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42 Thoughts to “Breaking Trump News: Kathy Griffin Donald Trump Beheading Photo @Hodgetwins”

  1. To be a "comedian," you have to be FUNNY. Griffin ain't funny. She's what you watch when there is TRULY nothing to watch on TV, and you're not intelligent enough to go read a good book or something. That girl should have been raided, smacked around a bit and left in jail with some lifer lesbians for a week or two. That bitch would come out with a new attitude.

  2. 😂😂 demon sucking me off

  3. Fuck trump he can suck a fuck

  4. "If Donald Trump fails, the country fails" Actually, the opposite is true, because y'all are fuck if that motherfucker gets his own way with his policy proposal. For example, if he repeals ACA, that's 24 million people kicked off healthcare. You stupid niggers need to stop with the platitudes to your rightist audience members.

  5. People can joke about Donald Trump (in fact many people do) but when you depict the scene where you murdered him, especially when he's the president of the mother fuckin United States. U know you're damn fucking crossed AND blow-up that line.

  6. You guys use the Lord's name in vain to much what does u esing the Lord's name have to do with you guys getting your point a cross

  7. Ive been watching these guys for at least a few years, and im positive these guys are a bit crazy.

  8. When I'm in the shower, i hear Kevin voice "make sure to pull that fore skin and clean all that dick cheese off"

  9. i love hearing these guys talk. and these days even politics (granted never heard them talk politics before this election lol) they have been reasonable and fair. wish more people who talk politics these days could be that way.

  10. Even though I'm 60 years old and white…can I be the third Hodge?

  11. I still have not considered the humanity of the act beyond the obscene act of cruelty done to the art of humor. A Trump joke is a 500lb cliche`. It takes the set up and timing of a quadruple axel through a flaming hoop to make this shit funny. Its one Chris Christly fat joke away from a coma. Oh the humanity….

  12. Fuck Donald Trump. Donald Trump has done worst than kathy griffin taking a goddamn picture. Impeach that corrupt, lying, crooked, racist, pussy, war mongering, baffoon before he destroys America. The world has no respect for Donny tiny hands. To get respect you gotta give respect. I dont give a fuck if you are the president. You have to earn reapect mother fuckers!

  13. fuck the twins they sucking trump mushroom tip

  14. Tha fuck is up w/ Kevin's edge up?!? Looks like a ski slope.

  15. They need to add Florida on that tour

  16. You guys are the most level headed people! For all the stupid shit that you guys say your right about a lot of things.

  17. they had fucked up pictures of obama, and no one got fired. what is different?????

  18. I think the Hodgetwins voted for Trump

  19. I love you guys for this vid!

  20. I wish that bitch would jump off a fucking cliff!!!

  21. She thinks she's a comedian… Not!….

  22. Eh, Im sick of sjws bitching about comedy. Yeah what she did was tasteless but freedom of speech works both ways, her getting fired is total bullshit this is total pc outrage.

  23. When yall coming to Georgia? Dang yall everywhere! 😒 She did get fired.

  24. man wtf did I just. The president needs to have respect for his damn self first. Lol can I respect you and you don't even respect the people in your country.

  25. ☀⭐🌟🔥💎👁👁🐝💸🐝💸🐝💸🐝🇺🇸👑🆗

  26. to all who is on tinder type hodgetwins in the gif 😂😂😂😂


  28. 777

    I swear politics is like sexual orientation with liberals leftist and all kinds of political parties

  29. i feel like that demon ahit at thw end is real that's why they are where they're at they must have sold their soul already

  30. Kevin done ran out of the frame with that Scooby doo action

  31. You guys are hilarious love it love it love it

  32. Thanks for Saying President Trump..

  33. "don't say that shit because they say the russians helped him" lmfao 😂💀💀💀

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