BREAKING: Arrested for Exposing Corruption | In this breaking report Jennifer Jones addressed the city council of Quartzsite, Arizona. She was formally recognized and began to expose the misdeeds of the city councilman, what unfolded in the video was nothing short of a mutiny. The police officers disregarded the rule of law and took her into custody. We spoke with former Arizona Gubernatorial candidate Barry Hess about this shocking video.



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32 thoughts on “BREAKING: Arrested for Exposing Corruption

  1. Call the sheriff. They are the only constitutional peace keepers.. Get the sheriff to arrest the rent-a-cops and the corrupt councillors.

  2. Time to roll on Quartzite Az.! Talk about corrupt NAZI POLICE, prime example. This is absolutely why police get shot. And in this case justifiably. Anyone stopped by these Gestapo merchants, literally should fear for their lives.

  3. guess what pigs I live in Arizona I am going to start killing you motherfuckers you are all corrupt you better quit now or lose your life that's your fukking warning you fucken cunt bitches since you don't want to hear the truth we'll just cut your fuckin head off so you don't have to hear the truth what am I the only one with balls out here because I never get any comments to my remarks not even from the corrupt cops that's alright I'm coming for you

  4. What ever came of this over all?

  5. This is video was posted in 2011. It's 2016, and the USA is far worst off now. The USA of today is not what i went to Iraq and Afghanistan three times to defend. The USA is now as the USSR and Third Reich were. No one trusts each other. The Fed and its UNITED STATES Corporation are the real enemy of the People.

  6. That damn power mongers, the same setting as the nazi`s must be stopped, they take power in not abide by the law. they are the greatest enemy of the people, and the government is corrupt as they all let this happen and they make it happen and do nothing, my claim they are corrupt.The blue gang, the most dangerous gang in the US.And kill more people than cancer does. And America has become a fucking communist country? or Nazi Germany, with uniforms of the SS.

  7. in a land governed by the rule of law, it distresses people to learn that law is entirely subjective, and subject to interpretation moment to moment

  8. The police chief should be executed. What an absolute joke. The 2nd amendment is in place to protect us against tyranny, these corrupt police should be executed.

  9. i wish death to all police, fuck them all. yeah i said it and so fucking what

  10. Lesbians are very funny to watch

  11. you tell us to stand up. But what can we really do about it?

  12. this is what happens when Republicans get there way whom have nothing on Hitler. Specially these days with Hillary Clintons corruption and her willingness to sellout anyone for MORE MONEY so now you see how stupid the liberals have become and the Republicans are all the identical parties. Americans vote really don't count and the cops are just as corrupted for doing nothing with these traitors.

  13. Fuck your "my rules of order" you Nazi pig.

  14. The Devils are turning on each other

  15. those cops should be arrested. braking the law n the council

  16. When I hear of cops saying they are good cops and there are mostly good cops I want to ask them 2 questions.
    1. Just who are you good cops for, we the people or the corporate defacto government?
    2. How many corrupt cops, judges, politicians, or other public officials have you arrested.
    If the answer is zero then you are not a good cop. Period.

  17. I would vote to remove everyone of those city council and fire the police chief and make sure that mayor gets re-elected.

  18. The public in the room, as usual, sat back and watched.

  19. Just like the average citizen just sitting there and letting these pig corrupt cops and officials do whatever the fuck they want to the people like this you are fucking pussies and should be charged with treason. You are a traitor when you let tyrants screw the people.

    You should be fucking ashamed of yourselves! FUCK YOU DOUCHE BAGS!

  20. those citizens don't have a backbone

  21. we need a over sight commity of everything

  22. Wow your Country is so fucked up.

  23. When the Mayor says the lady has the floor, the lady has the floor.
    The rest of these corrupt council members AND the SS thugs shut the fuck up and allow her to talk!

  24. yea , he was fired, i spent all of last winter in quartzite, it is a winter gathering place for rv ers

  25. This is why Militias are in the Constitution

  26. Why is everyone sitting on their hands?  When the police over step their authority citizens have the right to arrest those committing  crimes.  This thuggery is becoming nation wide and if we don't stand up it will overtake all of us.

  27. arm yourself and shoot to kill..the war has begun

  28. Kudos to the one cop who appeared to try to intervene on the woman's behalf. If only he had taken it a step further and arrested the main instigator on the council who ordered her removal, considering that the council member violated open public meeting ordinances, to let it serve as an example to the others that limits will be enforced.

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