Bill Maloney: The “Real” #Pedogate/#Pizzagate Terminator – TOTM [MIRRORED] #Pedogate #ChildTraffickingExposed

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Published on Nov 19, 2014

⚠ Institutional Paedophile Rings Operating in this country NOW
The Real Terminator – Bill Maloney (59:20) 🔞

A ‘best-of’ look at Bill Maloney which also features insight, blocked footage, news reports and more. It remains incomplete due to googletube censoring parts of the final versions.

This is ambush journalism at its most rawest, attacking paedophilia at the core, taking the fight to the paedo establishment/government who have defended and created laws in favour of paedophilia for DECADES. Contains strong language/flashing images.

This video (link below) fits in at 18:29 of the main documentary but was banned repeatedly:
Paedophilia: Cameron shifts blame, warns of ”witch hunt” against GAY people:

ITV reported to OFCOM for asking questions to Cameron about paedophile ring

❝Bill Maloney is a warrior of virtue to his absolute core. Worthy of the greatest and utmost respect, and who will be prominently, consciously, and actively remembered and respected somewhere in Earths and Humanities not too distant future and far beyond, once we have worked through these incredibly insane times where greed, corruption, perversion, seem to riegn.❞ – Hewing Enterprise




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