic news for our economy!
    I prayed for the day we would get a Businessman for President, thank God help has finally arrived!

  16. keep going on this path and America will soon be a reclusive, self righteous nation shunned by the world. hey, sounds like north korea

  17. wow this man is obsesed with china

  18. He just speaks common sense. He wants the best for his own country which is right. He's standing up against the new world order.

  19. can someone please dumb this down for me I just want to know what it's gonna do

  20. hate for america from Germany. ..

  21. Americans are just making a fool of themselves…

  22. Literally Hitler ❤️


  24. LMAO ! Liberals are upset again ! But don't have a clue why they are upset ! Their crowds in the streets are getting smaller every day ! Those interviewed don't have a clue what they are protesting . LMAO ! Bet the Democrat that got them all having fits is rolling on the floor at how stupid and ignorant they are ! Is there no bullshit a liberal won't swallow? I think not ! LMAO STILL!

  25. American need to concentrate on their economic growth. It is better to give china the global leadership and focus on future of america. china had nothing done to world except pouring cheap products. signing agreement doesnot means to follow. i bid if china feels that the agreement is harming their economy they will not follow the agreement. so americans need to unite togther. if american get into trouble no countries are going to support america. even EU countries will not support america. most of people in world hate americans. most of countries donot support america in trouble time. so american need to focus on building their great nation. the economic growth is very slow. so american need to stop thinking about what other world thinks. rest of the world will unite together to hit USA if USA is weaken.may god bless american and the greatest nation in the world. i live in a country between india and china. i want to see america becoming strongest forever . i am well known how much china is gaining from world and it is their time to pay the world. so american should not think that withdrawing from agreement doesnot make you weaker but it is a time to see who are your friend and enemy. europe was built by american support after second world but now see how they are behaving. so american need to think and concentrate to build their nation . first build your nation and think for rest of world. american has given many thing for this world but their sacrifice is always build your nation and secure your border. problems are all around the USA. so make america great again.

  26. je constate que notre bouffon de macron à fait très peur à Trump ptdr.hahaha

  27. NATASHA….agree with you 100%. Happy Black Lung Day America! All thanks to Trump!

  28. ALL: I'm EMBARRASSED to be an American. Trump's ignorance on climate change is oh so appallingly-dangerous.

  29. ALL: I've never been so embarrassed as an American. Trump is by far, one of our (America's) biggest political ignoramuses of all times. I surely hope Americans show up and show out in force on the streets of America on this issue alone. Do not let this 'dummy-in-chief' kill off you, your children, and generations to come. Fight for the right to clean air and clean water! Don't be tricked by Trump's corporate-greed speak.

  30. Donald Trump is a Billionaire, he can only think about business, He will never benefit the world nor the US middle class Americans citizens , HE will only make himself richer and the other riches richer

  31. usa is the enemy of the planet and trump is an asshole

  32. NATASHA…yes…yes.. My words exactly. Happy Black Lung Day Americans….all thanks to Trump!

  33. If Trump withdraws climate change Agreement then Poor America can not make Weapons for Export!!! That's why Trump want to leave this Agreement!!!!

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