Breaking Trump News: FBI Now Focusing On Trump’s Son-In-Law Jared Kushner In Russia Probe!

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May 25, 2017 MSM News

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28 Thoughts to “Breaking Trump News: FBI Now Focusing On Trump’s Son-In-Law Jared Kushner In Russia Probe!”

  1. fake news…why even make a video about it….why even talk about it…stop the propaganda you turd

  2. Oh no… this is backfiring on the DNC.  Looks like the probe into foreign involvement will lead to Hillary taking money from Saudi Arabia, maybe EU and who know who else.  While we're at it, hope CIA and FBI don't slip up on exposing Huma, Wiener and the Clinton Body Count.

  3. OMG 😲 that's the liberals for you. They just want to keep up with this crap 💩

  4. "In this town you're innocent until investigated."

  5. 14:14. Okay if Russia hacked elections and it's an "established fact", then I declare the moon is made out of cheese. There is more proof of a Jewish Zionist conspiracy than a Russian one. Kushner, Ivanka, and many in Trump's cabinet are Zionist traitors but yet it's Russia Russia Russia. Seth Rich, a democrat, leaked the DNC info and was murdered for it. He was NOT a Russian agent.

  6. BIG-STUNNING-IMPORTANT-SIGNIFICANT……….lump of bullshit. lol it just never stops.
    thiz bitch is high on something talkin faster that her small brain can comprehend.


  8. Hopefully Trump fires his globalist ass.

  9. if it voted for clinton or trump in november its a neoliberal nazi snowflake who sucks saudi cock like a nazi faggot

  10. too bad the nazi snowflakes wont go after his israhell and soros connections

  11. CNN FAKE , TRIES TO GET EVERYONE TO THINK , BADLY AT PRESIDENT ,,, we know that there is no collusion,,, this is just another smear from fake media ,,

  12. Kushner is no angel but this shit is just that. SHIT! Trump and his boys are and always were part of the global elite. Just another bullshit fake news story. They won't do squat to kushner.

  13. There is no evidence trump colluded with the russians. Hoever i would not be suprised if his rat son in law has some pretty shady dealings with foreign agents.

  14. Nonsense and stupidity going on.

  15. an honestly this is getting more an more pathetic to watch

  16. its not even speculating, u can tell that advertising exexutives run these news agencies, just listen to the language they are trying to sell you lol.

  17. Bring them to Salem and burn them at the stake.

  18. yawn….they've been saying the same bullshit for months

  19. 1:56. They finally found the link. Jared Kushner was in a meeting where a Russian attended. They didnt talk or interact but he was there.. Guilty says CNN

  20. Democrats have lost their minds.

  21. You can't really blame the Russians for cozying up to Trump officials if they can see a pathway to getting sanctions against them vetoed by Trump.

  22. Same old BS everyday, "Unnamed sources said" When are you going to tell the truth?? There is no evidence……CNN lies so bad about everything.

  23. VERY Fake Newz!!

  24. speculation is not news

  25. BrEaKiNg NeWs ThAt HaS ZeRo CiTaTiOn Or EvIdEnCe. WhAtS a PrImARY sOuRcE!?

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