Breaking Trump News: Could North Korea trigger a nuclear war?

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After successfully test-firing a rocket at the weekend, North Korea now claims to have a missile with a warhead that could reach the United States.
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Most experts are critical of the claim, and analysts say flight data suggests the rocket could fly 2,800 miles – not even half the way to the US. We take a look back at North Korea’s nuclear dynasty and ask: could the country trigger a nuclear war?

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29 Thoughts to “Breaking Trump News: Could North Korea trigger a nuclear war?”

  1. if world war ii sidnt happen in asia nk would not have existed.

  2. Well, Guardian, diplomatically you weren't really attempting an answer.
    What is the answer? Yes, NK could trigger a nuclear war – by extension. The possible extension being a single, incompetent person overreacting, making disastrous decisions, drumming his chest with warships in his tiny fists, or having quite unrelated reasons to further tension without understanding implications.
    More broadly speaking, the very, continuous existence of these weapons on a planet with constant, sudden changes in diplomatic relations is the curse, with no single, simple solution to it.
    Even if we'd reach utopia and grow into a consciousness able to understand that the abandonment of nuclear weapons is ultimately imperative, there'd still be the knowledge of how to build them.

  3. War or no war, with that Kim bloke having a hair cut like that is a travesty, it looks like its been cut by the local council! PRIORITY IS CUT.THAT.BARNET.

  4. Apparently people in the comment section actual want North Korean dictator to gave nuclear weapons….Dumdasses

  5. Everything we hear about North Korea is basically a "Western Narrative". People would do well to hear the other side of the story. As someone once said, how many wars and conflicts has the US started, and how many have North Korea started?

  6. We the people of the United States of America, with our new leader Donald Trump, will invade and conquer the poor and destitute North Korean territory for all to see, bear witness to my words. The days of North Korea being a country are close to done! We will wipe our American asses with the lifeless flesh of the one known as Kim Jong Un. Yes, we will turn him into human toilet paper.

  7. no they couldn't
    only your pals, the rothys do that.

  8. Trump will be the cause of the war…. not North Korea.

  9. That's the wrong question. Why does America, and the Guardian apparently, believe that a country should be dictated to and it's their fault if they don't like it? This escalation is due to American threats, and I have little doubt that if we end up in a nuclear war it will be America that starts it.

  10. Everybody hates Kim in North Korea more likely they'll band together to eliminate him like they did in World War II against the Nazis.

  11. I heard it was able to exit the atmosphere and could travel 4000 miles, enough to reach Alaska.

  12. Feel bad for the clueless North Koreans, Fuck that dictator

  13. North Korea is a shit country but the US is provoking this situation. America is and has always been the problem.

  14. the problem is and always has been America…

  15. He does have the balls to do it

  16. Be quiet, Guardian. Stop stirring it.

  17. one of few objective articles by cultural marxist Guardian…

  18. Oh look. The guardians mate.

  19. It's the bankster elite who control North Korea who want a nuclear war. They will hide in their deep under-ground luxury bunkers while 90% of everyone in every country is killed off. They love that scenario. Bye bye sheeple and everyone else.

  20. If the US have installed the nuclear shield Thaad in South Korea this April, there won't be any nuclear war. If the North dares to fire a missile that crosses SK and Japan's airspace 1st: it'll be knocked down by the multiple missile shields and 2nd the US will retaliate by "conventionally" bombing the launch sites and gear by sea and by invading the country with its troops. That's so, so simple.

    So, no more sensational titles, pls?

  21. The actual question is whether the US will do so.

  22. North Korea, Best Korea

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