Breaking Trump News: North Korea Missile Launch Shown In New Images | TODAY

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The Trump administration is vowing to tighten the screws of North Korea after its latest test of a ballistic missile. Overnight the regime released new video of the test, supervised by Kim Jong-un himself. NBC chief global correspondent Bill Neely reports for TODAY.
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North Korea Missile Launch Shown In New Images | TODAY


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19 Thoughts to “Breaking Trump News: North Korea Missile Launch Shown In New Images | TODAY”

  1. north korea is in charge of its own diestiny

  2. Talk to North Korea and quit scaring them????? What!!!! They are the ones shooting ballistic missiles and violating their agreement with the UN. North Korea are the ones threatening to turn our country to ashes!!! They need to stop bullying us NK not us talk to them! What medication is Putin on??? Also the last missile landed 60 miles in the sea near Russia.

  3. now everything is too late better accept to North Korea and be friendly,every country has right to protect there country…

  4. better now accept to North Korea and open for everything like as other country ….that will definitely change to North Korea,let them come in the internation market and open door for North…this will good for all…

  5. North Koreans gonna go Very Silent in a blinding flash of light …real soon me thinketh…?

  6. kim jon plum dung must stop -world leaders has to stop kim yon plum dung

  7. Israel breaks UN rules daily and Saudi Arabia attack its neighbor and killing children and the USA keeps silent

  8. That missile is a Russian TOPOL M. The driver windows are exactly the same!!!!

  9. N corea don't give a fk about sanctions !

  10. Nuclear weapons are dangerous. But looking at the crimes committed by the United States by Killing 23 millions in occupation of Philippines, Killing almost 3-5 million by unnecessarily Nuclear bombing on Japan, killing 1-2 million in Afghanistan, 1 million in Iraq and another millions in Libya, Syria, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Somalia and sending US military to 158 times to foreign states had proven the criminal regime that runs United States. It has invaded and annexed New Mexico, Texas, Puertorico and Guam. North Korea needed weapons because they knew what US had done to them during the Korean War and carpet bombing and killing hundreds of thousands of Korea people.

  11. The usa defiling days are over go home yank or lose your home

  12. pretty impressive, they say North Korea is a Low Tech nation, yet they
    manage to film a rocket launch from 4 angles using 4 cameras, whereas
    FakeX usually just manages 1 video of potato cam quality, then again
    other high tech nations ( allegedly ) like the UK don't even have a
    rocket program


  14. Ehh kinda, I ain't even subbed to em

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