Breaking Trump News: Krauthammer on increased aggression from North Korea

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Syndicated columnist reacts on ‘Special Report’ to latest missile test by Kim Jong Un


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29 Thoughts to “Breaking Trump News: Krauthammer on increased aggression from North Korea”

  1. I'm sorry that guy seems nice and seems very Educated but I can't stand his face It scares me I have trouble sleeping now 🙁

  2. South Korea's problem. Don't start another war

  3. The war at sea, prophesied by Nostradamus and me, will occur at any time, now. Kim will never entirely believe that his time has run out, so no one is even going to try hard, any more, to convince him. China now knows that Kim's time has run out. Trump has gotten the attention of China, more so, than as indicated by this video.

  4. If we are to war against stupid pawn, N Korea, China and Russia likely will attack U.S. thus making a sh*t situation for U.S. Kim Jong un needs to be removed for the sake of his people. Yet China hunkers over, glaringly. Dutuerte has made deal with Xi for his island in South China Sea and also Dutuerte, Xi, and Putin have a special dinner, so you see allies being formed. This will be a mess. If China is puppeting Kim with these launches, they need to stop screwing around and be blunt what it is they want. If we go in, China will attack. If Kim Jong un is not being puppeted by China, just as bad as it puts U.S. in a sh*t position. Obviously Kim needs to be dealt with and N Korea's neighbors stand idly by, treating Kim like some spoiled child. He's a damn psycho playing games with missiles and nukes. Unacceptable. Treatment of the North Korean people who are not small elite % is unacceptable.

  5. North Korea is a threat and will be dealt with. If China wants to help save lives, they should set up "safe zones" on their border for refugees & close the Yalu bridge. Food drops; huge humanitarian effort will be needed as the poor are already starving to death. All Kim Jong un has done is shown he is a threat to the world. He could strike at any point, jeopardizing the region and more. First Korean war China attacked us; i wouldn't trust them. The claiming of smaller islands in the South China Sea by various small countries is a threat to China, who wants the territory. Yet some are making deals, such as Dutuerte to secure his island.

  6. B.S.! The Military Industrial Complex is out of control! It's as if it's an A.I. beast. SEE VIDEO: "Eisenhower Farewell Address (Best Quality) – 'Military Industrial Complex' WARNING" (by Ewafa).
    I have never, not once, on today's Corporate Lamestream Media, heard the leader of N. Korea's make a statement from his own mouth. The same goes for Putin. It's all hearsay (fake news) and reporters (not investigative journalists) reading from a teleprompter — it's scripted — and the American sheeple eat it up — EVERY TIME — never once questioning the legitimacy of the Corporate News narrative, or delving deeper and doing a bit of investigation themselves. Always tricked into war — so predictable. Are we gonna let the corporate banksters trick us into a war with N. Korea? Are we gonna let the banksters use OUR money and military to acquire Asia for themselves — while America goes broke and sinks like the Titanic? Will that be when the International Banking Cartel puppetmasters unleash all of those Chinese military men (China has a 1 child policy, and has too many men, and has been socially engineered for war) on American shores to spread their seed and way of life? The Banksters also control China (and America). If N. Korea is taken out, wouldn't "Communist" China (International banking Cabal-controlled) have easy access to to Japan and other parts of Asia? Humans are not taught how to think and see the big picture. Most just follow the crowd — sheeple — never looking up from their iphones long enough to see the toxic chemtrails being sprayed in the skies above them — like zombies — the walking dead. Lol. By the way, do you know how much $$$ each one of those bombs being dropped costs? Are President Trump and the American people being diverted? I thought the American sheeple wanted President Trump to spend their money on rebuilding America (is he not the Master Builder?) — not tearing down small nations. Ancient Egypt and Rome left artifacts and monuments that have withstood the test of time — yet America is crumbling by the day. In a 1000 years from now, what will they know of us — what will they say about us? What will our legacy be? I heard that N. Korea was just doing drills, the way that America and other nations do — but the corporate warmongers with an agenda (and news cameras) decided to capitalize on the story with their made up narrative — and trick humans into WWIII. War is a rich man's game. How many U.S. politicians have stocks & bonds in the War Industry — and how many times are y'all gonna get punked?! Lol. SEE VIDEOS: "The Deep State's Dramatic Emergence Is Proof Our Elections Mean Nothing" (by Truthstream Media) and 'The Alex Jones Show – Battle For The Republic – 05/15/2017 (by The Alex Jones Channel) and "What North Korean Defectors Think Of North Korea | ASIAN BOSS" (by Asian Boss). REMEMBER: If the N. Korean are starving — it's because of International Banking Cabal- imposed sanctions. Could these sanctions be because N. Korea will not allow the implimentation of the Rothschild debt-based Central Bank? Man's world is out of control, ugly, violent, barren, and barbaric. I'm sure that God is proud. 😉
    "Be as wise as serpents — as as gentle as doves" -God

  7. Straight from a Zio Cons mouth. Tell us about the invisible WMDS

  8. what if a nuk rocket blows up 10 to 50 miles up he will not have to land

  9. the united States is a terrorist organization. they are trying to kill more people and the main string media are trying to sale a war to the public. this nation is going down. is not a power anymore. pray the Lord Jesus Christ.

  10. krauthammer is literally Dracula

  11. Jajajaja! The orange pedophile and white Americans who voted for him are shitting on their pants and kissing Kim's behind. Hey, the orange pedophile already backpedaled. Why? No. Korea has nukes so it's safe from American aggression. White Americans rather bomb innocent Muslim women and children in the middle east. Hey, they don't have nukes to defend themselves.

  12. those thad missiles in south korea are only there to shoot down ballistic missiles heading towards the usa

  13. Krauthammer actually came close to having an "America First" thought. How fast would the Koreans and Japanese act if we just withdrew from the region and they had to defend themselves?

  14. What china has done since XI made confirmed phone call to trump after got back from such a nice conversations being held in Florida ? Is trump a fool? After all, Kim and XI are tough and smart cookie, trump is not . Trump should not be elected if he couldnt save American embarrassed faces in this sloppy negotiation turnaround from ongoing military bluffing on NK. Trump needs to solve North nuclear problem by pressurizing china or butcher Kim's regime. Who cares about Seoulites safety at this point ? Pull out Americans from Seoul and then punish Kim by carl Vinson and Ronald Reagan , and South Korean army .After brief war, South Korea should develop nuclear weapons. period.

  15. It is new technology of missile. Trump 's non military action and early appeasing gesture on Kim put Americans on shame. He is defeated by china first and now by North Korea ?trump killed South Korean hardliners and good conservative candidate in election by saying 'smart cookie' and ' I am honored to meet kim' Now, Kim is belligerent and has a strategy. Trump has good thoughts that he can't tell. Lol. I bet The coward has no idea. He should ve sticked military pressure until china is scared, now,China's turn to cut oil pipe but china topped trump and quietly enjoying the North Korean new missile provocation . What trump is gonna do to china if china do nothing on this North Korea's unstoppable missile development?

  16. BJR

    China won't do crap to stop Kim Jong. Trump will have to use severe force. You need allies on US side. South Korea, Japan others as well before you go ahead with launching a strike.

  17. I'll bet this post goes down fast, but I'll say it anyway. North Korea will not take my healthcare away. North Korea doesn't see Democrats as the enemy of the U.S. They see all Americans as the enemy. Remember, The trumps use toilet paper just like Democrats. Stop the stereotypical sizing up of people. You hypocritical republicans would see Jesus as being on welfare.

  18. We don't believe you, you need more people, and your suit don't fit your face or your body. 🖕🏾🤡🕴☠💀

  19. This guy needs to get a refund for his last face lift surgery fail.

  20. Dose he have a tracheotomy ventilator?

  21. This guy is on the precipice of death lol

  22. Country before party. Fuck Trump!!!

  23. You idiots still supporting this Conman? Sad. lmfao

  24. Who has North Korea attacked in the last half of a century? And what about the U.S.?

  25. I can't get past how much this guy looks Soo much like 💀☠🙊 he creeps me out to no end😖

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