BOMBSHELL Top Clinton @Wikileaks Exposes Entire ‘Shadow Government’ Jay Dyer #PizzaGate #Corruption #Wikileaks ( NOT #FakeNews)


SHOCKING NEWS: The hackers supplying Wikileaks were Anonymous and Anon claims to have ALL OF HILLARY’s 33k deleted emails and that they will .



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25 Thoughts to “BOMBSHELL Top Clinton @Wikileaks Exposes Entire ‘Shadow Government’ Jay Dyer #PizzaGate #Corruption #Wikileaks ( NOT #FakeNews)”

  1. I love that sexist, chauvinist, islamophobic Donald J Trump!!

  2. Great stuff. You are awesome. This is a setup. Why tell the truth, when the lying has worked so well. For so long. I will share, of course. We are all getting comfortable with the Truth now. I have been where you are … thinking on it All _for a very long time. You have a great character to your way of relating. It should reach a wider audience. Thank you. I am new to your sphere of posts and cohorts of 'the grand opening'. I don't need to be incoherent. other things going on. Appreciate your honest view..

  3. John Young is Charles Krauthammer ?

  4. Your swallowing is so LOUD

  5. If HC goes down the rest will follow she wheel like a ???

  6. "Big Money" just lost the election to a bozo… prob half-a-billion-dollars in lobbying and bribes just got spent [or stashed] by Hillary – absolutely NOTHING the Clinton Camp can do to put themselves in power… let alone lead the Party…

  7. order soros a pizza that should make him happy

  8. "The Internet is a VERY LARGE SPYING MACHINE"

  9. Nothing this isreali-run US of IZ government, via CIA (aka Mossad) does should shock anyone. And, if they didn't wish for, "our enemies to get hold of our secrets", they should stop creating either; enemies OR secrets!
    Anyone who doesn't get it simply doesn't care to get it.

    Btw, this, "coup. counter-coup", was a JOKE. Come on. That had scam written all over it.

  10. get to the meat, Im getting bored

  11. HELLERY admits that she is an Ignorant Shill who is 'Told' what to Believe, & Do-, by others [Rich Drug Dealers, Thieves, & Self-serving Liars]. This is dominant throughout the Elected-, who Do as Told-, not what they professed & may have actually known, & believed when they were elected. Very few elected are people of Strong Morals & Character-; just being Well Schooled in telling voters what they want to hear/believe.
    A public that is dependent/hooked on Drugs-, drugs made available & supplied by the Elected-, are thus Afraid to have this supply Removed-, & will sell their Souls & Vote-, to protect their drug providers.

  12. I too am a so called "conspiracy theorist!"

    When I was in high school, I realized through the stories I'd heard about God that everything was a lie because I just knew that such an incredible world could not be summed up to a bible and all the ridiculousness that was fed to me growing up Catholic. I had been lucid dreaming and noticing that my thoughts manifested from the time I was a young child, although I had no idea about the names of these things.

    Anyway, realizing the possible damage of such a large lie regarding what we (humans) are and why we are here, I began to investigate everything. I realized that "they" were all in it together, but I didn't know who "they" were! I just knew that they run everything and that they wanted to control us all, so they've made up lies about everything, and I knew that most of the people around me believe their lies!

    At first, I blamed everything on the Government! Over time, I discovered that it was even deeper, first I learned about the extraterrestrial cover-ups, then all the science and technology kept from us, and eventually the Rothschild's "Ponzi Scheme!"

    I've felt for some time that America is way beyond reform. It is amazing to me how, as humans, we realize that change is the only constant, yet we don't demand that our governmental system change to reflect our times. The word "law" and the continued use of them (laws) and other "traditions" that don't serve us, in our time, seem to be set in stone for the masses!

    The whole reason I've written all of this is because, my entire journey has led me to the Venus Project!
    I feel it's the only option we have to update the world to where it should be! Also, people need an alternative and a plan for transition when anyone talks about changing things, or else the fear of the unknown is too great!

    I feel if The Venus Project were properly and fully explained to the peoples of the world, there is no way that we wouldn't head in that direction!

    Once people realize that things like poverty and even the producing of citizens with low self esteem, are actually built into this system, they will understand why what the Venus Project is proposing is perfectly doable!

    Of course, the true rulers of the world along with all of the governments who have participated in their treason against the masses would need to be brought before the world, held accountable for their crimes and imprisoned accordingly! Otherwise, they will try to use propagandized and fear-based words, like communism, along with their favorite "divide and conquer" tactics, to scare the masses into letting them remain in power, while of course, promising to do better and bring change! Yet, in actuality, a resource based economy is like nothing most of us have or could even fathom, but when explained properly, it is perfectly understandable!

    So, basically I'm wondering if you've heard of the Venus project, and if so, what do you think?

    If you like it and can see it's potential, would you try to get the word out about it?

  13. Very well presented, good work connecting the dots.
    When i was 18 i wanted to join the military so my dad sat me down to tell me that the world doesnt work the way im led to believe.
    He said that the military is used to secure rich mens investments, not to defend America or to bring peace and democracy to the world. He said the government is not our friend they dont have our interests and well being in mind. They work behind the scenes with an agenda that has been in places for decades to strip us of all rights and destroy all that we stand for. They want us sick, lazy and uneducated because we will be less resistant and easier to control.
    At that time i was young and naive, i found it very hard to believe our government or any government for that matter would want its people sick and stupid.
    My father was in a high ranking position of the Michigan militia when he told me all this. I thought that he and the rest of the militia were a bunch of crazy wannabe soldiers. I mean what is the point in these men playing soldier when we have the military and government to protect us! Boy was i brainwashed.
    That conversation with my father was many years ago and i have done lots of research into the matter since then and am now convinced that he was right.
    We need more people to be aware of the reality so that they can be ready to defend there families and there homeland when the time comes.
    Keep up the good work, America needs to know the truth before its too late… the hour glass is almost empty!


  15. proposed DJT cabinet member Steven Mnuchin is a producer and actor.

  16. Watergate was built and owned by the Vatican at the time of the break-in. The real story was that it was a huge sex trafficing web, and the break-in story was a cover for a bigger scandal.

  17. Creative brilliance.

  18. Brilliant. Whole new vistas are opening. Thanks for nailing all this down. I'm feeling better–now with a more comprehensive big picture–a unified context for all this crazy crap flying around. I've been studying all this since the early 90's, and am amazed at the sheer amount of pieces falling into place these days. I'm laughing me ass off–the vindication is so sweet. Zombies snuffing muff dust. The fun never stops. I still don't get Soros. Why is he still being allowed to operate? I've had to deal with his shit for 25 years. Enough already.

  19. you are a boring narrator bye

  20. HW never said 'nuclear' but 'nukelar'. Keep up the goods work!

  21. Please read this in it's entirety. I risk much to share this info. The battle is not against people, flesh and blood. I have spent my entire life sorting this out and as much as I still resist, I must conclude that everything we are seeing in the world is "straight up biblical!" We are not going to change the world system into something better. It is founded in the rage Loyola, who gave himself to the dark side and began the time of the Kingdom of Satan on earth in it's fullness. Look around. If you don't know history and the biblical sign posts you never see the deception, the slow boil of the frog in the pot. These things must come to pass, the rise and evetual fall of the Satanic system. If you push against this system you will be extinguished. It is beyond human means. There are spiritual forces on both sides operating in contest for us, the humans. The emphasis and importance of children in all this is best expressed this way…"I will return the hearts of the fathers to the children and the children to their fathers." The fathers have abandoneded their children to seek money, security, power and position. This is our great sin. I am guilty. But there is help in humility and fervent prayer. Please ask to be shown the truth from the one who is truth, keeping love as the test of all, the love of a father for his children.

    My story, my credentials are my experience some of which is detailed below.

    I am here to affirm the reality of the pedophile rings and "Pizzagate." I am a survivor of MK Ultra experiments conducted near Las Vegas between 1963 and 1967. My mother was a "breeder" culled as a young, unwed mother from a clinic in San Fransisco in 1956. She was selected for her high intelligence and blood-line. Our family is steeped in the dark side through the line of the mothers, witches from the "old country" or countries, so to speak.
    My older brother was a test subject for biological and genetic research but was not suited for the psychic manipulation through trauma based methods. He was utilized as covert, remote "handler" to continue trauma thru several abduction experiences that he was party to or helped facilitate as well as sexual and mental manipulation (he was 5 years older than me). He was taken into the Las Vegas pedophile ring..

    My mother was given LSD while pregnant to test the effects on children who were exposed to the effects while still in the womb. We were used to test a variety of other drugs and hallucingens with the aim of developing techniques for enhancing telepathy, remote viewing and creating "super-soldiers" with these capacities. I was also pushed toward the "Manchurian Candidate" program as I call it, which is where the most horrific procedures were practiced. These included rape, torture, murder of others, along with psychic driving using sounds, images and electrical shock techniques among others. Long periods of deprivation of light, heat, and cold, nudity, domination and forced domination of others were also used. The compartmentalization of personalities (and there can be many) was the goal with external control through programmed covert signals such as key words and phrases used with certain tones, volume and repetition, symbols, body gestures especially the hands and feet, images placed in the media including movies, commercials, even billboards. Additionally, much of the occult symbolism found in monuments, government sponsored architecture and construction of all types is used to reinforce the subconscious conscription to "the family" by unconscious reminder that you are being watched.

    My mother had a son (Robin, the name indicates occult assignment of purpose) in 1966 in Las Vegas that was allegedly stillborn. She was not impregnated by my father and he told me that she was involved in something he was told not to talk about. That's all he ever told me. My mother was "institutionalized" after giving birth, my siblings sent to Colorado and I was taken in for additional programming.

    I lost all my hair at age 4 from the trauma odf the programming, had seizures and would become catatonic if over stressed. I had night terrors evey night and walked and talked in my sleep until I was 11 years and took "LSD of my volition?" and began to have a breakdown of the compartmentalization of perconalities. I was suicidal and by age 16 had the gun to my head. I fired twice but nothing happened. I pointed the gun at my bedroom window and fired. It went off. I had a spiritual experience.

    For 40 years I have been seeking the truth about my life, about the world around me, about our collective purpose and for God Himself. I found him again at the other end of a gun held to my head. I gave up and everything became clear. We are not alone. But we must wake and remember who we are. Love does not come from the dark side and the light dispells the dark. Please pray.

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