Boiled Piss, Nevyn Noir and JD Kane discuss Pizzagate. #PizzaGate #Corruption

Does pizzagate have anything to it? These three discuss and give evidence there might be something to be investigated. #pizzagate


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14 Thoughts to “Boiled Piss, Nevyn Noir and JD Kane discuss Pizzagate. #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. Oh. My. God. People talking about art with zero context, without researching the artists, and drawing conclusions that aren't there. It feels disrespectful to me. I haven't made a conclusion about pizzagate since I see other evidence that there might be something there, but basing someone's character on the art they own or enjoy is incredibly naive and demonstrates ignorance in my opinion.


  3. I NEW YOU WAS A BADUN @Steve MCrae

  4. Can Mark fucking explain WHY if HE knows the truth NONE of the law enforcement agencies confirmed these idiotic conspiracy theories? Why Mark…WHY? Is that a conspiracy too? Why are only crazy conspiracy websites promoting this garbage? Why Mark? This is why you are not being taken seriously because you lack critical thinking. Illuminati confirmed!!!!

  5. I'm an hour in and I find it hard to express how disappointed I am in Ocean and Marc.

    For there to be these types of discussions on such "evidence" is paramount to accusations or at the least casting an unwarranted shadow over the people involved.

    It is not "investigating" to merely google, read sources that have no editorial responsibility or cite third party stolen emails.

    An investigation would include:

    what is the meaning of the artwork by the artist?
    (Btw, owning a painting depicting a murder, battle or fight does not mean that person condones or commits those acts. Why with children do so many associate so easily that inference?)

    did the murals actually existed in the bathroom (has the source been verified?)

    Are the emails and other social media confirmed to be legit or could it be faked?

    Is it confirmed they actually own the specific art and how is it confirmed?

    Are there ANY concrete accusations from victims or parents directly suspicious of their children possibly being victims?

    Etc etc

    In other words the most important part is to verify and validate the very foundation of these so called "evidences".

    This entire topic appears to be tons of people believing dubious sources without further verification.

    Far too many fall into hearing bad information and taking it in face value then "accumulating" these inconsequential or dubious "facts" into a narrative that's been presented.

    I believe I could find anecdotal evidence in anyone's home they are murderers or child rapists.

    oh, you have duct tape, little girls panties and a playboy magazine in your home?

    you must be a pedophile murderer.

    Candy, a van and washcloths?

    Damn you child abductor!

    Pictures of your juvinile nieces in bathing suits, coloring books and a pizza box with symbols?

    Stop molesting those kids!

    Ocean I specifically want to say I expect more rational inquiry from you rather than your seemingly eager acceptance of such type of evidence.

  6. Most 20 somethings in this generation are Sadistic pedophiles. Brought up in a hyper-sexual culture where anything goes. This guys looks like he likes 6 month olds. I hate what the people of this country have turned into, TRENDY PEDOPHILES, DISGUSTING!!

  7. THis was a massive load of stupid…from Mark, Nevyn and Ocean. Pedophile satanic ring? The fuck… Just look at the fucking websites promoting this crap. I wasn t expecting these people to be that stupid. This video was such a massive waste of time and felt like listening to flat earthers

  8. After this, I wouldn't trust Kain around children. Trying way too hard.

  9. Mark, you do realize that saying that everybody has to do their own research, in the eyes of the uninitiated sounds like a 911 truther coming on a hangout saying 911 was a hoax; "I'm not giving you the evidence you do your own research."


    Dojo's Pizza video. Check out the lyrics to this creepy song on this slideshow!

  11. Franklin Cover up of the 1980's is exactly the same as pizzagate.

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