BREAKING NEWS: Jared Kushner The Focus in Russia Probe #LatestNews

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CNN’S Outfront with Erin Burnett, New revelations emerged from Washington Post Reporter Matt Zapotowsky that President Trump’s Son in law and Top White House aides and advisor, Jared Kushner is under FBI Scrutiny as part of Russia Probe. It is reported that Kushner failed to disclose having any contacts with Russia during the 2016 Presidential election campaigns and during Trump’s Transition into the White House



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35 Thoughts to “BREAKING NEWS: Jared Kushner The Focus in Russia Probe #LatestNews”

  1. Where are Donald Trump Jr and Eric Trump? at least Jared have the balls to hustle 😂😂😂😂

  2. Jared would be jack pot bitch in jail .

  3. Let them investigate…… Doing business with Russia is not colluding to change election results…Wrong focus!

  4. Trump administration talk to Russia more than I talked to my mom during college days

  5. JK looks a grown up Damien from the movie, "The Omen". Very creepy.

  6. The dominoes continue to fall. hahahahahahahaha

  7. I hope Jared Kushner is smart enough to cover his tracks. He seems to be a lot smarter than Trump himself. He's just using the power of Trump now to further enrich himself.

  8. So quite a few folk around Trump have interesting Russian connections…yea there's nothing there lol….keep playing blind

  9. Looks like the Republican's are in for the truth. The fake news they keep
    Saying is turning into the truth. Jared and Ivanka have been the go between with Putin for years. I said that last summer and now wanted to hear it.

  10. trumps ENTIRE administration is under Russian influence… The TRAITORS must all be exposed!

  11. Santorum can't understand why communications with the Russians in December 2016 might be interesting? Flynn is in all kinds of trouble because of communications with the Russians in 2016.
    That's why moron.

  12. trump don't have a plan for America,his job is to get in and destroy Obama legacy, because he is a racist bastard, he don't have a plan for America he is an idiot

  13. Winning?= No Travel Ban! No Healthcare Bill, No job's bill, No wiretap, no wall, not one intelligence agency willing to save you. Nowhere to hide! Jared! Ivanka! Save yourselves! And wouldn't you know it… there's no Black Guy you can blame for your kind of…Winning!

  14. I'm tired of these see no evil hear no evil speak no evil Republicans

  15. "He's part of the incoming administration and he has right to be a part of the presidents foreign policy" …. Keep blowing your wads over nothing libtards lol

  16. It is not just him as well his daughter and son's. Russia keep talking but as well there are video's of Netherlands show this is true.

  17. dude what the fuck happened there… that was trippy when the lights turned on in the Post newsroom. Almost like some reverse propoganda against Trump. Not complaining, i support the intent of WaPo generally.

  18. I ah just don't understand why Kushner is under investigation with the Russia probe. …. …. …. …. because he's connected to the Russians? GOP playing dumb assholes

  19. damn; he was gonna bring peace to the middle east, guess thats off the agenda now

  20. Looks like the banking issues are getting more attention. getting interesting.Trump we know or at least have a really good idea of why you don't want anyone to see your taxes, Pretty sure money laundering is a crime.

  21. Unbelievable, no matter what a Repugnant does the other Repugnants will make excuses.

  22. As long as he disclosed them eventuallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  23. Kushner will be Trump's newest scapegoat. Blame anyone but yourself.

  24. The Russians have sucsseeded by putting the people in office, but their success is just began. Compromising them. The Russians don't give a Shit about the President or his administration, it's what they want from them now, if the answer is no, you will be hearing and seeing leaks of information to the media. Poor Trump thinks the leaks are within the White House. 🤣🤣. The Russians are the leaders you dump fuck. They have a Mic in your ass Trump

  25. Fox, I mean Faux news wont be covering this until tomorrow so they can put there spin on it or come up with some shit that happened yrs ago to deflect. I watch all cable news networks and Faux is always a day late, smh…

  26. I'm not surprised. The Russians compromised the entire Administration. The Russians know What they doing. They got them in power by hacking and funding billions and FAKE News. Now the Russians got to work by exposing all of them to do what the Russians had in mind, Duck with Americans to own them operation. And sad to say, they are successful. Americans still have a chance to stop it.

  27. Every single Republican, I see nothing here.

  28. i think i saw Trumps dog peeing on a pile of dog poop that looked like it came from a Russian dog! need a special board to investigate please!

  29. Ah sorry liberals. ABC just reported this is bullshit. Like all of it.

  30. Lol this isn't breaking news. We knew this last week. Notice how the media throws "breaking news" at around 6 pm?

  31. if this is True and Jared Kushner is #JailJared, Ivanka will never forgive Trump. not a chance.

  32. Not the shiesty Jew trope

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