Breaking News: Jared Kushner under Investigation #LatestNews

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9 Thoughts to “Breaking News: Jared Kushner under Investigation #LatestNews”

  1. he is not under investigation thay have questions about what he mite know …TELL THE TRUTH

  2. How about REAL TRUTH…you all ready and everyone else….Lets be perfectly clear about this…there are "TARGETS": Jared Kushner is NOT a target; there are "SUSPECTS": Jared Kushner is NOT a suspect; So what is left: "PERSON of INTEREST": now let's see who are POTENTIAL Person's of Interest: Valerie Jared, Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid, Susan Rice, John McCain for STARTERS; ALL of the ex-Directors of the FBI, NSA(still seated), CIA, AND ALL of their immediate staff AND ALL of their employees, did I forget to mention their spouses AND Friends(because they could have been involved or overheard something and passed it on) AND ANY MEDIA CONTACTS/FRIENDS because the MEDIA is NOT ABOVE THE LAW…want more ANYONE and EVERYONE who is in CONGRESS, works for Congress, even the janitors, and housekeepers,etc., etc., etc….want more ALL Secret Service agents, their friends and spouses, and family, did I forget LOBBYISTS and SPECIAL INTERESTS GROUPS, how about those with financial interests like Bankers, speculators and let's NOT FORGET about the Main Stream Media Moguls, and all their employees….ARE YOU PEOPLE getting THE PICTURE YET……Investigation is a boogey man term used by DISINGENUOUS POLITICIANS and MEDIA TYPES and just plain stupid or ignorant people…and lets be perfectly clear…Wake up people and stop lying to yourselves certain people are distracting you FROM real crimes which have been committed….for starters leaking of classified information, unlawful destruction of government secrets, unlawful surveillance(spying) of American citizens to unmasking the same AND let's not forget Abuse of the color of law., just to mention a few….AND IF THIS CAME FROM THE SPECIAL COUNSEL….which I doubt, then this is VERY SERIOUS to the LEAKERS and THEY who perpetuate IT

  3. OF COURSE HE IS. Jared Kushner has been dirty-dealing FOREVER. This is the guy that orchestrated a lot of the meetings and whatnot. This family is going down in flames. GOOD RIDDANCE.

  4. Listen you son of a bitch WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM You wanna sit here and say I'M A GODDAMN FUCKING RUSSIAN You get in my face with I'll beat your goddamn ass you son of a bitch you piece of shit you goddamn fucker LISTEN FUCK HEAD you've fucking crossed a line Get that through your goddamn fuckin head STOP PUSHING YOUR SHIT Your the people who've fucked this country over and gang raped the shit out of it and lost an election so stop shooting your mouth off claiming I'm the enemy You got that you goddamn son of a bitch Fill your hand I'm sorry but I'm done You start calling me a foreign agent Those are fucking fightin words

    Excuse me.

  5. I would like to point out that claude taylor on twitter
    was right about this 6 days ago He is CLEARLY in the know
    and has been saying there is a rico case being made against donald and large portions of the GOP leadership and including down the line of succession to orrin hatch.

  6. Russia ?? Please more BS ! when are they going to investigate Hillary's dealings with Russia.
    With all the real issues that all these criminals in DC need to be under investigation for, it is time to drop Hillary's campaign BS .
    I vote for getting rid of every politician that continues with this war making propaganda being used to demonize yet one more country to have support from the dumbass Americans to attack them !

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