Breaking Trump News: North Korean missile launch (May 14, 2017)

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Video released by North Korean state TV showing the latest missile launch.


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27 Thoughts to “Breaking Trump News: North Korean missile launch (May 14, 2017)”

  1. Kill everyone now, what are you waiting for?………………yeah that's what I thought

  2. People's reactions to this are depressing. Don't panic, certainly, but don't treat it so lightly and also don't start blaming liberals, progressives, conservatives, etc, etc, etc. In the aftermath of possible nuclear war, political labels will be meaningless. Everyone will end up being progressive because that's all that'll be happening; progressive surviving and rebuilding. We might as well unite now and get it over with before it gets worse.

  3. O god I hop they nuke L.A. Oh please please nuke L.A for the love of god do us all a favor

  4. IMFG the worst shot a 666 likes

  5. I was expecting the missile to just flop

  6. Its called the Crayola 01

  7. We're Blasting Off Agaaaaiiiiiinnnnnn

  8. 2100+ kms high….. that's pretty high. if 45 deg …. means? 8000+?

  9. All I gotta say is ALLAHU AKBAR

  10. Small nail No gps guidance missile goes into sea

  11. Remember when everyone said Trump won't win? now they say North Korea won't attack

  12. Legend has it they all landed on the sun.

  13. The middle is headed toward the U.S?

    There goes my vacation plans..

  14. I like the scenery, a shame it'll be all flattened soon.

  15. Everyone is now missile experts

  16. Ok, but can't every country launch a missile like that? Lol King Jug un thinks he's so special.

  17. Finally the end to te USA!! Ppl you do realize that the USA is the cause of all wars!! So once the USA is destroyed peace will rule. You didn't expect your empire to last forever now did you? Your country has done enough destruction with its so called democracy.

  18. This is why we can't have nice things !

  19. video looks cleaned up. I can sense a wobble

  20. Someone needs to tell Mott Korea to stop polluting the ocean with their failed missiles

  21. A kid in my Jr. High school did this same thing for a science fair project. He didn't win.

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