Breaking Trump News: James Baker: President Donald Trump Needs A Strong Chief Of Staff | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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Fmr. U.S. Secretary of State James Baker discusses the ups and downs in the Trump WH thus far and why he says Trump needs a strong chief of staff. Tom Brokaw also joins the conversation.
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James Baker: President Donald Trump Needs A Strong Chief Of Staff | Morning Joe | MSNBC


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34 Thoughts to “Breaking Trump News: James Baker: President Donald Trump Needs A Strong Chief Of Staff | Morning Joe | MSNBC”

  1. Baker means Trump needs a babysitter.

  2. "I voted for Trump" should have been the end of that interview. Stop interviewing idiots.

  3. Another stupid old man. Not elected to any office. What will his story be when Trump is impeached.

  4. James Baker, is a true Trumpet! Also, Donald Trump did not win the election on his own, there was Russian interference!

  5. Trump doesn't have that type of personality to let his power go to someone else like a good Chief of Staff. He wants it all for himself.

  6. "Noun, verb, Ronald Reagan." Blithering old fool.

  7. Reagan is the worst President in History next to Trump

  8. PMSNBC: You have ZERO credibility. You're NO better than the
    Network… FAKE NEWS.

  9. Again outright lies that can be easily looked up. Germany does not have a trade surplus with my country (Netherlands). It´s about equal. Imports 79.1 billion, exports 84 billion in 2016, a slight surplus for the Netherlands which is good if it´s also the other way around in some years. The German trade surplus is (ours is even larger, but our economy is a lot smaller) is a complicated matter, but is most certainly not the cause of the huge trade deficit of the USA.

  10. Consider me shocked that Reagan people would support an incredibly anti conservative president. I expected it from the neocons but not from the traditional right

  11. President Crazy Pants..never stops.

  12. Turn the power over to the globalist jewish power you filthy goy.

  13. Baker is a globalist, he is in the left pocket acting like a conservative. If Baker was not saying what they wanted they would be interrupting him. This is the left trying to tell the President how to run his white house. Baker is a globalist if you listen you can hear it. They went and found a conservative to side with them the lying mainstream media propaganda. President Trump do not listen too these globalist.

  14. All of trumps People are Incompetent Morons and or Representatives of The Wealthy and Corporations.!!

  15. A strong chief of staff would be of no use to Trump. He would ignore any advice they gave him.

  16. Trump intends to start World War 3, to take the "Pressure" off the Russian collusion and Obstruction of Justice.
    Trump is Insane.

  17. honestly Mr. Baker, you sound like an old man far past his prime and out of touch. a good cabinet? really? most are grossly unqualified. try again.

  18. I would say that Trump's successor needs a good chief of staff preferably by the end of the week.

  19. I used to be a fan of James Baker but no more – he chose party over country. That's just disgusting.

  20. Thanks a lot dickhead Jim for voting for Trump because you thought he was a conservative (of the Eisenhower School, perhaps?). Next time, do your homework old man!

  21. Somehow Baker completely overlooks the fact that Trump is the most unqualified, unprepared and unstable man ever to be president. Who knew health care was complicated?

  22. "He has selected a really good cabinet." – Proof that Jim Baker is senile.

  23. Mr. Baker has drank the cool aid

  24. Put that thing back in the crypt, please.

  25. I liked Baker's remarks about George H.W. Bush, a vastly better man than his son.

  26. has James Baker gulped the Kool-aid or what?! Smh. RESIST.

  27. Got some good things done?! This guy is delusional.

  28. Trump the Turd king will never share power or anything else. He will never allow anyone to get credit for anything, even stupid crazy stuff he does unless it is to shift blame. Loves to blame others for his failures. Baker is delusional if he thinks Trump the Turd king has any sense of how or ability to organize the WH. All he wants is yes men/women who will flatter his ego.

  29. I think James Baker spoke of the true problem, party lines. When he says I voted for DT because he was a republican. After all the things DT says in public the GOP goes with it all the way. Remember "I'm with Racist!" No matter how low things go—they all follow suit—He's a republican so anything DT says and does it alright!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. What is the impacts of trade surpluses? Is it because their is no room for US imports? Thank you 🙂

  31. Oh look an old person voting for Trump… wow

  32. Baker, you're a prime example of what's wrong with the Republican Party, you vote party no matter what. It shows what a low-life you are that you felt fine with voting for such scum. Christ, the Republican Party disgusts me, and I'm a registered Republican. Well, that'll change. I no longer fit the Republican mold.

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