Breaking Trump News: Kevin Rudd on latest North Korea missile test

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Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd speaks about the international impact of North Korea’s latest transgression


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22 Thoughts to “Breaking Trump News: Kevin Rudd on latest North Korea missile test”

  1. This muppet needs to keep his lunacy away from speaking on behalf of aussies he in no way represents mainstream Australia at all. Why did these loons even dredge him up,

  2. The 2007 Australian federal election reminded me of the Simpsons episode where Homer was elected Sanitation Commissioner

  3. Does anyone realy give a flying Fuck!! What Kevin Crudd thinks.

  4. kevin rudd is so cock in mouth with the jew world elite's …'s a joke,,,,  sad

  5. make yr move Kim jong un… so we can go in there and
    do u like we did Saddam and bin Ladan

  6. Why ask this pelican. The US carpet bombed the shit out of North Korea. This is what happens when you do that and get 10,000 nuclear weapons yourself. What did they expect. Probably to bend over and take the big red white and blue.

  7. China and Rusia may attack USA by using North Korea. We need to stop N. Korea doing it now.

  8. Tim the Navy Seals are going to come in snatch your ass cheverus your ass in launch you you fucking douchebags will use one of your rocket engines so don't worry you only go to 300 miles

  9. Kevin rudd is an idiot who knows shit about the Korea issue

  10. why not interview someone from south korea? who gives a fuck what the fmr aussie pm thinks?

  11. Stop talking to Rudd – Australians consider him as a moron

  12. Kevin Rudd………anyone taking advice of this dopey bastard. can"t be taken seriously. Thinks he's big time.. people in Austalia laugh at him.

  13. kevin Rudd is hated in Australia more than the little prick Trudeau is disrespected in Canada.

  14. Just about time for Trump to make that phone call to Russia and China tell them to stay out of the way while the US takes care of this problem.

  15. More sanctions.
    If that doesn't work, let's get to work.
    The US is in NO WAY afraid of north korea

  16. Ignore everything this idiot Kevin Rudd says.

  17. Ahhhh yes Kevin Rudd. The former prime minister of Australia. The far left prime minister who turned Australia's $30 Billion surplus into a deficit greater than 25% of GDP ! And his treasure Wayne Swan ? Who during this time was voted the worlds best treasurer by Euromoney (after consulting top bankers and investors) ! Anyway Kevin Rudd amongst many accomplishments incudes one where he let into Australia +70,000 illegal boat people of which over 1700 men, women and children drowned in the Timor strait in making their way to Australia. I could bore you with many other of his so-called accomplishments, but that's what we got whenever we voted in a lefty/socialist government namely the Labor & greens party.

  18. let's hope the US is not dumb enough to let north Korea get too far ahead and make an advance on south Korea, history shows that if you wait too long the clean up is bigger.

  19. He did that test because of the idiot fired Comey don't ignore it.face it! Every nation is shocked and laughing at this guy. He will go down as the worlds most ignorant to go into office. The North Koreans president that he just made excuses for just laughed his ass off.

  20. You alter behavior by instilling fear and kicking ass.  There is no substitute.

  21. North Korea just missed Russia with ballistic missle! Why is Russia scared?

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