Breaking Trump News: Officials Holds Press Conference on President Donald Trump Impeachment, Al Green’s Call to Impeach

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Officials Holds Press Conference on President Donald Trump Impeachment, Al Green’s Call to Impeach



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37 Thoughts to “Breaking Trump News: Officials Holds Press Conference on President Donald Trump Impeachment, Al Green’s Call to Impeach”

  1. GO TRUMP & AMERICANS(of all races and cultures of this country who love and and appreciate it) these people speak of an only black america. what the fuck kind of backward thinking shit am i watching?!

  2. I see you cut out the recording at the beginning with that radical caucasian terrorist declaring war against against all ni**ers. But that's cool your intended audience is obviously not me.

  3. that is all BS your the ones that are raciest and terrorists

  4. Democrats stand out, don't they? LOL!

  5. racism comes in ALL colors…we all put our pants on the same way.. not one person walking this earth is better than the next.. teach that. all this killing white folks, killing black folks, killing whoever over the color of skin is IGNORANT. hate begets more hate!!!! Not one person has a choice what color or situation they are born into. what you do with your life as you grow is YOUR choice. Stop teaching hate (and that's for EVERYONE)

  6. How do these people get money?

  7. Sorry we voted for Trump ! Get over it ! He's done nothing wrong ! He's doing everything right !Obama tried to ruin America, but Trump is not going to let that happen ! My Lord Jesus Christ has his hand on our Great President ! Your god is not my God!

  8. He is not talking for all Blacks,It's ignorance hatred spitting out this fools mouth.Americans have awaken ,Trump 2020#mega ,Trump going drain the swamp !!!

  9. Who Said What and When Did They Say It ? Who's Al Green – Just Another Member of Government Minstrel Show !

  10. Shut up morons,new sherriff in the White House .We Americans stand by our president Trump.💯🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸Trump #mega.

  11. these are fucking terrorists Blacks are not better than anybody, all of us are american, Fucking George Soros's puppets

  12. We wuz kaaaannngggssss!!!

  13. I say to all of you niggers that believe this shit you are what you are. I've been a maintenance man for government housing for 20 years and I see your crack selling nigger assess everyday. the black woman has babies and collect welfare checks the men go out and sell their drugs every night and if the Daddy goes to jail she just moved another one in to make up for the money loss. I say to all you drug dealing niggers out there it stops with Trump your going to get a job and the drugs are going to stop coming to your community. and if you turn Muslim your turning your back on God and Jesus Christ. Muslims are a fake religion during any war the MUSLIMS die bye the hundreds of thousands because Allah is a fake. they have zero protection. when MUSLIMS call you it's the devil calling you. just go to a government housing apartment complex at 6 or 7 a clock at night and watch them come out to sale their crack. Trump was voted in as president and there is nothing you or anyone can do about it. the drugs stop and your assess are going to work or starve.

  14. the people that stole your ancestors are long dead you dummy we need to rise up against Zionist New World Order you idiots won't do anything but what they're wanting you to do like you're doing you're the puppets wake up puppet it's not about black or white you're just blinded with your hatred

  15. When these people stop blaming every other blood, for there short comings, thats when they might get out of the hole they dig them selfs in.

  16. I just want to know if your Nation of Islam is the same Nation of Isis

  17. this dumbass is trying to get a race war started f**** imbecile

  18. A bunch of Demoncraps plantation

  19. no sound…. guess it's better than their BS.. LOL!

  20. You are a bunch of "BLACK SUPREMACISTS", creating Hate and making up lies and being used by Satan to Create Division!! Shame on You!!! You guys are no different than the White Supremacists you talk against. Your full of Pride, EGO and Self Love!! Please just Get over your Narcissistic selves!!! By the way, before you accuse me of being a racists, I am part Jamaican!! PS You Democratic Liberals LOST Get OVER IT!!! Stop being such Spoiled, Cry Baby Losers, its getting old already!!!

  21. Brother, sister bullshit you oppress you self with spill your evil crap.

  22. But I do stand with you if your fight is not just for one "race" but for our species as a hole the homosapien species

  23. what are you hearing? Killing, killing that's all I see and hear from our people. stop preaching hate and listen. Dear Jesus, your religious does talk peace. you sound hostile, mean, hateful. I am poor, and have built me a home. I love Jesus and he answers my prayers. do your answer you?

  24. I love all people white, black, Asia, but your evil talk is nothing more that you supporting your own race, where are the white folks standing in your crowd, and then you want to call racism. Please like I would tell anyone go fuck your racist ass.

  25. Sorry but please do not use the Caucasian tag i get the point but I have always been excepting of all life all my brothers an sisters no matter were we came from on this earth …I can not help i was born white…i cant help my Ancestors came from northern Europe tho i will never change my Norse blood …. and im sorry I have a relative from Africa who sold out his people to slavery …but you hanging this on all of a particular skin color makes you no better then what you preach against does it not? If you prick any of our skins do we not bleed the same blood?

  26. Radical caucasian terrorists. LMFAO.. What a stupid african american..

  27. Your racial bullshit doesn't work with me anymore.You are a radial black racist bastard and so are the rest who promote this's bullshit, white, or black.

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  29. Yes Soros puppets. Terrorism shame on you stupid people. Donald Trump will not Impeach NEVER.

  30. the truth is Powe you all are just a bunch of liars that is why you are whining.

  31. what was all this fake outrage when you had a black president who did nothing for blacks. you need to put the blame on Obama where it belongs. Obama destroyed more black lives the eight years he was President than Trump in his 100 days.


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