Breaking Trump News: North Korea panic: Media hysteria over new missile test

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The latest North Korean ballistic missile test has prompted international concern and condemnation. Pyongyang claims that it was a new type of rocket – that can carry a heavy nuclear warhead.


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43 Thoughts to “Breaking Trump News: North Korea panic: Media hysteria over new missile test”

  1. KJU has been provoking/threatening the US and it's allys for years, what did China or Russia do? Nothing but now the US takes action to these threats against it and it's allys oh but now the US is the bad guy?? Yeah….go fuck yourself Putin. Enough of the threats against SK, JPN, US down with KJU.

  2. the one and only solution for world peace is to destroy the America.

  3. I'm saying this I hate Murcia smug pricks I better than u. Fuckem Korea nuke me doing me a favor thanks Kim

  4. 只有舞水端可以用罢了

  5. if you really want to see the world peaceful for yourself and for the future generations

  6. AMERICANS Should start building underground bankers to save them selves FROM NORTH KOREA… YOU CANT Threat North Korea like other countries..

  7. Kimjung XXL Puppy testing his flying toy dicks… but at least make sure it take out filthy zionists!!!

  8. let us be realistic here whether N.KOREA OR RUSSIA is right or wrong they don't have capabilities United States has and i read something about that america should not interfere with N.KOREA is stupid they are testing missiles near JAPAN and S.KOREA they are allied with United States. isn't PUTIN allied with syria United States Bombed SYRIA? why can't they do the same with the allies of AMERICA cause they are SCARED with the military capabilities of AMERICA the ONLY way to STOP N.KOREA is to THREATEN them CHINA can't EVEN convince N.KOREA to stop those missile tests.

  9. fck you Nikki warmorgerer bicth

  10. What an awkward reporter

  11. I hope someone takes this crazy fatass out soon. I'm sick of hearing about him. And I hope anyone who supports him gets caught in the crossfire.

  12. Give them a tzar, so if they hit america, the americans get hit hard

  13. I'm against any use of missile tests but attacking N.Korea and her poor ppl for one crazy guy is not right…Solution just send special forces to assassinate jing mung pung jung and problem solved

  14. "He's unstable, so we are going to push him over the edge." Does anyone else see the flaw in this logic?

    This new rocket test shows that NK can deliver a Rainbow Bomb which can cripple the entire USA, like a repeat of Starfish Prime, on a larger scale. At this point America is fucked. If they nuke NK, they draw China into WW3, they wont do that, NK has America's balls in a salad shooter.

    The sane, rational thing for America to do would be to ease off and let the whole issue be quietly forgotten. That's what Putin would do, and he's even said as much publically. Remember NK only have to detonate 1 rainbow bomb over the USA and America will have no electricity, water, food, cars or technology of any kind for years. Since USA has annoyed the entire world, i think any government who attempts to rebuild america would be extremely unpopular.

    Also lets not forget that tactically, 90% of the world's rare earths are monopolised by China, I don't imagine China supplying America with the means that America needs to rebuild electronics and military equipment, do you? It's not as if America has anything of value. It has debt and no gold.

  15. Good propaganda shit RT ass …. keep support north Korea

  16. I still don't understand why North Korea can't have its own nukes like every one else? It's a sovereign nation. What is "unstable"? I think the US is even more unstable. How many wars has US forced on other nations?

  17. North Korea to nuke the corrupt terrorist States of America!

  18. North Korea is a burden and not an asset. China should annex the country.

  19. tighten the screws is about right they are prevoking him its part of a plan..

  20. hahaha hahaha if you think the Americans military fear North Korea than Rt you are just as corrupt and dumb as cnn

  21. If you hate America we will fucking destroy you fucking faggots

  22. Good moves by Kim Jong Un. North Korea is just defending itself from imperialist masskillers. Stop intimidating and bullying North Korea.

  23. Hahaha, NK has a new war card to play with US. It won't attack US but it just makes US got headache, and restless.

  24. when your current course of actions fail… double down

  25. Godammit RT I know you hate america and is controlled by the kremlin and stand with any of americans enemys but really north korea?? I know the us has done some crazy shit in the past but this time the us aint the agressor how can the us leave nk alone if they thrathe to nuke seoul and is dropping bombs into the sea of japan the us is only protection its allies who are asking for help what does the us benefit from north korea Shit just watch putins latest speech about north korea and this propaganda channel will suddenly be agianst north korea

  26. Bomb him first and the problem goes away

  27. 2000km altitude is that true or lie? maybe its 200km they just added extra 0 for propaganda

    because from where it landed it couldn't have traveled that high

  28. That bald guy is a weenie

  29. North korea is hell on earth workers paradise joke better off dead

  30. Big deal the US had better technology 50 years ago.

  31. North Korea. Please hit the slums of Detriot or the ghetto areas of Chicago if you hit the United States. You will be doing both countries a favor. Nuke the ghetto's

  32. Russia wants to attack North Korea?

  33. I really like RT but today I am angry, no respect to America, fuck you, Korea is the most destroyed country, people are in hypnosis by government and they are like their zombies, it must be over of this country government if they shot America
    I see that you Russians don't know anything about korea and you are on their side, it's so fuckin sad, sorry

  34. The media from the countries that support ISIS and AL QEADA don't count and that means you America, Australia, Canada, Britain, France, Israel, Turkey, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and the Ukraine.

  35. "The US screams and complains about North Korea but is essentially doing the same thing."

  36. I'm fully convinced that Nikki Haley is mentally unstable she makes Samantha Power looks intelligent

  37. hopefully someday one of his missiles will fall on his head. His people are starving and that little fat fuck is spending money on missiles.

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